In the decades after World War Two things have become very bad for Western European Caucasians (Aryans), not only in Europe but abroad. The incremental approach of the Zionist New World Order to acquire world domination has slowly eroded the ancient power and majesty of the Aryan race. Once a strong people full of pride in our heritage and solidarity of purpose has fallen into a state of unknowing servitude and programmed ignorance concerning the fate of our people. Traditionally White nations around the world are falling prey to “multiculturalism”, which is simply a play on words designed to distract modern Aryan (White) people from the reality that we are under foreign occupation and being invaded. The foreign occupation we suffer is that of the Jewish Zionists who now control the economies and by default the governments of the world. The invasion we suffer is from races of savages allowed into our lands in a controlled fashion so as to slowly replace the naturally more intelligent (hence free willed) Aryan population through the murder, rape, and economic terrorism of sovereign White nations.

Make no mistake, our race in undergoing a carefully planned genocide by the Zionist pigs who wish to establish a permanent Jewish global empire. At the turn of the 20th century Whites comprised roughly 30% of the world’s population, at the turn of the 21st century it had dropped to nearly 10%. By 2050 it is projected that Whites will comprise roughly 5% of the world population, and by the middle of 22nd century our race will be extinct if a global, White revolution does not take place. All of the wonderful heritage and history will be lost to this world forever. In modern times, White children raised in formerly White nations are taught from a very young age to hate their own race, and to take on a sense of undeserved guilt for the imaginary, racial motivated crimes of our ancestors.

White children are taught to embrace the cultures and values of other races, with no allowance for the implication that this multiculturalism will result in the obliteration of our own culture. Any criticism of this policy or expressing pride in ones heritage results in a societal reprimand, even by one’s own kin. Though other races are encouraged to militantly express pride in their own heritage and separate themselves from society, both in their own racially segregated neighborhoods and businesses. This double standard is apparent everywhere and can be witnessed in many regions of North America, Western Europe, and Australia. Whites can no longer go to neighborhoods once built and populated by Whites but now overrun by foreigners, not only for fear of being attacked for “being in the wrong neighborhood”, but also because many of these neighborhood have established businesses that cater only to those who speak the language of the foreigners, and make no attempt to display goods in the national language. Though you go into businesses in predominantly White neighborhoods and goods are commonly displayed in multiple languages out of courtesy.

Likewise in North America, Europe, and Australia the non-White immigrants have been granted their own television stations, though television stations specifically catering to White values and culture are non-existent, and any attempt at establishing one would most assuredly be deemed racist. This program of social engineering has been carefully designed and implemented by the Jewish controlled media and Jewish academia through decades of subtle propaganda. True history is no longer taught in schools, only a highly sanitized fiction of history, which makes the current occupation out to be somehow morally correct or even non-existent (as Jewish world domination is not common knowledge). And more than any other race or ethnicity, criticism of Jews is strictly prohibited all due to the myth of the holocaust, carefully designed after the war to make the Zionist victors of the war above reproach. Though a common sense approach reveals much that has been carefully hidden from us; to discover the true rulers of our society, we must ask ourselves who we cannot criticize. The title of “Anti-Semite” will make a person more of a pariah than any other moniker.

The Jewish Zionists have all but acquired the goals set forth so long ago in the Protocols. In the 21st century there is a disproportionate amount of wealth in the hands of Jews, and all of the wealthiest people in the world are either Jewish or subservient to the goals and power structure of the Zionists. The White nations of the world have been overrun by illegal foreign immigrant seeking refuge from their failed states of origin. The traditional moral values of White culture have been eroded and replaced with a “liberal” value system of Inter-racial breeding, open homosexuality, infanticide, pornography, and institutional divorce, which has led to a drastic reduction in White population.  This has not occurred by mere happenstance, but by the design laid out by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. To combat this attack on our sovereignty and the genocide of our people we must set forth protocols of our own. We must use history as a weapon against our enemies and enlighten all people of pure western European descent to the glorious history of their race, and make them aware that they are under attack. We must attempt to save those White people who have been indoctrinated by liberalism and morally corrupted, hence show White children an alternative to self loathing, and hatred of their own race.

Henceforth are the principals, which will guide our race into the future, so that we may avoid the utter annihilation of our people and culture. These principals should be adhered to in utmost privacy and even secrecy for fear of discovery by those who wish for our people to become extinct.  We must not give power to those who wish to prevent us from taking steps toward once again achieving power and freedom:


  1. Work toward re-establishing cultural institutions promoting the philosophies of Aryanism and Ariosophy, and re-establish a unifying religion and priesthood based upon the esoteric system of the ancient Aryans. Hence, alleviating the unnecessary burden of false shame resulting from anti-White propaganda by spreading the message of the glorious history and spiritual heritage of the Aryan race.
  2. Work toward re-establishing a new Aryan aristocracy to replace the royal families who failed to protect our sovereignty from foreign invaders. The leading family of this aristocracy must be elected by a council of priests as well as a court of peers who base their decision upon the qualities of hereditary high intellect, moral fortitude, and physical health of the family elected, with the intent upon establishing lifetime leadership of the elected head of the families.
  3. Work toward creating family units founded upon traditional White family values and be ever vigilant against those values being corrupted by the sickness of liberalism. Promote the principals of lifetime marriage, a tradition male/female provider/homemaker model, families of two or more children, and structured educational and social activities amongst likeminded families.
  4. Work toward re-establishing Aryan sovereignty by taking steps toward abolishing the monetary system of credit/debt slavery of White nations, and the abolition of Jewish economic control of the worlds’ financial institutions. The key to this is the re-establishment of infrastructure that provides self-reliance of White nations and non-dependence on foreign imports and fiat currency.
  5. Work toward nurturing the development of skills and a way of life that will allow ones family and community to thrive independent of outside resources. Skill sets and social organizing such as farming and gardening, food preservation, establishing alternative trade economies, weapons and self defense training, wilderness survival training, alternative medicine and first aid, etc. will establish a foundation to re-build an independent White economy.
  6. Work toward establishing local White militias with the goal of stockpiling weapons and ammunition, as well as long term storable foods and water to give our families and race the best possible survival advantage in the event of a final militant onslaught against our sovereignty. Be prepared (in secret if necessary) for an attempt at a militant attack on the Aryan race when the Jewish incremental approach at White genocide has been revealed en mass.
  7. Work toward infiltrating the Zionist controlled academic, legal, political, religious, financial, industrial, medical, media, and fraternal institutions with the intent of re-taking control of these institutions and sabotaging the Jewish Zionist program toward enslaving White nations and the genocide of our people.
  8. Work toward establishing institutions, which provide to Whites alternative means of acquiring a proper education, legal counsel, political platforms, interest free/donation based funding, medical care, alternative media, and a new secret fraternity and sorority for White men and women who seek training toward achieving a leadership role within the many facets of the White community.
  9. Work toward ultimately establishing a unified federation of White Nations, free and independent of foreign invaders, migrants, powers, and influences. Where White children can live free from the threat of all forms of slavery (psychological, spiritual, and physical) and be free to pursue the glorious destiny set before them by divine providence and the blood of their ancestors.



These are the nine basic principles, which if followed, will guide the White/Aryan race into the glorious future that has been destined for us since Cro-Magnon man trekked through the snowcapped mountains of Ice Age Europe, since the Solutreans sailed to and settled prehistoric North America, since the Proto-Aryans began to build great megalithic cultures, since the global deluge that destroyed the Atlanteans, since the great empires of Greece and Rome, since the great empires of the Germans and the British, and since the rebirth of Aryan cultural identity as spearheaded by the Third Reich.

We must not let our race fade into the annals of human history as a once great people fated to extinction. We must not see the future of our children’s children destroyed by enforced multiculturalism, miscegeny, and genocide. What future do you choose, one of power and glory for your people, for your children, or one where your race fades into oblivion? The choice is yours.

4 Responses to “Conclusion”

  1. good i hope all white race dies.

    • You must be one of the many anti-white racists that exist in this world. Be assured the White race will not simply die out without a fight. When the majority of whites realize that their backs are to a wall, then the warrior spirit that lives in the heart of every white person will be unleashed. This is a day you are not going to want to see, but it coming…by your own actions and people like you. You are assuring your own total destruction, by attempting to destroy us. Out of all the races you could pick a fight with, why in your feeble mind would you pick a fight with the biggest badass on the block?!

    • BubbaDrawers WorkBritches Says:

      Don’t be an Anti-White because the White race has never committed any unique crime/sin

  2. I think getting White people on the consistent message of White genocide is very important too. The sleeping White Titan will only act when it believes it has the moral high ground. Opposing the genocide of your own people gives you the moral high ground, especially when dumb Anti-Whites are saying crap like “I hope all White people die”. Whites never lost the right to exist. If you check the UN definition of genocide, you will see that what a taking place before our very eyes is in fact White Genocide and it is our duty to stop it.

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