Hitler’s Religion

Father Orion’s School of Aryan Mysticism, [9/26/2023 8:32 PM]

It’s time to end the debate about Hitler’s religion.

We see the so-called Christian NS cherry picking quotes, & engaging in confirmation bias to make their case that Hitler was a Christian, while the so-called Heathen NS side does exactly the same thing, resorting to confirmation bias & cherry picking quotes they say proves their position.

But if it was that easy to determine what religion the Fuhrer observed in his private life then there wouldn’t be a debate in the first place; Fact is that both sides are paradoxically both wrong & right.

In this presentation I will explain in detail & provide irrefutable evidence that Hitler was neither a mainstream Christian nor a Norse Pagan in spite of the collection of quotes cherry picked by either side of the debate, or circumstantial evidence such as the use of Runes in NS iconography, etc.

The truth that the staunch national socialist neglects to admit is that Hitler had to appeal to his audience to maintain a reasonable claim to power & often gave lip service to his supporters as well as his detractors like any other politician who is reasonably pragmatic.

The majority of the population of Germany during the Third Reich were Protestant Christians, while the majority of his inner circle were intellectuals that were highly educated on the occult and comparative religion such as known occultists Heinrich Himmler and Alfred Rosenberg.

Some of you might point out that the Reich passed laws that effectively eliminated occult societies in Germany.

But being that the SS & the inner circle of leadership were occultists, it’s reasonable to conclude that this was just an occult long knife; a means of consolidating all forms of power within the Reich, & hence, that occultism would only exist within a single society, namely the SS & the Reich’s church.

Hitler even placed Alfred Rosenberg as the prime ideologue of the Third Reich’s strategy for transforming Germany into a single party state with a single religion called Positive Christianity also known as the German Christians.

His position of “Reichsleiter” was the second highest rank subordinate only to the Fuhrer himself; He was the “Fuhrer’s Representative for the Supervision of Intellectual and Ideological Education of the NSDAP”.

So important was the office that it was termed as “Rosenberg’s Office”

In the official 25 point platform of the NSDAP announce by Hitler on 24 February 1920 we read point 24 thus:

  1. We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within & around us, and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: common utility precedes individual utility.

Notice that the statement makes clear that any religion that endangers the race is open to interpretation, this can include but is not limited to any church institution.

And then this statement about “Positive Christianity” is followed by the last point demanding the formation of a strong central power over the entire Reich.

So what exactly is “Positive Christianity”?

in 1937 Hans Kerry, the Reich’s Minister of Church Affairs, explained that “Positive Christianity” was not “dependent upon the Apostle’s Creed, nor was it dependent on “faith in Christ as the son of God”, upon which Christianity relied, rather, it was represented by the NS party, he also stated that “The Fuhrer is the herald of a new revelation”

“The Fuhrer is the herald of a new revelation”

So he was the herald but not the creator of said revelation called Positive Christianity or by its less well known name “German Christianity”.

In fact the primary thinker who designed the program of Positive Christianity was Alfred Rosenberg, who himself was very antagonistic to mainstream Christianity & wished to developed a German Christianity tailored to the character & spirit of Aryans.

His approach was explicitly Gnostic as is revealed in his book “the Myth of the 20th Century”.

He equated all existing denominations of Christianity that came after the destruction of the Gnostics by the term “Negative Christianity” or Jewish Christianity. And sought to reveal the true Aryan Gnostic roots of the Christian religion before Pauline Christianity subverted true Christianity by mixing the Old Testement with the “church approved” Gospels & further expounding upon this mutated form of ‘Judeo-Christianity’ with the Pauline texts.

The Positive Christians as opposed to the Negative Christians not only rejected that the Christ of the Bible was the true son of God, but also rejected the entire jewish portions of the Old Testament.

Rosenberg also openly claimed to be a “Pagan”, but not in the respect that this term is used by Norse pagans, but rather by identifying the reality that Christianity had Aryan Pagan roots, and was in fact just another form of ancient Greco-Roman paganism similar in many ways to Germanic paganism, whose primary deity shared all the common attributes of other pagan solar deities, including the Norse deities Baldur and Woten.

Excerpts from Rosenbergs diaries even state that in his private conversations with Hitler he admited that “he has been a Pagan the whole time” “but that this has remained classified”(simply playing lip service to the general public while solidifying his power and authority to transform the religious life of Aryans away from the established churches).

Furthermore Rosenberg stated that “the time of Christian poisoning was coming to an end” due to Hitler’s adherence to the plan of Rosenberg, which was designed to replace both Catholic and Protestant denominations in the Reich so that there would be a single state religion, aka the Reich’s Church.

This religion was Gnostic & Pagan.

So for those of you who cherry pick Hitler quotes about being Catholic, there are also quotes from an early speech where he stated quite clearly that “I am no longer a Catholic but a German Christian”, aka a Positive Christian.

And for those of you Norse Pagans who assume Hitler was simply a Norse Pagan and that he worshiped Woten in the traditional sense, you are equally wrong on your assumptions.

efforts by the regime to impose “Positive Christianity” on a state-controlled German Evangelical Church essentially failed, and it resulted in the formation of the dissident Confessing Church, which rebelled against what they termed the “new religion”.

The Catholic Church also denounced the creed’s ideology for containing idolatry of race, the people, and the state in the 1937 papal encyclical Mit Brenneder Sorge.

Years later due to pressure by the Catholic Church Hitler privately assured General Gerhard Engel in 1941 that “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.”

Yet again this flip flopping by Hitler from his public statements reveal that he was simply playing lip service to powerful detractors, in fact all of the Trinitarian Churches, both Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church branded Positive Christians as apostates, the irony of which can’t be lost on those of us who understand the Gnostic roots of real Christianity, which was replaced by a facsimile church who were the real apostates.

Rosenberg conceived of Positive Christianity as a transitional faith to bring Christianity toward antisemitism amid the failure of the regime’s efforts to control Protestantism through the agency of the pro-NS “German Christians”.

Rosenberg, along with fellow radicals Robert Ley & Baldur von Schrach backed the Neo-Pagan “German Faith Movement”, which completely rejected traditional Judeo-Christian conceptions of God.

During the war Rosenberg drafted a plan for the future of religion of Germany which would see a Positive Christian Reich influenced by Germanic Paganism conduct the “expulsion of the foreign Christian religions”, the replacement of the Bible as the supreme religious authority with Mein Kampf as the holy scripture of Positive Christianity, and the replacement of the Christian cross with the swastika as the universal symbol of European Christianity in Aryan Christian churches.

At its peak the German Faith Movement had 200,000 adherents and the development of the German Faith Movement revolved around:

• the propagation of the “blood and soil” ideology

• the syncretism of Christian ceremonies with pagan equivalents; the most favored pagan deity being the sun, as can be seen from the flag of the faith movement which had the original curved Hakenkreuz of Thule emblazoned on it.

• Placing Hitler as the central cult of personality for Germans

• And the spread of their Norse/Christian neo-Paganism throughout Germany

This program to replace the “Negative Christian” church’s in German territory inevitably experienced arrested development due to the war, but if the program was allowed to be completed no one would be calling Hitler a Christian or a Pagan but something completely different, something completely new, yet rooted in the past of both traditions.

To be stated clearly, Hitler was a Practicing Aryan!

If the war never occurred or was won by the axis, this new religion would have spread to every Aryan nation, & would have acted as the unifying force binding all Aryans together.

A region of the blood, that put race above ones own life or personal opinions.

But this new religion that only existed in its developmental stages didn’t die with the Reich, it lived on & spread through underground channels continuing to develop & take on new ideas & symbolism, & has now resurfaced as the Aryan Church.

In the Aryan Church we have taken lessons from the failures of the both Positive Christianity & the German Faith Movement, & have established our Doctrine based on the many underground manifestations of Aryanism & Ariosophy, gleaning the gems from the various Aryan occult movements of the 19th and 20th century to construct what we believe would have developed if the Reich & its religious program had not succumbed to arrested development.

We must note that all of these movements were incomplete & in the developmental stages before fading away into history, but they all left behind valuable truths & lessons.

The Aryan Church is the result of this religious movement, that survived underground for decades after the war.

It has now surfaced again, but in its completed form, yet free from the fetters of political posturing & optics concerns.

Aryanity is the genuine form of Aryan spirituality & religion that came from the various movements & factions of Ariosphy.

And furthermore Aryanity was prophesied by none other than Hitler himself:

In 1954 the renowned German author, Hans Grimm recounted that in 1928 Hitler told him;

“I know that some Man capable of giving our problems a final solution must appear. I have sought such a man. I could nowhere discover him. & that is why I have set myself to do the preparatory work [die Vorarbeit], only the most urgent preparatory work, for I know that I am myself not, the one. & I know also what is missing in me [to be the one]. But the other One still remains aloof, & nobody comes forward, & there is no more time to be lost.”

[Source: Savitri Devi Mukherji, The Lightning and the Sun]

In 1987 Leni Riefenstahl recounted in her memoir a conversation she had with Hitler in 1937 at the Berghof:

“’Do you believe in God?’ I asked, gazing at him directly. Hitler looked at me in surprise, then smiled & said: ‘Yes – I believe in a divine power, not in the dogmas of the Church, although I consider them necessary. I believe in God & in a divine destiny.’ He turned away then &, folding his hands, gazed into the distance. ‘& when the time is ripe, a new Messiah will come – he doesn’t have to be a Christian, but he will found a new religion that will change the world.’”

[Source: Leni Riefenstahl, Leni Riefenstahl, A Memoir]

In 1936, Dr. Joseph Goebbels recount a prophecy in his work, Pictures from the life of the Führer, as if he already knew the German National socialist experiment would be cut short:

“In a hundred years time, perhaps, a great man will appear who may offer them [Aryans] a chance at salvation. He’ll take me as a model, use my ideas, & follow the course I have charted.”

[Source: Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler. Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers’]

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