The Church of Aryanity is open to Men and Women of all ages, (non-Jewish) White Aryan descent ONLY.

We do not require dues or fees, but ask all members to graciously donate what they can.

Our Church has large aspirations, such as the building of an Aryan Temple, which shall require large sums of pooled money and resources.

We also ask every able bodied member to put their boots on the ground to help spread pro-Aryanity propaganda in their area.

Practice the teachings outlined within our books, always keep the best interest of the Aryan people within your heart, never suppress your beliefs, and you shall be a member of our holy Church.

Upon reading our books, we highly recommend taking the Aryan affirmation by witness of Aryanity Clergy, in order to solidify your position within the Inner Sanctum.

If you are ready to take the affirmation, connect with us on Gab, Telegram, or by Email.