Chapter12: Occultism in the Third Reich


It is believed by the author of this work, that after the ancient nuclear war some 15000 years ago the elitists of the Aryan civilization permanently escaped to their extraterrestrial colonies in the Aldebaran system, while the rebels who occupied the underground cities began programs to colonize other worlds as well, centering their efforts on the Zeta Reticula system. Two separate branches of the rebel emerged from this colonization. The first known as the “Large Grey” are those who primarily inhabit the underground bases on earth. Due to the low natural light levels underground they developed large eyes with extremely enlarged pupils so that they could see in very dark conditions, likewise their skin became so pale as to appear gray. Finally, their extreme form of genetic engineering allowed them to augment the size of their progenies brains, thus acquiring very large heads and a vastly superior intellect.

The second branch known as the “Small Grey” appeared after millennia of generations existing in zero or low gravity. Mingled with genetic engineering to create offspring more suited to live in space and low gravity planets, these extraterrestrial humanoids developed atrophied muscles and skeletal structure. Those of their species who are born and raised in the many subterranean spaceport cities throughout the world tend to be much taller and larger than their constituents who are born and raised in the outer reaches of space and low gravity colonies. The race of the Grey’s are rumored to have become a race of clones and are dependent on the genetic material of human abductees to keep their race intact.

In 1870 an author by the name of Edward Bulwer-Lytton published a novel, which he named “The Power of the Coming Race”, which describes the travels of a wealthy explorer, and his encounter with a subterranean race of creatures called the “Vril-ya”. In his novel he accounts for a mysterious energy force utilized by the subterranean race called “Vril”, described as an “all-permeating fluid” of limitless power associated with the eastern concept of Prana or Chi. The story goes that the people, called Vril-ya, are able to control this energy source with their minds, both to heal and to destroy. The novel depicts technologies designed by the Vril-ya that allowed them to focus the Vril energy, and it was said that even a single Vril-ya child had the power of leveling entire cities. The novel also reveals that this subterranean race was planning on expanding their territory by taking over the surface world via the destruction of humankind.

The concept of Vril energy was given impetus in the mind of 19th century occultists by the French author Louis Jacolliot. In his works “Les Fils de Dieu” or “the Sons of God” (1873) and in “Les Traditions indo-européennes” or “the Traditions of the Indo-Europeans” (1876), Jacolliot claims that he encountered Vril energy among the Jains in Mysore and Gujarat while he was the French Consul of Calcutta.The occult background of Bulwer-Lytton’s, and the writings of these two authors, convinced many 19th century occultists that Vril was a real magical force. Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, endorsed this view in her book “Isis Unveiled” (1877) and again in “The Secret Doctrine” (1888). By Jacolliot and Blavatsky, the Vril power and its attainment by a superhuman race were incorporated into a mystical doctrine of racial superiority. However Helena Blavatsky knew that the subterranean race, which she identified with the Asuras of the Hindu scriptures, were in fact a race of malevolent demonic beings, possessed by the desire for power over the material world. The Theosophist William Scott-Elliot later wrote in “The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria” (1896), that the aircraft of the Atlanteans were propelled by the magical Vril force.

Ferdinand Ossendowski, a Polish scientist who spent most of his life in Russia, wrote of his travels in Outer Mongolia during the campaigns of Baron von Ungern-Sternberg. In his 1922 book “Beasts, Men and Gods”, Ossendowski related that several Mongolian lamas had told him of a place called Agharti; a subterranean kingdom beneath Mongolia ruled by the “King of the World”, a common allusion for Satan. It was supposedly prophesied that in the future, when materialism will ruin the world, a terrible war will break out. At that time, the people of Agharti will come to the surface and put an end to the violence. This account of Agharti, more commonly known as Agartha, gave many occultists the mistaken image that the subterranean race was benevolent despite all evidence to the contrary. Ossendowski reported that he convinced the Baron of his story and that he organized two missions, led by Prince Poulzig, to find Agartha. The missions were unsuccessful and the Prince never returned from the second expedition disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

As an antipode to the legend of Agartha arose the legend of Shambhala in western occultism. First eluded to by Helena Blavatsky, then later esoteric writers like Alice Bailey (the Arcane School) and the Roerichs (Agni Yoga). Shambhala was the fabled city said to be a pure society of enlightened beings descended from a civilization predating the deluge. It was said in both Buddhist and Hindu legends that this city would appear at random times in random places from India to Tibet to the Gobi desert, which suggested that this city was in fact mobile.  Shambhala is considered to be the source of the Kalacakra, which is the highest and most esoteric branch of Tibetan mysticism. The Buddha preached the teachings of the Kalacakra to an assembly of holy men in southern India. Afterwards, the teachings remained hidden for 1,000 years until an Indian scholar went in search of Shambhala and was initiated into the teachings by a holy man he met along the way. The Kalacakra then remained in India until it made its way to Tibet in 1026. Tibetans have been studying the Kalacakra for the least 900 years, learning its science, practicing its meditation, and using its system of astrology in their everyday lives.

Tibetan religious texts describe the physical makeup of this hidden city in detail. It is thought to look like and eight petalled lotus blossom because it is made up of eight regions, each surrounded by a ring of “crystal” or “Ice” mountains. In the center of the innermost ring lies Kalapa, the capital, and the king’s palace, which is composed of gold, diamonds, and precious gems. The capital is surrounded by cliffs, which shine with a crystalline light. The technology of Shambhala is supposed to be highly advanced; the palace supposedly contains special skylights made of lenses which serve as high-powered telescopes to study the stars, and for hundreds of years Shambhala’s inhabitants have been using aircraft and cars that shuttle through a network of streets. The people of Shambhala acquire such powers a clairvoyance, the ability to move at great speeds, and the ability to materialize and disappear at will, whether this is a description of advanced technology or mystical powers is uncertain. This description of Shambhala is very similar to the account of the heavenly city which descends from the sky in Revelations 21, which has buildings and walls made of crystal, streets of gold glass, and a central city surrounded by precious stones.

The prophecy of Shambhala states that each of its Kalki kings will rule for 100 years, and there will be 32 in all. As their reigns pass, conditions in the mundane world will deteriorate, and humankind will become more warlike and pursue power for its own sake, and an ideology of materialism will spread over the earth. When the “barbarians” who follow this ideology are united under an “evil king” and think there is nothing left to conquer, the mists that cloak the heavenly city will lift to reveal the Shambhala. The barbarians will attack Shambhala with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. Then the 32nd king of Shambhala, Rudra Cakrin, will lead a mighty host against the invaders. In a last great battle, the evil king and his followers will be cast down and destroyed.

In later years the accounts of Shambhala and Agartha became intertwined, yet these two legends are in fact separate. One, a city of purity and peace, inhabited by a race of advanced beings who seek in life only enlightenment. The other a city of the underworld, ruled by an “Evil King of the World”, where the inhabitance are of a demonic sort possessed by the desire for material power. Both seemed to be technologically advanced and have a wealth of knowledge concerning the manipulation of energy, which in the 20th century caused many occultists and scientists to look into these legends more closely in the pursuit of advanced technologies.

Sometime in the early 20th century a society formed called the “Society of Truth” later to become known in popular culture as the “Vril” society. Yet despite the conjecture of popular culture this society was never called the “Vril” society, and never intended to appeal to or cooperate with the subterranean Vril-ya. This was confirmed by the German rocket scientist Willy Ley who defected from Nazi Germany and came to the United States in 1935. Two years after his defection he mentioned in an article that there was a group called “Wahrheitsgesellschaft” or “the Society for Truth” that formed to look for the real existence of Vril energy in order to build a perpetual motion machine, among other goals. After Ley’s mention of the group, other researchers began making claims that a real secret society did exist in Germany, before and after World War Two that sought to gain control of Vril energy.

It is reported that in 1917 four members of the Society for Truth met in a cafe in Vienna, Dietrich Eckhart, Rudolf von Sebottendorf, Walter Nauhaus, and Maria Orsitsch, who was a “spiritual medium”. They met under a veil of mystery and secrecy to discuss secret revelations of a legendary Island called Thule, the coming of the New Age, the Spear of Destiny, making contact with ancient peoples and distant worlds, and the development of ancient advanced technologies. Their source of power was the “central sun” the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy which was symbolized by the emblem of the Black Sun, which can be found in many Babylonian and Assyrian places of worship. They depicted the Black Sun as Gods inner light in the form of a cross. Their secret philosophy provided the foundation on which the occult practitioners would later build the Thule Gesellschaft or Thule society and the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler joined this society in 1919, becoming an adept under the leadership of Dietrich Eckhart. He professed his belief in Madame Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, which teaches that certain supermen had survived the destruction of Atlantis with their higher levels of consciousness intact, and that these supermen were Aryans. Eckhart was well aware of Blavatsky’s accounts of the Hindu and Buddhist legend of subterranean demons. He also understood the intricacies of what lead up to the destruction of Atlantis, and was aware of the rebel faction that was responsible for its destruction. The Thule society believed in “communication with a hierarchy of supermen, the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order”. These two beliefs combined into one through the Thule Society and Hitler, who pledged his allegiance to these secret masters. The Thule Society regularly held communions during which time they telepathically communicated with otherworldly beings. It was said that during these sessions the mediums would come into contact with a race of advanced humanoids who lived on a planet circling Aldebaran on a long and distant orbit.

Eckert believed he had been told by his guiding master that he would have the privilege of training the coming Great One. From the beginning of their association, Eckert believed Hitler was to be a great force in history. Therefore, Eckert spared no occult knowledge to fully equip Hitler for the role. Eckhart felt that Hitler was the chosen one to bring this message to the Aryan world, hence Hitler was trained in the occult arts of mesmerism and oratory so that he might take on the role of the leader of the Nazi party. Once the training was completed, Hitler professed that he was “born anew, with that super-personal strength and resolution he would need to fulfill the mandate ordained for him”. As Eckhart revealed on his deathbed, “Follow Hitler; he will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. I have initiated him into the Secret Doctrine, opened his centers in vision, and given him the means to communicate with the powers.”

When Hitler and his colleges came to power in 1933, the Nazis began to augment the size of the military budget, especially in the area of research and development. It is reported that early on in the history of the Third Reich, the Nazi’s went on to replicate the use of Vril energy by building what is known as the Vril Machine, which is reported to have been a saucer shaped, electro-static, anti-gravity machine. The building of V1 was reportedly one of the first orders given by Hitler after becoming the German Chancellor in 1933 and apparently took its first flight in 1934. Thule Society members were reportedly the first group to attempt the reverse engineering of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. The German writer, John Von Helsing, describes the discovery of a crashed saucer in the Black Forest in 1936 and says that this technology was taken and combined with the information the Thule Society had already received through channeling and was made into a further project called the Haunebu.

German aircraft historian Henry Stevens states, “Haunebu 1 was the first large flying saucer developed in Germany. According to plans obtained from classified German SS files, the Haunebu 1 was approximately seventy-five feet in diameter and probably lifted off for the first time in August 1939, a few weeks before the outbreak of World War II. It is claimed that the Society did indeed manage to communicate with the Aldebarans and were instructed how to create technologies such as jet propulsion, advanced rocketry, electro-static anti-gravity machines, and even nuclear fission. As Berlin was being bombed toward the end of the war in 1945, it is rumored that over 100 scientists and members of the SS took their flying saucers, and flew to a secret underground base in Antarctica established during their expeditions to New Swabia in 1939. It has also been claimed that their advanced technology allowed the Nazis to land on the dark side of the Moon in 1942, where they re-built part of the ancient Aryan lunar base.

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