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Welcome to Aryanity, a site dedicated to spreading the forbidden truths concerning the Jewish question, the Third Reich, National Socialism, the Holocaust hoax, Esoteric Nationalism, etc. This is a site where people unaccustomed to the extreme fringe in political and religious thought can come to learn. But if you are already a member of the pro-white movement or consider yourself to be alt-right, far right, National Socialist, Fascist, etc. you will still learn some revolutionary truths here. In fact, it is the mission of the author of Aryanity to bring about greater understanding within the White Nationalist community specifically on the subject of Esoteric Nationalism, Esoteric Hitlerism, Ariosophy, and Gnosticism. After being an active member in the pro-white movement for many years and being a high ranking member of a high profile White Nationalist organization the author of this website has noticed the disturbing trend of disunity and the development of too many factions within the movement. often times these factions attempt to create a shaky unity under an umbrella organization that continually fails to achieve actual unity. The author has come to realize that true unity within the pro-White movement can only be achieved if we are unified culturally as well as racially and that the factions need to take the final step toward accepting an all encompassing and truly pan-Aryan racialist religio-philosophical doctrine. Time and time again the author has personally witnessed the many factions within this movement come together for a protest, rally, or other such action and then behind closed doors speak ill of their “comrades” over religious differences. Pagans and Christians alike within this movement are guilty of this religious snobbery and it will only continue to destroy solidarity and keep us from organizing as a single unified force! Often times those who preach “white unity” within the pro-white movement have no idea how to actually accomplish this unity, expecting that if we can all unify racially in spite of our many religious and ethnic backgrounds then we can win against our oppressors, the international Jew. Yet temporary racial unity is not enough if we cannot come to accept a set of unifying cultural, philosophical, and esoteric principals that will unify all white Aryans. We must abandon our failed and false Christian institutions of the past which have only contributed to the destruction of our race, and likewise we cannot revive dead Pagan religions in an attempt to rekindle our racial pride! We must go much further than this and accept a new mythos which unified Pagan and Christian alike by recognizing the cultural paradigms and shared archetypes that unify us all as white Aryans whether we are Nordic, Celtic, Mediterranean, Slavic, Armenian, etc. We must dig deep into our pre-History and learn to appreciate our true racial spirit as descendants of the great Aryan root-race. The answer to fulfilling this need toward unifying all white Aryans into a single pan-Aryan front is the philosophy of Aryanity! The author of Aryanity has drawn upon decades of research into Esoteric Nationalism, Ariosophy, and Gnosticism and has built a philosophical framework established upon a foundation of sound and provable scientific, archeological, genetic, and historical facts. Aryanity is the answer to question of how we can achieve true unity as a race and a culture. Without this unity our race will surly die as hostile non-whites are now within our midst. We are currently suffering the process of white genocide instigated by the international Jew forcing the globalist policies of cultural Marxist, multiculturalism, forced integration, mass immigration into traditionally white lands, Jewish media indoctrination of our children, the destruction of the traditional family unit resulting the lowering of our birthrate. Within less than 30 years we will live in a world where whites are minorities in every white country, where we are hopelessly outnumbered by hostile non-white that harbor a cultural hatred for us! Our future will be one where our children witness the extinction of their phenotype, and we will become a footnote in another races histories! This future is not far off, so we must begin the process of unifying under a pan-Aryan racial doctrine now! Read the pages of this website, and apply the knowledge and the principals of Aryanity to your life and activism. On the right side bar you can read my latest book for FREE, as well as the abridged version under the chapters section. And if after you have read Aryanity and you decide you support the efforts of the author, you can order your copy of Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race and add it to your NS library, or give it to a friend. Hail Victory!

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The truth needs no laws to protect it!

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One of the greatest quotes in history is this quote by Voltaire, “to find out who rules over you, simply find out who you cannot criticize.” Very few quotes ring more true than this one, and reveals many levels of understanding. This quote brings into dispute the very fact that the group of people who claim to rule over a nation may not actually be the true rulers of a nation. This is what is known as a “puppet government” or “shadow government” and it is painfully obvious that the government of the United States of America and many other western nations are not actually the sole governing body of the nation. In fact, there is much evidence to conclude that there is an organized special interest group which has seized control of western governments, and the United States is no exception. This occupational government operates behind the scenes not publicize their operations and have placed puppet front men in supposed positions of power. They have perpetrated a grand hoax against the population of the United States as well as many other nations abroad with fake or fixed elections allowing for the illusion that democratically elected officials govern our affairs. What is worse is that the majority of the population are oblivious to these plain and painful facts.

This special interest group is the organized Jewish community, and even bringing up the Jewish question in America and elsewhere in the western world often results in scorn and even imprisonment. Scorn by a population of brainwashed slaves to this occupational government. This massive oblivious population lives out their lives, toiling and working to prop up there own free range slavery system never coming into contact with the factual knowledge which is proof positive of the monumental conspiracy perpetrated against them. Very few ever come to realize that Jews only makes up 2% of the total U.S. population but own the majority of big media companies, own the majority of banks, financial institutions, and business associations, they control the federal reserve bank and the central banks of most countries and always have, and are disproportionately over represented in high ranking corporate position, as well as top level government positions. As a matter of fact there are a large number of American/Israeli duel citizens in control of the many facets of government which is a horrible conflict of interest. likewise one of the most important things to consider is that Jews control the wealthiest lobby in the United State. AIPAC is the main lobby that funds presidential and congressional political campaigns, which translates into the interests of Jews and Israel being put above the American citizen.

But the American citizen is ever oblivious to the fact that they are a slave to a system controlled by a people with their own special interests that may and often does conflict with the interests of the majority population. Jews in government are the main proponents of massive non-white immigration into our country and were the main players in overturning centuries old racial quotas on immigration with the immigration act of 1965. Jews are behind the promotion of cultural Marxist policies of forced integration, the minority welfare state, affirmative action, sexual perversions and pornography, destruction of traditional white family values, etc. These policies and propaganda campaigns pushed by the organized Jewish community are designed specifically to destabilize the west in a bid to subvert the actual and true sovereignty of western nations and the majority populations whose forefathers founded these nations. This process has been at work for hundreds of years through conscious conspiratorial deal after deal to incrementally bring about the ultimate goal of the extinction of the white Aryan phenotype, which is the grand goal of their master plan of world domination spelled out word for word in “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. Off course, the Jews vehemently deny that the Protocols are authentic and have a large portion of the world convinced that they are an anti-Semitic forgery even though no actual proof has been presented. Though the proof that they are authentic is that everything they plotted, planned, and predicted has happened or is happening now!

One may ask themselves why an ethnic group of people would wish to go to such great lengths to totally demoralize and destroy another ethnic group, and the answer to this can be found in the fact for many centuries the Jews have held a cultural grudge against the Gentiles whom they blame for years of persecutions in Europe during the period of Jewish diaspora. They pass this cultural hatred for the gentiles from generation to generation. In fact, during the nearly two thousand years of Jewish diaspora the Jews were driven out of 109 European nations for crimes ranging from usury, to well poisoning, to ritual murder, which are all documented in great detail. Yet they continually play the victim in every situation never admitting to their own crimes. This cultural hatred is in fact reflected in there own holy books, the most sinister of which is the Babylonian Talmud which happens to be the most holy book of the Jewish people. Within this evil book are the most dispicable words ever written and teaches the Jew that he is the only true Human and that all other non-Jews are what is called a Goyim, which translates as “beast.” the Talmud teaches that the Goyim or non-Jew was created by their God Yahweh to serve the Jews as slaves so that they would not have to be served by animals. Within this disgusting book we also find scriptures which teach the Jews that it is lawful to murder the Goyim, rape the Goyim, steal from the Goyim, and most importantly to lie to the Goyim. In fact within the Talmud it makes special mention of the practice of lying to the Goyim about what their religion teaches about them so that the Goyim don’t persecute them openly.

It is time that people of white Aryan descent learn these facts about their Jewish oppressors. Those of us who have come to recognize the truth must do whatever is necessary to draw open the curtain to reveal the vile Jewish conspiracy that has been perpetrated on us for so long. Together we can break the conditioning brought on by Jewish propaganda which has infected the minds of the masses, turning them into willing slaves. the power of the Jew is like the power a pack of hyenas has over a sleeping lion, they are circling closer and closer, but once people of white Aryan descent crack open their sleeping eyes, survival instinct will take over and the lion will be awakened!

Learn who these people were, the prophets of the 卐New Order卐.

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If you are a Nationalist and you don’t know who these people are, please educate yourself on the subject of Esoteric Nationalism. These brave pioneering souls built the foundation and later helped to created the framework for a new racialist religious ideology, which draws on and respects the Aryan cultural archetypes of the past while also starting the march forward into a new age of higher consciousness for the white Aryan race. We can look back and respect the greatness of our forefathers achievements and their way of life, while not living in the past or trying to emulate it. We must look forward into our glorious future! We must abandon our failed institutions of the past and embrace a pan-Aryan future, united under a single cultural paradigm which takes into consideration the unifying principals and archetypes shared by the extended members of the Aryan family. if we are Nordic, Celtic, Slavic, Mediterranean, etc. or revere the Pagan or Christian past, Esoteric Nationalism is the one unifying philosophical doctrine that can serve as a bridge between the many factions in the pro-white movement.

Read “Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race” for free!

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Also on your reading list should be the works of Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi, Guido Von List and others.

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told

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This is the greatest documentary on Hitler and World War Two ever made. Everyone should watch it if they wish to have a complete perspective on the history that is still relevant today.

Trump Exposed: Ultimate Zionist Puppet

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This is the truth about Trump folks, wake up alt-right!

Dr. David Duke on Zionism

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Ethnic Jew turned Christian tells it how it is!

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Dr David Duke and the Red Army

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the real Jew.

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American White History Month

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Go to this website and start a profile if you want to connect with other WN in your area! http://www.americanwhitehistorymonth.com

Will the White Race Survive?

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By Dr. David Duke, a great man.

The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires –

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Rothschilds exoposed

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How Whites Took Over America

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To the Zionist Media!

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Don’t you think that you have egged on the sensationalism of the Trayvon Martin case enough. I am ashamed to be an American too (http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/-the-wire–creator-david-simon-on-trayvon-martin-case—ashamed–to-be-an-american-011408813.html) because most Americans are sheep falling victim to the indoctination of the Zionist media. Trayvon was a little gang banging thug that got dealt with by a half Jew, half Mexican (he’s not even White!!!.) Smells pretty fishy that the Zionist media is attempting to spin it as a White on Black racial issue, and they are creating allot of disenfranchised Whites in the process. Do you Zionist pigs really think all White people are this stupid, to subscribe to this race guilt propaganda. Think again!

And what about that whole mess with (Chick-Fil-A http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick-fil-A_same-sex_marriage_controversy) a few years ago. Seems pretty fishy that the Jewish CEO of Starbucks Howard Schulz was quoted several months later at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting as saying, to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage “we don’t want your business.” (http://joemiller.us/2013/03/starbucks-ceo-no-tolerance-for-traditional-marriage-supporters/)  He later went on to tell a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company. So Zionist media…do you think that this sensationalism and anti-white/anti-traditional values propaganda is working to divide whites further? Think again!

Because we keep hearing stories like this:


and this:


and this:


and this:


And the big picture is becoming clear to us…Negros, Mestizos, Jews, etc…(even some very confused whites) all hate whitey. And they are doing everything that their sick minds can conceive of to destroy us and our culture. Some whites are confused enough to think that this racial hatred toward whites is justified due to some supposed crimes committed against their ancestors by our ancestors. But many other whites are finally realizing that they were born innocent, and that they never did anything to anyone, surely nothing to deserve the racial hatred that we as whites have to deal with on a daily basis in the media, in our schools, and even in our own neighborhoods!

All of your attempts (Zionist Media) to divide us, to make us feel guilty, and to destroy our culture is only serving to enrage most of us. So Zionist Media, when do you think that the whites will finally unite together and say collectively, “Enough is enough! No longer will we allow ourselves to be victims in our own nation, no longer will we stand idle as our country is taken from us by foreign invaders, no longer will we feel guilt for the glorious accomplishments of our ancestors, WE ARE WHITE, AND WE ARE PROUD!”

When will it happen?




Ancient Aryan Technology

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This man is saying everything I have in my book about ancient advanced technologies, unfortunately he has not revealed the racial basis of this ancient civilization…though he must know and has kept it a secret because he knows that he will be censored even by the conspiracy theory community.

What one prominent hindu swami.

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This is what happens when you give Black people guns…they give them to their kids…damn that kid is hairy?!

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Empire Falls – Iron Fist

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