Reader beware, the information within this book is of a nature known in toto only to a handful of people in this world.
Amongst the information within this treatise is of the most esoteric and occult nature concerning Atlantis the ancient Aryan race and the Third Reich.

The powers that be have attempted to keep this truth in utter secrecy since the destruction of The Third Reich and have gone to great lengths to demonize the school of thought associated with these secrets.

They have since attempted to skew the truth by creating a popular culture of fantasy designed to conceal the true nature regarding the history of the ancient Aryans and their modern rebirth as a culture.

To some, this information will seem so outside the norm of what they have been taught their entire lives that they will choose to reject it, out of cognitive dissonance or the fear of having to confront a false world view that many if not most have held since childhood.

Within this work many of your most cherished beliefs about history, about your place in this world, and about the moral fortitude of your leaders (both on the left and the right) may be challenged.

The lies, which predominantly White/Aryan nations have been indoctrinated to hold true through social engineering for decades, will be dispelled like an evil mist before your eyes, and you will be set free of the psycho-spiritual prison in which you may reside…if you choose to accept it.

This acceptance will require a total paradigm shift for most, a radical mental reprogramming that can make the most powerful of men cower in fear ; fear of the radical kind of change that will bring about a total transformation of one’s way of life, ones relationship with others, and how one views their place in the world.

Likewise, if you choose to accept and proclaim the truth within these pages you will find yourself amongst the growing ranks of social pariah (outsiders), and will likely be unable to express the truth to most family members, friends, or the public at large without being alienated, or even persecuted for attempting to share your enlightenment.

Though with every courageous step you take toward the light of truth, you will come closer to a complete understanding of who you are, and your glorious destiny as a descendent of the Aryan race!