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Thank you for visiting Aryanity, a website dedicated to promoting solidarity amongst those of White Aryan descent world-wide. We have recently reconstructed our website to show the most important articles on the front page, to find more navigate through the categories on the sidebar. Here at Aryanity you will find subject matter that is forbidden as a topic of discussion, even amongst many White Nationalists, hence Aryanity represents the extreme fringe. This is a website for White Aryans who wish to learn the truth concerning fringe subject such as the Nazi occult and extraterrestrials as well as more accepted subject in the White Nationalist community such as Adolf Hitler, Neo-Nazism,White heritage, White civil rights, Ariosophy, Pan-Aryanism, the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG), the Protocols of the Elders of Zion etc… Within the pages and archives of this website you will find articles, videos, and music dedicated to enlightening those of White Aryan descent of their unique place in this world, the Neo-Nazi struggle toward the reestablishment of White Aryan sovereignty over our lands and ultimately this planet, and regaining control over our own destinies and the destiny of our race. Here at Aryanity we encourage every sincere visitor to dedicate some portion of their day to reading the pages of this website until one has a firm grasp of the truths concerning the principals of Pan-Aryanism, and once this is accomplished we encourage  promoting this site to friends and loved ones so that one day the White Aryan race will rebuild a culture of insight and solidarity of purpose. Let divine providence guide our noble people to glory so that our children’s children will no longer have to face the threat of cultural destruction, migratory invasions, economic terrorism, and the incessant jealousy and corruption of the ignoble races. Hail Victory!!!

Quote of the Day: The Truth About the American Civil War.

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By Aryan White

This is a quote by a Confederate officer from before the end of the American civil war. Much rings true…today children are taught in school that the civil war was fought over slavery…when nothing further can be from the truth. It was fought over federalism vs individual states rights to make policy and laws for their own citizens. Federalism was the beginning of the end for the US as a white nation, as it allowed the Zionist power brokers the ability to move forward with their agenda, forcing everyone in this nation to abide by the same rules,when before each state made its own rules, making it much harder to wrestle control of the nation.

“Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late… It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision… It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties.”

Maj. General Patrick R. Cleburne, CSA, January 1864

The Civil War was about the destruction of state’s rights, and not about slavery. The North had many slaves during the war. Even Lincoln didn’t consider the slaves to be equal to the white man.

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

Abraham Lincoln, 1858

I will leave you with these famous words by Stonewall Jackson…maybe it’s time for our third war of independence!

The Philosophy of Eugenics in Neo-Nazism

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Aryan White

When one speaks on the subject of Eugenics one must first state a few word on the subject of Utilitarianism. Within the philosophy of Utilitarianism we find that those things which have utility, i.e. things of practical use, which fulfilling a survival need are given greater importance than things which are purely aesthetics, i.e. things of an emotional, artistic, or abstract nature. Utilitarianism is most commonly understood in the maxim; “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” Simply put, two people in a group of three wish to do one thing when the other wishes to do something else, by default the wishes of the two is of greater importance than the wishes of the one, unless other variables are added to the equation, such as the actions of the two having a negative impact on a group outside of the three. Hence what must be determined is who the “many” are and who the “few” are. If this phrase is applied to humankind in general then the grand scope of utilitarianism is realized, and taken to its logical conclusion the “many” are found to not be those who currently live, but rather all future generations of humankind who may come to exist, and who may come to either benefit or suffer from the decisions or actions of their predecessors. Hence the philosophy of Eugenics is what is considered to be a Utilitarian philosophy.

Eugenics is the Utilitarian philosophy and science concerned with making humankind better. The word Eugenics is the combination of two root Greek words “eu” meaning good, and “gen” meaning creation, hence Eugenics means “good creation” or “good genetics.” Though many believe the philosophy of Eugenics to be relatively new in human history, it is actually one of the oldest philosophies known to humankind, predating even agriculture. The ancients recognized the self evident truth that offspring are commonly born displaying the traits of their parents. Ancient civilizations utilized this knowledge in the form of animal husbandry, and also in the circles of aristocratic breeding via arranged marriages. Put simply the philosophy and science of Eugenics is the selective breeding of certain traits shown to be beneficial to a species, or the production a desired offspring, which displays the traits bred in them by the continual selection of specific traits over generations of controlled breeding practices.

In essence the science and philosophy of Eugenics takes evolutionary selection out of the realm of nature and makes it a consciously directed act. The theory of evolution is perfect in its simplicity and describes how all animals on earth are bound by the principals of mutation and natural selection, i.e. that animal species (including humans) respond to environmental stimulus over lengthy periods of time by adapting to changes in that species environment. This adaptation occurs via selection, which is the process of those who are born with a genetic mutation that proves to give them a survival advantage over others of their species, being more likely to pass their mutation to future generations, due to their greater likelihood of surviving to breeding age. In wild animals this process of natural selection is easily witnessed when the slowest gazelle is overcome by the lion allowing the faster gazelle to pass on its genes to future offspring. Likewise the faster more cunning lion makes the kill, fending off hunger allowing it to pass on its superior hunting genes on to future generations. This principal is best expressed in the maxim “survival of the fittest”, coined by Herbert Spencer in 1864, and later used as a metaphor for the principal of natural selection by Charles Darwin in the fifth edition of “The Origin of Species.”

Though what becomes of a species that has reached the pinnacle of the evolutionary clime, becoming the very top of the food chain? What becomes of a species, with such advanced technological understanding and social structures that this species is able to keep the least fit of their species alive to breeding age, when otherwise the least fit would have perished under natural circumstances? The theory of “devolution” is equally as perfect as the theory of evolution in its simplicity, and states that a species becomes stagnate and will actually regress if it allows those who are the least fit to pass on their genes to future generations. Common sense dictates that the traits which allow humankind to flourish are the traits of high intellect and physical health, high intellect being of prime importance above physical attributes such as strength and speed, though these are also of importance to an individual’s survival. Likewise the lack of these attributes and hence the abilities that they bestow take away the survival advantage of the individual.

The philosophy of eugenics was born out of an environment of social collapse and the decadence of the once noble societies of Europe. It was seized upon by the movement of Pan-Aryanism and Nazism, who sought to reestablish the dominance of what was considered to be the noble qualities of the White Aryan race (White Skinned Caucasians). Decades of historical, anthropological, and archeological research had led the intellectual elites of Germany to believe that they were the descendents of a race, which had regressed or devolved from its original status as the “Master Race” which was far more intelligent, taller, and stronger than the average human.  This desire to reclaim the mantle of Master Race led to the creation of various esoteric and exoteric societies in Germany, culminating in the creation of the Nazi Party. In the early years of the Third Reich, Hitler instituted a policy of Eugenics, dictating those healthy of intellect, and of physique to breed en mass, while instituting programs of sterilization for those mentally or physically infirmed due to genetic mutations, and euthanasia of those born so hopelessly crippled or mentally handicapped that they could not possibly live any life other than a torturous one. In modern times mercy killings are considered unethical due to a false sense of compassion that would rather see a person suffer than see that suffering alleviated in death.

Within the Nazi program of Eugenics was a policy of “racial cleansing”, which dictated that one of the causes for the devolution of the ancient Master Race was via miscegeny with other human races considered inferior in intellectual ability, power of will, moral fortitude, and creative zeal. This policy of racial cleansing manifested in further policies, which served to persuade the ethnic descendents of migratory invaders to leave Germany. First laws were enacted limiting the economic power of ethnic non-Aryans such as Jews, and Gypsies who were considered hostile to the sovereignty of the pure Aryan descendents, then later non-Aryans were persuaded to leave under threat of imprisonment in concentration camps. When the Nazis came to power in 1933 there were close to 560,000 Jews in Germany, which was by far the largest stronghold of Jews in Europe. By the time of the war most of them had fled leaving less than 200,000. A far cry less than what would make the popular myth of the five million death Holocaust possible, not to mention the troves of other evidence (or lack thereof) debunking the myth of the Holocaust. Although the fictional “Final Solution” of Hitler never took place the Germans were adamant about foreign races leaving their sovereign lands.

Further examples of the Nazi policy of eugenics was manifest in the creation of the Schutzstaffel, (German pronunciation: [ˈʃʊtsʃtafəl]), translated to defense corps, and abbreviated SS, or  with stylized “Armanen” sig runes.) The requirements of membership within this most elite Nazi society both within Germany and abroad was first that one had to prove their Aryan ancestry back to the fourth generation, and second that one must pass the mental and physical health standards of the military as well as being a minimum of 5 foot 7 inches tall. Despite popular myth, not having blonde hair and blue eyes did not disqualify one from becoming a member of the SS, the recessive trait of blonde hair and blue eyes was simply considered a reemergence of traits which were once more common before historical miscegeny occurred with inferior races. Hitler knew that the generations of miscegeny and bad breeding practices within Europe would disqualify the majority of the population from being considered pure members of the Master Race, yet he considered White Europeans to be the closest descendents of the ancient Master Race.

Thus Hitler created the SS to serve as the new aristocracy, and a society of breeding to recreate the ancient Master Race. Though other Germans, as well as other Europeans who could not prove their lineage to the fourth generation, or who did not display the ideal genetic traits of their pure-blooded Aryan ancestors were still able to become affiliated with the Nazi cause as long as they were visibly a white Caucasian and did not display the obvious Semitic or Negroid traits of flat or hooked noses (not to be confused with the aquiline nose,) black tightly curled hair, or dark skin. Hitler, (who had brown hair) knew that it was common within European Caucasian families for siblings of the same parents to have either blonde, red, auburn or brown hair as well as varying shades of blue, to green, to brown eyes. The right of affiliation with the Nazi cause was also extended to members of non-White races (such as the Tibetans, the Japanese, those of Incan lineage, etc.) who historically interbred with ancient Aryan invaders, and were deemed to display cultural and genetic nobility bestowed upon them by their Aryan ancestors. Though the Japanese might not physically appear to display traits considered common of a pure-blood Aryan, this simply barred from becoming members of the elite SS.

In modern times despite the defeat of the Nazis by the Zionists Occupied Governments, Nazism has spread to every corner of the globe under the moniker of “Neo-Nazism” and is present within the nations of every populated continent. Made up of people who recognize their Aryan ancestry, and who understand the fight to maintain their racial hygiene, who endeavor to preserve their great lineage and to restore the greatness of their ancient race. Eugenics is still a facet of paramount importance within the Neo-Nazi movement, yet rather than being organized and regimented, it is left upon every member of the movement to choose his or her mate wisely, and to above all select the traits of high intellect and physical prowess when choosing a mate. For as long as there exists the descendents of the ancient Master Race who are aware of their special place within the scheme of human evolution, then there is hope for the future of this world.

ZOG, The Ultimate Conspiracy!

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By: Aryan White

To discover the true rulers of society, you must ask yourself who you cannot criticize, who is above reproach…

This article is an introduction to what is known by the many misguided Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theorists as the secret government, or shadow government. I call these people “misguided” because they have become victims of the very propaganda machine that they assume they are fighting against. These proud adherents to the many conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, ancient aliens, reptilian bloodlines, etc. do not realize that they have become victims themselves of the ultimate conspiracy, and that all of the theories popularized within the circled of so-called alternative media have actually been placed there by design, as a form of controlled dissent, so as to dissuade people from discovering or exploring the true, yet less entertaining conspiracy, that there is in fact a secret cabal of men who have taken over the majority of the world, through economic manipulation, terrorism, and propaganda…though it is not who the conspiracy theorists think and not for the reasons they think.Within the realms of fringe conspiracy theory one topic of discussion is even too fringe for the most learned underground thinker…the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG.)

The best of these fictitious conspiracy theories mix a small amount of truth in with the fictional accounts of conspiratorial government. Within this realm of conspiracy theory are many accounts that a Jewish dynasty known as the Rothschilds have been at the top of the pyramid of powerful families who control the policies of this world for over two hundred years, which is true, yet this family is often depicted as a brood of Satanic fiends, who like to rub elbows with ex-Nazis, Aliens, or both. Nothing about this fantasy could be further from the truth except the fact that they are at the top and that they are indeed evil. This family dynasty has a long track record of using media propaganda to manipulate public opinion, creating false historical models, and outright fantasies to program the public, not only against their enemies, but against looking into the truth of their own agenda.

The fact is, that these false historical models, of which people in western countries are taught from birth, and which most of us don’t even question, have been designed by the powers that be to keep the populace in western countries at large, ignorant of our glorious past, and our equally glorious potential future. For instance, most rational people in Western countries do not question the idea that there is only one species of human on this planet, yet the reality is that there is actually four.  Most of us do not question the history of who discovered North America, and how it was discovered, when in reality this great continent was conquered along with the rest of the world before the end of the last ice age, by an ancient race far superior to what we now consider “native Americans”. Most of us do not question that the scientific and technological developments witnessed in the 20th century had never been achieved before, and that we are more advanced now then ever in human history, the reality though is that we are only beginning to rediscover technology and scientific understanding that this great race had mastered over 12,000 years ago. Lastly, most of us do not question the “official history” of World War Two, that is, that the world rose up against a evil and oppressive regime, which was responsible for the massacre of millions of Jews and other non-Aryans, and that their philosophy was evil, false, and unjust…

Myths abound concerning the history of World War Two and after, from the popular myth of the holocaust and the creation of Israel, full of holes in logic and physical evidence, to the myths of the Nazis being in contact with some evil other worldly intelligence who dictated to them advanced technologies such as anti-gravity machines and nuclear weapons. As with other myths created by the Zionist regime, within the myths designed to defame the Nazis, there is a grain of truth. The Nazis were indeed in contact with an other worldly intelligence, and they were instructed how to create the most advance technologies the world had seen in modern times…yet they were not evil…and this intelligence was not originally from another world…but from earth. Which leads us into a tangled web of conspiracy regarding extraterrestrials…

The powers that be wish for the public to believe that the mass sightings of UFO’s are alien beings from another planet, and that there is a vast conspiracy to cover-up the governments involvement with extraterrestrials. And now a newer en vogue conspiracy theory makes humans out to be the ancient creation of beings from another tenth planet, and that we were created in their image, which is preposterous when you consider that the dominant form of life on this planet (vertebrates) all share a similar skeletal structure and physical makeup, i.e.two ears, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and four limbs (even fish share this similarity). What is the likelihood that an extraterrestrial, that evolved on a different planet with a completely different mixture of elements, and hence a different pattern of evolution would develop to resembles the dominant form of life on this planet (as is the common description of the extraterrestrial as an anthropomorphic being which stands up-right on two legs, with two arms, possessing two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth set in a head with a brain?)

The secret reality that this fictitious conspiracy is attempting to disguise is that what we know as extraterrestrials are not from another planet at all, they are from earth, and are simply a highly advance branch of homonid which broke off the line of Cro-Magnon some 15,000-12,500 years ago, and their closest relative here on earth are the modern Western European Caucasian. These advance being left the planet due to extreme conditions brought about by environmental catastrophe and nuclear war before the end of the last ice age, and have been living in underground cities, and on other planets ever since. And yet another facet of this ultimate conspiracy emerges…If there was an ancient war in prehistory, which drove this advanced race from the surface of the planet, who was their enemy?

The Zionist conspiracy is actually the modern manifestation of a legacy of thousands of years of warfare waged against the modern descendents of the ancient original rulers of this planet and our off world cousins…

If you are a modern descendent of the White/Aryan race and wish to learn the secrets of this world and the latent spiritual power that resides within every White soul, that which is deliberately hidden from the White masses, read the pages of this blog:


Should Blacks on Welfare be Sterilized?

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By: Aryan White

A common theme in this day and age is reading articles in western news outlets of Black welfare families and Black fathers and mothers having a ridiculous amount of children regardless of the fact that they cannot provide for them. One such article I had the displeasure of reading recently, was the LA times article written about a Black man named Desmond Hatchett, which described how he had sired 30 children with 11 different women!


The article describes that Mr. Hatchett could not make child support payments on his minimum wage salary, thus leaving tax payers to fit the bill on the upbringing of his 30 children. The article also describes how this is not the first time that he has been to court regarding his excessive breeding practices. In a 2009 TV interview, Hatchett vowed that he wouldn’t father anymore children…nine of his children were born in the last three years. Why is it that this was allowed to happen?! If we lived in a rational utilitarian country, the man would have been sterilized when the courts recognized his reckless disregard for the welfare of not only his children but that of the American tax payer, (the majority of whom are White). It was apparent that this man (a term used lightly in his regard) was not responsible enough to be allowed to breed. What is more morally wrong, to continue to let this man breed more welfare bastards, destined to have a childhood as a ward of the state, and stick Whitey with the bill, or to have this man humanely sterilized so he can bang all the welfare moms he wants with no consequences except that he might get an STD, something that would only effect him and the women ignorant enough to sleep with him.

Here are a little statistics on Race and welfare.

White 38.8%
Black 37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian 2.8
Other 3.4

Keep in mind that this is the total population on welfare, not percentage per race, compare these figures with US Census population figures and we see the big picture. Blacks = 12.9% of the population, Whites = 77.1%. This means that proportionally, a much larger percentage of Blacks are on welfare than Whites. Surprisingly, teenage mothers of all races only accounted for 7.6% of people on welfare. In these statistics Whites accounts for a total population of 194,552,774, whereas Blacks account for a total population of 33,947,837. Out of this, more than 33% of blacks are in poverty while less than 10% of whites are in poverty.

In contrast to the common breeding practices of Black welfare moms, and absent Black fathers that continually breed despite there inability to raise their children properly, White families are beginning to recognize the disparity that Whites are facing in this country due in part to the power in numbers that the minorities are achieving via their abhorrent breeding practices. One such family featured on the TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” shows that Whites are highly capable of having extremely large families, that are close-nit and self-sustaining. Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar set an excellent example of a healthy White family, with wholesome family values, based on the traditional two parent family model, that has become strong simply in the support that they can provide for each other. This is how dynasties are started, an entire family dedicated to uplifting their clan, where the working age children are raised to be obligated in the event that others of their clan need help that they can provide.

With the disturbing trends showing White population in rapid decline, coupled with the rising  accounts of anti-white hate crime, and continuing loss of power on the political sphere amongst Whites in America and abroad, it stands to reason that Whites need to begin having larger families if we expect our children, and our children’s children, to have any sense of power over their destinies in the future.  Paradoxically, it is actually White higher reasoning that has got us into this predicament, as many Whites make the  responsible decision to not have large families, for they feel their income does not afford them the ability to support their standard of living. Hence is the reason for the decline in White population, Whites being the rational people that we are, are dedicated to providing the best standard of living for our children, and in this way we commonly limit ourselves to having 1 or 2 children. Many Whites simply do not see the big picture, because it is censored from most of us, that this decline in our population in comparison to other racial groups will result in racial disparity and already has. Thing will get much worse in the future if  White population does not rise to match or exceed that of other racial groups.

There are many ways that a family can tighten its belt, cutting out non-essentials, so as to support larger families. Foregoing the luxury to pay everyone else to do jobs that with little research you can do yourself is one example. Education of our children and family social structure is key, raising your children to be hard workers, and to pursue high paying and practical careers as well as by opening family businesses where other member of the family work together to provide income for the whole family. This was a common way of life at the turn of the century, when the majority of the White population worked on family farms and were self-sufficient. We can get back to this way of life if we simply realize what is truly valuable, striving to have the nicest car on the block and the 45″ TV is not! Wake up White America, you are being replaced! the Nations that our forefathers built for you are being taken over!

Race Crime Statistics in America.

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By: Aryan White

• According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.

• Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.

• Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

• Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

• According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

Total amount of people living below the poverty level:
White 24.9 million
Black 9.2 million
Hispanic 9.4 million

Over and over again we see statistics done showing that the crime rate of Black on White hate crime cannot be attributed to the liberal myth that social or economic disadvantage. This is especially true when one considers all the advantages of affirmative action that Blacks can utilize that whites cannot, such as “equal” opportunity employment and placement in higher education despite qualifications. The cold numbers simply reveal that Blacks are either a savagely violent race by nature, or they harbor an intrinsic cultural hatred for Whites, which manifest as violent anti-White hate crime. I tend to think that it is both.

The White Race is Going Extinct!

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By: Aryan White

Below are actual world population figures sorted by gene pool by the UN  for the years 1800, 1900, 2000 and as projected for the year 2050, They reflect a disturbing trend showing a dramatic decline in Caucasian world population, respective to other races since the year 1900. If the numbers are fallowed through to their logical conclusion then you see that the White race will be extinct sometime after the year 2100!

TOTAL POPULATION OF THE WORLD (Year, Total Human Population of the Planet):

1800, 1,000 million

1900, 1,600 million

2000, 6,100 million

2050, 9,000 million projected

WHITE GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total White Population):

1800, 22% of world population, 220 million (Europe, 21%; North America, 1%)

1900, 30% of world population, 480 million (Europe, 25%; North America, 5%)

2000, 10% of world population, 610 million (Europe, 7%; North America, 3% [less Mestizo invaders])

2050 projected, 6% of world population, 540 million (Europe, 4%; North America, 2% [less Mestizo invaders])

ASIAN GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total Asian Population):

1800, 65% of world population, 650 million

1900, 57% of world population, 920 million

2000, 61% of world population, 3,700 million

2050 projected, 60% of world population, 5,300 million

BLACK GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total Black Population):

1800, 13% of world population, 130 million

1900, 13% of world population, 210 million

2000, 29% of world population, 1,800 million

2050, 34% of world population, 3,100 million

The reasons for this decline in White population are numerous but all boils down to social engineering. Affirmative action programs and the welfare state in the west as well as open border policies in Europe have allowed a stream of immigrants from Africa to breed in an environment were they can easily support huge families. In Asia the dramatic rise in population is due to an economic boom at the expense of Western countries, due to outsourcing of industries and free trade agreements. As for the decline In the White population ratio (it is actually less if you consider that Mestizos are grouped in this category even though they are obviously NOT White), this is due to an engineered drop in White birth rates. Just a century ago it was common to see White families of five to nine people, now it is becoming uncommon to see White couples have more than one child. White people feel that they cannot provide the standard of living that they wish to provide based on their income if they have more than two children, And unlike the Black population most refuse to become welfare cases. Long gone are the days of family farms, where the majority of the population owned land and live off of there own harvest. This decline in White population ratio is the key factor responsible for the modern reverse discrimination that Whites are now experiencing, and our inability to defend our land from foreign migratory invaders, in both Europe and North America. I implore all educated and concerned Whites in North America and Europe to START HAVING BABIES!!!!! Or your children’s, children will be the victims of anti-white pogroms and genocide!

The reality of la Raza.

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By Aryan White

The truth is, America is undergoing an invasion, and no this is not a play on words, this is dead serious. These invaders are beginning their invasion as an incremental migratory invasion on the outward pretext that they are poor and disadvantaged, thus they are fleeing their own lands due to the failure of their state to uphold the standard of living of its citizens, but secretively they are a part of a conspiracy called “la Raza”. On the false pretext of seeking opportunity they have illegally entered the land so as to escape their corrupt and failing state, yet they have no ability to confront the truth of their own existence, That their state is failing because of the innate corruption of their culture, and their inability to uphold a complex society built by the Caucasian Spaniards, and not by them. Hence they have imagined this la Raza ideology so as to boost the moral of a failing people, and to place blame for their innate inadequacy and the sluggishness of their evolution.

What is la Raza? La Raza translates as “the Race” and is nothing short of the Mexican version of master race ideology, the tenets of which propose that the descendants of the Aztecs (Mexicans), are the true master race and are destined to take over the world. This desire to take over the world has manifest with a campaign to take over the southwest of the united states, thus annexing it as an enclave of Mexico. This region of the United states is what they call “Aztlan” and they believe that it is the rightful property of Mexico, and that it should have never been given up to the USA during the cession of 1848 after Mexico lost the Mexican-American war. Hence it is the goal of the la Raza movement to take back what was once considered territory of Mexico in what they call the “Reconquista” or reconquering.

The illegal immigration issue is far more serious than most White Americans realize, and will inevitably culminate into a violent and bloody race war, once the incremental approach to this invasion, which is more than 30 years in, reaches critical mass. Take a lesson from history as an example of what will happen. They say history repeats itself, and this is most definitely true if you consider that patterns of similar events always produce similar outcomes, simply put, it is a case of A+B=C. Take the Gothic invasion of Rome between the 4th and 5th centuries a.d.. In the late 4th century a tribe of uncivilized nomadic barbarians began to migrate into the territory of the Roman empire, this began slowly at first, as the Goths crossed the borders of Rome seeking opportunity. At first the Romans did not treat the Goths with much respect, making them work basically as slaves for wages of dog meat (literally). Then as more and more of the Goths made their way into Roman territory the greed of the land owners in the Roman Empire allowed for the seeping of more and more of the Goths into Roman territory, so as to provide cheap labor. The Romans were just too busy with the distractions of the games, counting money, and other hedonistic pleasures to notice that their land were being invaded.

By the early 5th century the Goths had reached such a large number in Roman society that they had become an accepted part of the population. Once their population had achieved critical mass they began to “claim the rights of citizens”, even though they were not. In years prior they had been trained by the Roman military and legions of Goths were created to serve as “expendable” soldiers. These legions of Goths began to demand that they be given equal rights and their own territory. When Rome refused a series of invasions commenced which culminated into the Roman empire being completely overwhelmed by the Goths. The Goths raped and pillaged Rome after a siege that resulted in the death by starvation of countless Romans, and inevitably resulted in what is known as “the Dark Ages”, several hundred years of a fractured feudal society, characterized by the disappearance of education, a high death rate by disease, periodic skirmishes between war lords, and institutional poverty. Is this what awaits America?

Even now we are on the cusp of a new dark ages within America. The society that our White fathers and grandfathers built for us has been overrun by illegal immigrants from Mexico. Our once clean and happy neighborhoods are now devoid of White faces, and are characterized by abandoned and crumbling buildings, Mexican markets, sex workers and homeless people on every corner, and roving gangs patrolling the streets. They have taken what our culture has built and have exploited it, corrupted it, and are  now destroying it. And this is all due to the greed of the money masters and corporate elites who allowed this horde of barbarians to enter our once great country, so as to reap the benefits of cheap labor. Yet within this horde, is seething an agenda to take over territory within the US for themselves, which in essence is what they have already done, yet they will not be finished until every white face has left the Southwest, either willingly or in death!

Due to the many wars being waged by the USA, the children of illegal immigrants have been trained in our military and are bringing back skills which are serving to train the forces of organized street gangs, which will one day engage in a militant onslaught against real White American citizens. When will the White majority of this once great nation awaken to the reality of this nations failure to protect the cultural values of the White Race, the sanctity of our families future, our failing infrastructure,our industries, and even our territory. When will we awaken to the reality of la Raza!

Dr. David Duke on Zionism

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Ethnic Jew turned Christian tells it how it is!

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Dr David Duke and the Red Army

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the real Jew.

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American White History Month

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Go to this website and start a profile if you want to connect with other WN in your area! http://www.americanwhitehistorymonth.com

Will the White Race Survive?

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By Dr. David Duke, a great man.

The Rothschild Family – Puppet Masters – World’s Only Trillionaires –

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Rothschilds exoposed

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How Whites Took Over America

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To the Zionist Media!

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Don’t you think that you have egged on the sensationalism of the Trayvon Martin case enough. I am ashamed to be an American too (http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/-the-wire–creator-david-simon-on-trayvon-martin-case—ashamed–to-be-an-american-011408813.html) because most Americans are sheep falling victim to the indoctination of the Zionist media. Trayvon was a little gang banging thug that got dealt with by a half Jew, half Mexican (he’s not even White!!!.) Smells pretty fishy that the Zionist media is attempting to spin it as a White on Black racial issue, and they are creating allot of disenfranchised Whites in the process. Do you Zionist pigs really think all White people are this stupid, to subscribe to this race guilt propaganda. Think again!

And what about that whole mess with (Chick-Fil-A http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick-fil-A_same-sex_marriage_controversy) a few years ago. Seems pretty fishy that the Jewish CEO of Starbucks Howard Schulz was quoted several months later at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting as saying, to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage “we don’t want your business.” (http://joemiller.us/2013/03/starbucks-ceo-no-tolerance-for-traditional-marriage-supporters/)  He later went on to tell a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company. So Zionist media…do you think that this sensationalism and anti-white/anti-traditional values propaganda is working to divide whites further? Think again!

Because we keep hearing stories like this:


and this:


and this:


and this:


And the big picture is becoming clear to us…Negros, Mestizos, Jews, etc…(even some very confused whites) all hate whitey. And they are doing everything that their sick minds can conceive of to destroy us and our culture. Some whites are confused enough to think that this racial hatred toward whites is justified due to some supposed crimes committed against their ancestors by our ancestors. But many other whites are finally realizing that they were born innocent, and that they never did anything to anyone, surely nothing to deserve the racial hatred that we as whites have to deal with on a daily basis in the media, in our schools, and even in our own neighborhoods!

All of your attempts (Zionist Media) to divide us, to make us feel guilty, and to destroy our culture is only serving to enrage most of us. So Zionist Media, when do you think that the whites will finally unite together and say collectively, “Enough is enough! No longer will we allow ourselves to be victims in our own nation, no longer will we stand idle as our country is taken from us by foreign invaders, no longer will we feel guilt for the glorious accomplishments of our ancestors, WE ARE WHITE, AND WE ARE PROUD!”

When will it happen?




Ancient Aryan Technology

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This man is saying everything I have in my book about ancient advanced technologies, unfortunately he has not revealed the racial basis of this ancient civilization…though he must know and has kept it a secret because he knows that he will be censored even by the conspiracy theory community.

What one prominent hindu swami.

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This is what happens when you give Black people guns…they give them to their kids…damn that kid is hairy?!

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Empire Falls – Iron Fist

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Empire Falls – Commie punk beatdown

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Brutal Attack – Let it Burn

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Brutal Attack – European Unity

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Skrewdriver We March To Glory

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Skrewdriver – Refugee

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