Chapter 3: The Genetic Evidence

The purest of the modern Cro-Magnon/Aryan lineages are those people who have the highest degree of the Y chromosomes I1, I2b, I2a, R1b, R1a, and N, i.e. the Celtic/Nordic sub races. The different branches of the Y chromosome I represent those who are directly descended from the original Cro-Magnons who never expanded far beyond Europe. The Haplogroup I1 traveled from the German plains north toward Scandinavia at the end of the last ice age when a land bridge existed between Denmark and Sweden, thus becoming confined on the peninsula when the North Sea flooded into the Baltic:

Haplogroup I2b remained in low frequencies in the German plains due to interbreeding with the Eastern Aryans, showing a similar pattern of migration eastward.

Haplogroup I2a are descended from the Cro-Magnons who remained in the more isolated regions of the Danubian corridor after the peak of the last glacial maximum.

The Y chromosome N is another branch of Cro-Magnon, which split off the Nordic I1 line when the Northern Cro-Magnons reached Finland. This branch also traveled eastward establishing megalithic civilizations In Siberia.

R1b and R1a are the remnants of the super-Cro-Magnons Known as the Solutreans. R1b is erroneously thought by “established” academia to have originated in central Asia as remnants of this lineage are found in Armenia and around the Dead Sea. This theory is preposterous if one views all the facts, and does not explain how the highest concentration of R1b appears in Western Europe. The carriers of R1b are known today as the descendents of the Celtic Aryans. These intrepid explorers traveled primarily by sea establishing the civilizations of Thule, Hy Brasil, Atlantis (Canary Islands), Egypt, and Troy while simultaneously establishing civilizations throughout North America, the Bahamas, and South America.

Those who lived in the kingdom of the Bahamas (which before the great flood was not a chain of many small islands but one large one) fled across the Gulf of Mexico and founded the civilizations of the Olmecs, Toltecs, Incas, and Mayans, and even went as far as settling on the Island chains from Easter Island all the way to New Zealand where physical evidence of their migration can be found to this day. Blond and red haired Aryan mummies have been found in modern times all throughout the Americas, Easter Island, and New Zealand, which prove this hypothesis.

Eventually the genetic stock of these far reaching colonies of the Aryan Empire degenerated due to miscegeny with more primitive cultures. These “multicultural” societies over time degenerated as the founding culture disappeared, along with their advanced intellects and were replaced by the primitive peoples who came to dwell there. Eventually most of these societies fell into decline as the non-Aryan population reverted back into their natural state of savagery absent the guidance of their “God Kings.” The highest concentration of the R1b line has remained fairly isolated to Western Europe since the sinking of their original home of the Northern Atlantis Island chain:

R1a are the tribes who traveled by land eastward to establish the ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, then even further into China where their pyramids and mummies have been found in modern times. The highest concentration of the R1a line or “Eastern Aryans” is found throughout central and eastern Europe as well as Russia, though pockets of this lineage can be found in Persia, Northern India, and even China. As with the R1b line, the far reaching colonies established by the Eastern Aryans fell into a destructive habit of miscegeny, which led to the decline of these civilizations. The product of this miscegeny was the modern non-Aryan Caucasoid sub-races of the Semites (Jews and Arabs) and the Hindus.

Those of the regions in India, the Middle East and North Africa interbred respectively with Dravidians, Mongols, Semites, and Nubians though the royal lines of these regions remained pure for millennia due to royal breeding practices. Those in the regions of India interbred with the original Dravidian inhabitants, yet the cast system in India allowed for a measure of purity to remain in the priestly and ruling castes of India. Likewise those of the North and South American colonies interbred with the Asiatic Mongoloids who migrated across the Alaskan land bridge and down the west coast of the Americas, yet in these regions the ruling class became much more diluted over time due to miscegeny.

All that is left of the Aryan presence in these regions are the remnants of great technologies, astronomical knowledge, and architecture. The same cultural artifacts and architecture, the same cultural archetypes and religious themes, as well as the genetic evidence of Aryan mummies can be found in many of these locations around the world. Yet most striking is the presence of megalithic structures like giant pyramids in all the locations where historic accounts of Aryans occur or actual physical evidence like Aryan mummies. These pyramids, as well as Aryan mummies can be found all over the world, from North Africa and the Canary Islands to the Middle East and China to South and North America. Yet the purity of the Aryan race only remained in the coastal regions of Western Europe, which was the traditional homeland of the Aryan people and remains so to this day.

The Celtic/Nordic sub-race of Caucasians are modern Aryans and are characterized by physical feature reminiscent of the ancient tales of “giants” and “the shining ones”, as modern Aryans are much taller on average than any other “race”, and are the only people who have colored hair and predominantly blue or green eyes, where as ethnic populations around the world have exclusively black hair and eyes except in cases where historical interbreeding with Aryans has occurred.

12 Responses to “Chapter 3: The Genetic Evidence”

  1. alchamb Says:

    what about J2 and J1 — they share the same ancestor as the I1 and i2 groups all stem from IJ — in fact J and I are closer to each other than R1 is to either ..

    • agree to disagree, not everything that is postulated my modern geneticists is gospel and still has a strong room for reinterpretation. I agree that J2 and J1 had a common ancestor with I1 and I2 groups but are a divergent strain that was the product of ancient mixing during the ancient Indo-European migrations into Mesopotamia (yes some people still believe this to be true) Caucasian yes, Write/Aryan no. I also don’t believe that R1B and R1A are so far off from I (as most modern geneticists believe) I believe that the unexplainable lack of evidence of where they came from does not denote that they migrated all the way from India to the west coast of Europe ( a ridiculous notion if you ask me), but rather from a land that no longer exists above water, but that sank at the end of the last ice age with the rise of glacial flood waters. Read the rest of my book and I explain my theories and why they are different from mainstream science.

      • thanks for responding . please disregard the other comnent as i thought my original comment had been deleted . certainly afree to disagree as i believe The I group are my brothers not the R1 group in any way .. still curious as to how the mtdna groups fit into things though

      • Honestly things get a little wacky when you start dealing with mtdna, Much harder to trace the female lines.

  2. Says:

    The white Caucasian race is the Adamic race. Sethites. Shemites. Semites. The true house of Jacob. The true descendants of Abraham. The true Israelites. The white race is the divine creation of the Almighty… Not “aliens.”

    • I disagree, your view is based in Christian Identity movement which has many baseless theories. I believe that the Adamic race were just the slave race created by the Sumarian Aryans after he conquered Mesopotamia, thereby enslaving the indigenous people and slowly interbreeding with them, they are a race of mongrels and they worshiped the Aryan ruling class as God kings. This is evident when reading the Sumerian Epics and Lamentations, inspiration to the Old Testament and Genesis read my chapter about the first Semites, and the Hyksos.

  3. whats the name of your book again ?

  4. Let go of bias to find the truth. You’ve done some excellent research here, but some conclusions are clouded by preconceptions.

    You have to figure the ice age into the world map, and the fact that just because some peoples live in a land today or some races have become mongrelized, does not mean that it was always so.

    Also, some areas where a population is in minority does not mean that it is not their homeland. A later population can come and conquer that land.

    If we used pure genetic identification as point of origin, today, we’d arrive at the conclusion that France was the homeland of the North Africans, which is absurd. We all know they migrated there in the latter 1/2 of the 20th c.

    • I’ve never argued anything against your statement. in fact I support this idea in most of my book. China, Mesopotamia, North Africa, and even the Americas were once populated by whites. Some of these places they were the first indigenous people (like North America, Europe, parts of Mesopotamia, and North Africa)other places were conquered by them like India, and China. The indigenous Dravidian negroids mixed with the Aryans in India creating the caste of colors there. the southern reaches of Mesopotamia and north Africa had a trickle of negroids who made it past the barrier of the Sahara Desert and eventually mongrelized the Aryans their into what we know as Semites (Arabs and Jews.) And most of the genetic traces of the indigenous proto Aryans of the Americas is gone except for odd Caucasian genetic markers that pop up from time to time in tribes like the Cherokee.

  5. Dalmata Says:

    I think a few more things should be said.
    You say that: “coastal regions of Western Europe, which was the traditional homeland of the Aryan people and remains so to this day”.
    This is partly true.
    Regarding I2a group, highest concentrations are in the Dalmatia region of Croatia, and parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was in Croatian/Dalmatian hands before the Turks came. You can call it Dinaric type. This gene is at least 30 ky old, and corresponds to the “Balkan refugee” area during the last glacial maximum, when a large part of European Aryan population took shelter there. After the glacial maximum the population dispersed throughout Europe, which can be seen in the concentric areas radiating from this center. The oldest I group man was found in Apulia – Italy (35 ky old), where west Adriatic coast in Italy communicated with the east coast (Dalmatia) all the way through the glacial maximum, when whole north part of Adriatic was dry. Also, you mention Aryan as highest people – well the Dinaric people were measured as highest group of males in the world, and that were only 17 year old males in the study.

    As an interesting note, take a look at Bosnian pyramids – now that would be a discovery! – if it could be properly explored and scientifically confirmed, with at least half of effort and money that other such buildings in the world receive (like Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Mayan, …). But I am afraid that it would be too big a blow to the current scientific and political establishment. Pyramids in Europe ? Can’t be!!

    Btw, I am from Dalmatia in Croatia.

    • Thank you for you well thought out comment. I agree that the I haplogroups are the oldest groups and first existed south of the glacial maximum but migrated north through the Danubian Corridor, and these groups eventually wondered and became isolated in smaller gene pools that eventually gave rise to the mutant strains of R1b and R1a. the I stain was old cro mag, and the R1b was the super cro mag or proto-Aryan which became the first sea faring culture, later migrations east yielded the mutant R1a (Aryan) strain. And I have read extensively about the “Bosnian Pyramid” but am not sure yet if it is authentic, But we won’t know until they excavate it. If its authentic then it will be the largest pyramid in the world by a long shot!

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