Chapter 0: Introduction

 During the twentieth century humankind witnessed the quickest leap in human knowledge and technology ever in recorded history. Since the oldest known records of civilization, advanced societies have risen and fallen, but none have advanced so rapidly as what western civilization has since the colonization’s of western explorers. For thousands of years humankind existed in mostly agrarian societies and teetered between a world population of 500 million to 1 billion. Empires would rise and fall making great achievements, yet none so profound as what western civilization has achieved in such a short period of time.

In the span of less than a hundred years humans have gone from riding on horseback to space flight and have experienced a population explosion unprecedented in human history. And paradoxically these achievements seem to coincide with a time when western civilization began to actively seek out knowledge of ancient civilizations. How did Western civilization acquire this technology so quickly?  Is this leap forward in evolution merely technological or is it biological as well? And may a similar evolutionary leap have occurred in the distant past, during a period of humankind’s prehistory?

Many of us are familiar with ancient legends from various cultures around the world concerning a golden age of humankind. These legends are accompanied by legends of a lost civilization which had great technological power, accounts of flying machines and ancient and terrible weapons, which could destroy entire civilizations. Many of these legends are accompanied by accounts of a dynasty of “God Kings” which ruled over humankind in ancient times. These legends were written down millennia ago by the ancient civilizations of the Celts, Britons, Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians, Iranians, Hindus, Chinese, Japanese, Mayans, and Aztecs etc.

These legends are so consistent and so widespread throughout human culture that it has led many to speculate that we were once visited by an ancient race of advanced extra terrestrials, who prodded our evolution forward teaching ancient humans the art of civilization from agriculture to warfare. This “Ancient Astronaut Theory” has achieved great renown and many adherents, though falls short of a logical explanation from ancient and modern accounts of why these beings look so much like us, a likeness ludicrously explained as arising because we are a creation of extra-terrestrials.

Ancient Alien theorists fall short in confronting the truth that the odds of an extra-terrestrial looking anything like a human or any earthly life would be astronomical. A being from another planet comprised of a different mixture of elements, who’s species fallowed an independent pattern of evolution, would not resemble the dominate form of life on this planet in anyway. Yet the ancient and modern accounts of these “extra-terrestrial beings” are that they are bi-pedal, upright walking vertebrates, with four limbs, a head, two eyes, a nose and a mouth, which is not only most similar to humankind, but similar to the dominant form of life on this planet, as all vertebrates on this planet share a similar skeletal structure. Hence it is not us that look like them but they that look like us.

Herein is a modern presentation of an occult knowledge once in vogue around the turn of the 20th century, yet which fell out of disfavor after World War Two. It explains the modern mystery of the extra-terrestrial and our connection to the extra-terrestrial agenda. Evidence within this work will show that what we know as aliens or extraterrestrials are in fact a divergent hominid species descended from a highly advanced race of human, which began its split off the line of Cro-Magnon some 30,000 years ago, and completed its split 12,500 to 10,000 years ago. The cause of this split was the genetic isolation of this race during the last ice age, then the escape of their race into outer space as well as underground cities during a cataclysm which destroyed their ancient empire and much of humanity. This cataclysm erased much of the evidence that a branch of Humankinds was once a highly advance civilization, plunging humankind into the darkness of ignorance for millennia.

This ancient empire, known by many names like: Atlantis, Avalon, Aztlan, Atala, Thule, Hyperborea, Hy Brazil, etc. was the cradle of human civilization. Yet this fabled land as well as much of its extended empire, was destroyed in a single day. The true knowledge of this history has been known and protected for millennia by many ancient priesthoods and secret mystery schools around the world, yet only made its resurgence into popular culture due to the efforts of the adherents of Theosophy and Ariosophy then later occult societies such as the so called “Vril” and “Thule” societies. Their inevitable conclusions regarding a racial hierarchy led to the rise of the Nazi Party and the greatest war in recorded history.

After the war their philosophy fell into disfavor, and became the subject of an academic smear campaign designed by the victors of the war. Yet a sober examination of their philosophy absent preconceived notions regarding the Nazi cause reveals the simple truth, that humankind was once far more advanced than we are now, and more interestingly that some of the members of this ancient race escaped the cataclysm which destroyed their civilization with their advanced knowledge intact, and most importantly that these ancient people were Aryan.

Of course this “Ancient Aryan Theory” is no longer “politically correct”; yet even though it may not be correct politically, it will be proven to be scientifically correct within this treatise. Furthermore it will be demonstrated that there is actually a global cover-up of the truth regarding these statements, and that the “alien myth” is a carefully designed disinformation campaign to dissuade people from uncovering the truth about the Ancients and their descendents…the modern Western European Caucasian. But most importantly the disinformation campaign has been designed to fracture the solidarity of the white population.

This treatise revisits and revises the Nazi understanding of what extraterrestrials really are and why they are so interested in humanity, especially western civilization. We will explore how, since the ice age humankind has interacted with an advanced race of human beings which long ago left this world in search of greener pastures, yet still maintains a presence here on earth. It will also be shown how our interactions with this ancient race throughout history have molded civilization into what it is today. We will also discover who their closest relatives are here on earth, and reveal the controversial truth of racial identity. I hope that everyone who reads this treatise can explore these theories with a sober mind and come to an un-biased opinion regarding the conclusion of this Ancient Aryan Theory.

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  1. ProudAryan Says:

    You have done a lot of work, for a very noble cause! Thank you so much for collecting this excellent information!

    Here, this might help to save the white race:

    Never give up. You are awesome!

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