Join the White Resistance against the Hordes (WRATH)

I recently been getting kicked off of allot of blogs for posting a thread on the subject of a Black on White race mob beating. I posted a thread Titled, “White couple beaten by mob of over 100 Black youths”, and provided a link to this article I found via the drudge report:…

Then I provided a UN demographic statistic showing a drastic decline in White population from 1900 to present, and a projection that the White race would become extinct by 2100. I also expressed my belief that there is a REAL conspiracy of global dominance by a Zionist Occupational Government, and how this is related to the drastic decline in White population, and the recent rise in race mobs and race war propaganda. Within hours the threads had pages of content,  mostly of people expressing their disgust at the racial injustices that Whites are facing in modern times. Then…404 page not found.

Now this has happened to me before on numerous occasions, and on numerous sites when posting about the ZOG, and anti-White race crime. And I have seen it occur on multiple occasions to other posters…why are these sites attempting to silence the White majority who wish to speak about a very real conspiracy issue concerning anti-White hate crimes, double standards in society against Whites, Obama anti-White race war propaganda, Holocaust denial conspiracy theories, and the Zionist occupational Government as an alternative theory to the more mainstream NWO/Illuminati conspiracy theory that attempts to make the elitist of the world out to be either Nazis, Satanists, Extraterrestrials, or all three. Why can’t we talk about the White civil rights?

These subjects do not accumulate to “hate speech”, simply another theory that should be recognized and explored. On a site for conspiracy theorists, and so-called truth seekers, you would think that any subject stated eloquently enough and with sound research to back up the claims, would be a respected topic of discussion. But these particular subjects are just too fringe for even mainstream conspiracy theorists. Many blog/news sites continually demonstrates by their actions that they support a disinformation campaigned aimed at mystifying people with false conspiracy theories, while censoring those that (though not popular or politically correct) are very real. It is apparent that the political motives displayed by the owners of this site are in line with that of the Zionist Occupational Government (that is the Zionist Protocol value system of multiculturalism, false historical models, institutional divorce, infanticide, homosexuality, pornography, drug abuse, and anti-White propaganda.) I urge all educated and politically motivated White people to join me in my war against  blog sites that engage in the censorship of White civil rights issues and promote the dis-info so damaging to our racial sovereignty.

These tools will help you in our effort to flash mob blogs guilty of  promoting Anti-White, pro-Zionist propaganda, and which censor the truth about the White struggle in this world:

1. After being banned from these website I revisited them through a proxy server so that my IP could not be traced and set up a new account under a different alias. Some sites block anonymous posts under proxy servers, but it helps with allot.

2. I recommend that this statement be copied and pasted on to every thread regardless of thread relevance:

We of the White Resistance against the Hordes (WRATH) have targeted this website for acts of deplorable censorship against all mention of Anti-White hate crimes and double standards in western society, the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG), plausible Holocaust denial, and other White civil rights issues. Likewise we detest this websites program of disinformation designed to mystify the public into false opinions concerning conspiracy theories which make out the perpetrators of global injustice to be Nazis, Satanists, Extraterrestrials, or all three, with no allowance for the Jewish Zionist and Zionist Christian. This is a campaign by Whites for Whites and we implore you to join us in condemning the Zionist Occupational Government (the ZOG), and censorship of White civil rights issues. Furthermore we implore you to educate yourself on these subjects…the future of your race depends on it!

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8 Responses to “Join the White Resistance against the Hordes (WRATH)”

  1. im an australian and i am also growing increasingly concerned with the fact that the white man is now the ‘MINORITY’. allowing muslim only shcools, and continuosly letting the boat people in to our country with the vertual garantee of citizenship sickens me. from around 1901 until almsot 1973 there existed the white australia policy that restricted all but those of aryan decent into this great southern land. i know that if said policy came back we would have far less problems e.g. alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution theft and murder. from the look of your site id say that australia needs its own faction of WRATH. any ways all information or advice on how to spread the word would be appreciated.
    Regards, Grimmy.

    • Thank you for your interest and desire to spread the word concerning the threat that our race in facing. This war must first start on the battlefield of the mind and our weapon will be information. Our people have been brainwashed en mass into willing victims of the Multicult propagated by the ZOG. But this brainwashing CAN be reversed, we just cannot give up on our brethren who have fallen victim to ZOG social engineering, as they have been raised in this prison for their minds…they know nothing else, so it falls upon us to show them the truth. I began this mission fully expecting to become pariah by my family, my friends, and by society, but I continue to speak the truth despite the total oppression that I knew that I would receive. Since I started this journey I have had a total falling out with most of my family members, I have lost several jobs for daring to express my political beliefs in casual discussions with co-workers, and I have even received death threats from someone claiming to be rogue Zionist NSA agent. So make sure you know what your getting into before you make the pledge…because it is life and death when you live in this world…the world of the warrior. I have made a pledge to myself…I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees. We must break the shackles that bind the minds of our race and enlighten them to the latent power of their spirit and the glory of our past. My advice to you would be to start a website for the Australian branch of WRATH, the beauty of the WRATH concept is its simplicity, and lack of organizational structure, each member simply chooses to become a member and operates independently. Their are no “official” leaders. The compartmentalized pyramid structure is not a good way to go about things, because if you take out the leaders at the top, the compartmentalization of this structure will cause the whole organization to fall into disarray. Hence I recommend a lone-wolf approach to our activism. And in this information age…hacktivism is a good weapon when so many minds can be reached on the frontier of the world wide web…I myself am not an experienced hacker, but I know how to use a proxy, and how to hack into wireless networks, so that I can continually make new accounts on news and blog sites that have millions of viewers per day (sites that have way to many comments to pre-moderate every one)…when I get knocked off I just make a new account. It is allot of work, but anything worth while in this world is not easy. I consider WRATH to be just one satellite of the broader WNist movement. The movement is made up of Thulist, Odinists, Creators, Gnostics, Ariosophists, even Atheists…but what we all share is the desire to ensure the survival of our children and their children, let this be the one rallying cry that will unite us in solidarity as a race. As long as this is your message…you have my blessing as the founder of WRATH. Media is the weapon that the enemy used to conquer our people, TV, Newspapers, Music, Movies, etc. we must use this weapon against them, and take back the minds of our people. If they find new ways to block our message on the internet, like kill switches and such, then we will use traditional media…like the printing press. The truth is that they (the ZOG) are afraid of this information getting out…that is why they are so steadfast in controlling the flow information. Our movement will be like a plague of truth to this world of lies, with every enlightened Aryan person we make a soldier ready to die for his kin…because speaking the truth in this world has become very dangerous…and people are willing to kill you for doing so. This willingness to face the possibility of your death makes a person ready to go to any lengths to get the message out, and this message is urgent, as our race is facing extinction…if we don’t act now…there won’t be a white Aryan race a century from now.

      For Our Children!

  2. Mike Kryzhanovsky Says:

    KGB Kryzhanovsky: man behind Obama

    OBAMA FOLLOWS KGB “PLANNED CRISIS” TECHNOLOGYRead KGB and CIA spy Мikhail Kryzhanovsky secret file on Wikileaks.
    “THE PROFESSIONAL” system by Kryzhanovsky (White House Special Handbook) used by Bill Clinton and Obama.
    Las Vegas Guardian Express

    CIA poisoned Arafat

    These instruction were written in 1996 for CIA. They used used them to kill Palestinian leader Arafat with radioactive polonium.
    Complex murders.
    Staged accidents (suicides, catastrophes, drowning or fall, robbery or rape followed by murder, technical accident (fire, electricity, gas), drugs, weapons, poison, explosives misuse. Also, staged natural death (stroke, heart attack, chronic illness as a result of using irradiation).
    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    a former KGB spy and CIA “Filament”

  3. Mike Kryzhanovsky Says:

    CIA Against the U.S.Congress and the White House


    Mike Rogers, Chairman
    U.S. House Committee on Intelligence
    133 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    November 18, 2013

    Dear Mr. Rogers,

    On June 29, 2012 I’ve contacted Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Washington, DC 20511, 703-482-130 on CIA “Millenium Hilton” top secret program. William Shea from the Office answered: ” I still see no proof of any connection to the CIA, and you have not explained how the CIA is effecting your life at this time. What is happening to you that you want to have stopped?” On June 30, 2012 same William Shea sent me e-mail:”CIA told me that “Filament” doesn’t exist”.
    I want to inform you, Mr. Rogers that I do exist and I am the part of CIA/FBI/U.S. Secret Service program which I call “Millenium Hilton”, (New York hotel where CIA agents recruit and work with the members of this program, and where I was recruited on September 1, 1995 as a joint CIA and FBI National Security Division “project”).
    The purpose of this program is to secure CIA, FBI and U.S. Secret Service self-preservation. That’s why they control the White House and the U.S. Congress and kill politicians if needed. My alias was “Filament”, the job was to penetrate the White House and the U.S. Congress and also work a a sniper and “stay close to President Bill Clinton” which means his assassination. That’s why I wrote “The Professional” system (top political management ) for Bill Clinton.I have a special CIA status – I could make my own decisions what to do and how to do the job. I refused to kill and that’s why I’m under severe CIA pressure – the Agency wants me back no matter what.
    In 2001 I’ve asked Senator Hillary Clinton to help me fight CIA which kept pressing me – I couldn’t get my family here. I’ve asked Lus Mendes, Hillary
    Clinton’s Immigration Dept Chief to tell her boss that I’ve saved Bill Clinton’s life by refusing to work for CIA. After that Hillary Clinton helped me.
    Later Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand refused to look into CIA/FBI anti-American conspiracy and both informed me that “national security is not their business”.
    On July 2, 2008, Barack Obama, who was running for the U.S. President, made a statement: “We can’t rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”. Since then he is the target of the “Millenium Hilton” program.
    I had a possibility to neutralize Barack Obama. On March, 20, 2010, I’ve received an invitation for a dinner with President Obama and Speaker of the House Pelosi from DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) signed by Ian Sugar, Director of Development. Sugar sent to me couple of personal e-mails and explained that I pay $15,999 (credit card) and on May 13, 2010 at 6.00 PM I come to St. Regis Hotel, New York and enjoy a dinner with Obama.
    On June 8, 2010, I got the letter from the US Office of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzerald: “Mr. Kryzhanovsky, You allege that CIA Director violated the Hatch Act through his role in the “Millennium Hilton” operation. We reviewed this matter, and as explained below, we are closing our file without further action. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in political activity while on duty. Your allegation that Mr. Panetta is involved in a CIA-FBI conspiracy, which you call the “Millennium Hilton” operation, even if true, is not activity that falls within the prohibitions of the Hatch Act. Therefore , we are closing the above referenced file. Erica S. Hamrick”.
    On October 12, 2010 I had a meeting with U.S. Secret Service agents who informed me that I’m still on CIA program as “Filament” and I could work for Secret Service too. We talked about the vulnerability of Obama’s security – the agents got pretty nervous and blamed Rahm Emanuel for that.
    On January, 20, 2011 I talked to FBI agent Eric Perry. He said I talk too much and I made “high authorities, people on the very top extremely nervous”. He didn’t explain if it was FBI Director Robert Mueller, the White House Chief of Staff or somebody else.
    On August 30, 2012 I had a meeting with another Secret Service agents , who asked me again if I can and if I want to kill President Obama.
    I ask you, Mr. Rogers, to investigate this case which is a little bit bigger than the Snowden’s leaks.
    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    a former KGB spy and CIA “Filament”

  4. Says:

    No not paranoid !!!! I can sense when your thinking about me !!! No not paranoid !!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

    Racist jealous people harassing me !!!!
    No I’m not paranoid or crazy !!!!!!
    Racist israeli’s poisoning people food / spying on people !!
    Some names are : Julie / bob marshall / dr. Rainville ((Terrell state mental hospital )))) John / Whitney / spence Bromberg (Dallas ))) , Susan harkness(( Dallas)) , dick Stockton & bill McGowan ((( t bar m racquet club Dallas ))) , all the presidents since the 1960s ((( all Jewish but media hides it !!! this the biggest joke ever !!!! How did they get away with this !!!!Cindy cantrell ,bobby & Jared Metze ((east coast )) ,bob Wilhelm (Exxon Mobil )) , sandy & Doug Davis (((parkland memorial hospital , Hillsboro tx )) , Robert mirsky (Dallas ,New York ))),lance hagan , mark / christian Johnson , FBI ((((all Jewish & crooked )))) , bill & Scott matoon ((( st. Mark school Dallas))) , Shane , Becky , Chris Allison ((Dallas)) Ron Anderson (( parkland hospital ))) preteesh Patel ((( canyon tx))) this is racist operation !!!!
    Sent from my iPhoneNo I’m not paranoid or crazy !!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone
    Sent from my iPhoneSent from my iPhone
    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. votan badgoy Says:


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