Chapter 5: The Aryan Aristocracy

Due to the advanced breeding practices of the Aryans in ancient times a line of royalty emerged that was far superior in intellect to those who were their subjects. In the beginning of this ancient tribal social structure money was nonexistent, thus, those who arose to become leaders did so through merit alone and not because of mere clout or wealth. Only those who displayed the very best qualities would gain the respect of the tribe, by leading the people to live in ways that were beneficial to the whole, and by producing results from their leadership. Hence the most intelligent, most creative, and mightiest of will power would ascend to take their place as an Aryan chief. Though this title came with great responsibilities, it also came with great privileges; one of those privileges was the right to choose any woman from the tribe as a mate.

Being that the Aryan chief was already the most intelligent and strongest willed member of the tribe he was fully able to make a decision about his mate, not based upon pure lust alone, but based on a calculated decision to choose one who was like minded in regard to mental capacity, and also upon physical health and age. In this way he would ensure that his sons would be strong, and his daughters desirable. Early on in this system the chiefs had the notion to consolidate his family’s wealth by keeping it within the family, probably by having the daughters from one wife marry the sons from another, thus eliminating the dowry. Depending on the number of sons that the chief spawned would determine how the inheritance would be split, though the chief’s favorite son would generally arise to become the leader of both the extended family and the tribe. In time this practice created an aristocracy of people who existed within a society of “breeding”. In essence the elites existed separated from the rest of the gene pool creating a genetic bottleneck allowing mutations to spread very fast in the elite family circles. A strange form of a genetic mutation called “Sagittal Craniosyntosis” arose that produced an aristocracy that was literally heads above the rest.

Craniosyntosis is premature closure of the cranial sutures, which normally do not close until a child is a toddler. The skull shape undergoes characteristic changes depending on which sutures close early. The sagittal suture is most commonly involved, where lateral growth of the skull is arrested while anteroposterior growth continues, producing a narrow elongated skull known as dolichocephaly. Causes of this syndrome are generally negative in nature and commonly result in mental retardation and the death of the child, though some survive to adulthood and display beneficial traits. In the case of the ancient Aryan royals this mutation seemed to be of a degree that cause no adverse physiological or intellectual effects, and proved to have been beneficial, augmenting their intellectual capacity by allowing their brains to become abnormally large.

The form of inbreeding practiced by the early Aryan aristocracies allowed for this rare genetic mutation to become dominant within the royal lines, spawning a people with extreme intellectual capacity and large brains, which were displayed by their extremely large dolichocephalic skulls. The many skulls found in Nazca, though having a strange cranial shape, are clearly Caucasoid skulls. The pronounced chin, smaller cheek bones, squared eye sockets, and triangular nose hole are features only seen in Caucasoid skulls. The 20th Century “scientific” establishment attributed and canonized the many findings of extremely large dolichocephalic or elongated skulls to the practice of cranial binding, which is the practice of binding the head of a small child when the skull is still soft so as to deform the skull as it grows. This produces the elongated shape, yet all examples of cranial binding in modern tribal cultures cannot produce the examples of extremely enlarged cranial cavities as found in these ancient skulls. Furthermore, cranial binding is practiced in these contemporary primitive cultures as a way of mimicking their ancient “God Kings” and is reserved for those of high standing in the tribe.

Cranial binding simply cannot produce the enlarged brain mass that is evident with the huge cranial cavities featured by these skulls which have been found all over the world. Furthermore this theory of cranial binding is easily refuted when recognizing that skulls of very young infants have been found with perfectly formed “naturally” occurring dolichocephalic skulls. Consider these skeletons found also found in Peru.

It is evident that this aristocracy existed world wide as is apparent by the finding of these ancient skulls as well as the historical depictions of the ruling class in diverse regions of the world. From ancient Egypt, to Peru, to Siberia and elsewhere we find examples of a ruling elite who possessed extremely large brains, somewhere between 2000 cubic centimeters to 3500 Cubic centimeters! Take for instance these busts of Nefertiti, the 13th Century B.C. Queen of Egypt and the Sister/Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton.

Notice the very Caucasian features of the Nefertiti bust on the left with a large crown designed to conceal her abnormally large dolichocephalic cranium, (the one on the right is raw stone and unpainted.) Furthermore, consider this bas relief of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and wife Queen Nefertiti with their three children, of which the “Boy King” Tutankhamun was one, though it has been proven that Nefertiti was his “step mother”.

The most recent evidence that these people were Aryan is in the genetic evidence obtained in February 2010, from the mummy of King Tut, proving that he belonged to Y Haplogroup  R1b1a2-M269 a subclade of R1b, thus the Celtic or Western Aryan group. The results of DNA tests confirmed that Tut was the son of Akhenaten and one of his sisters, whose name is unknown but whose remains are positively identified as “The Younger Lady” a mummy found in Luxor. King Tut also displayed the family trait of the dolichocephalic skull.

Yet there was no evidence within King Tut’s DNA that showed any abnormality other than that he was inbred. The many conjectures that the ancient “God Kings of Sumer, Egypt, and Peru etc. were aliens from another planet is simply ludicrous, as we small minded people of this age cannot comprehend a world in prehistory that was actually more advanced than what we experience in this day and age. Evolution is not linier; there are many peaks and valleys throughout history, where civilizations rise and fall, giving way to periods of ignorance and barbarism.

Yet the signs exits all over the globe that there was once a technologically advanced society in prehistory that may have been even more advanced than the modern world. From great architectural achievements, the likes of which we cannot mimic with even our “advanced” technologies of today, to unexplainable ancient written accounts, and artistic depictions of what appear to be technologies that we have only “rediscovered” during our modern era. Things like controlling electricity, advanced aeronautics and astronautics, and terrible weapons the likes of which we have only witnessed with the invention of the atomic bomb.


5 Responses to “Chapter 5: The Aryan Aristocracy”

  1. Brian Marcks Says:

    Many of the American Indians of Eastern N. Americal and Canada have R1b1a Y DNA. I think much of this was from ancient migration to the New World, not post Columbus.

  2. […] A bas relief of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and wife Queen Nefertiti with their three children, all with elongated craniums.Source […]

  3. I would like to read more about the cultural practices, and cast system of the dolichocephaly Aryan race. I have been searching for some time for a credible source on this information. I and would greatly appreciate it if you could provide where it is you have come across these interesting fact?

    • None of my work is cited simply because I have been doing research on this subject for many decades and simply cant remember all of the sources that I learned much of this information from. Also some of it are my own theories based on the knowledge that I have acquired. As for the Caste system of the large brained aristocrats, that would be a very interesting subject to pursue. I would assume that regular Aryans would have been the white collar class, and they probably had dark skinned slaves, which seems to be a reoccurring theme in history.

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