Aryan Priesthood

To become a practicing Aryan you must submit to the will of Omnis (The Godhead) and proclaim Aryanity as your religion; thereby you must follow the edicts and guidance of the Doctrine. The Church of Aryanity is open to all sincere, non-Jewish, members of the White Aryan race who recognize the truth of our words and who wish to purify their lives. One can come in as laity or petition to become clergy. In this formative phase of Aryanity as an organized religion for White Aryans only, we have established a priesthood and a decentralized esoteric order for the purpose of proselytizing potential converts and building our church on earth as well as on the spiritual plane. This decentralized esoteric order is called the Ordo Milites Templi Occidentis (OMTO), or the “Occidental Templars”. Some of us are clerics who work directly with the church whereas others are warrior priests who operate as free agents without central authority but must take certain oaths of loyalty, and vow to abide by a certain code of conduct to be dubbed a Knight Templar. Templars are masterless knights for the original Templars were betrayed by the corrupt Catholic church and driven underground. The tradition of Templar mysticism within western esoteric orders has a rich history, and served to bring about monumental changes politically and spiritually within western society. We have revived this ancient tradition of knighthood, not ceremoniously or as a LARP, but for its practical and esoteric purposes. Membership in the order is currently open to adult, non-Jewish, white Aryan men who are of healthy genetic stock. For more information on the Occidental Templars please visit the OMTO website:

Under Reconstruction

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Aryanity was nuked by WordPress censors for an alleged TOS violation after 8 years and half a million visits with no interruptions. The political persecutions of vocal racially aware whites and those who know the truths (((they))) want to hide have been heating up the past few year. The author and owner of Aryanity has been targeted by the (((PTB))) and been under constant attack by well know Jewish law firms, the ABC bois, and their Antifa thugs. The domain is still under his ownership and has been transferred to a different registrar and hosting company that hopefully will not capitulate to the political censors.

Please be patent and check back soon. The free online copy of Aryanity will be back up soon, but the website will have to be rebuilt from the ground up.