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To the Zionist Media!

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Don’t you think that you have egged on the sensationalism of the Trayvon Martin case enough. I am ashamed to be an American too (–creator-david-simon-on-trayvon-martin-case—ashamed–to-be-an-american-011408813.html) because most Americans are sheep falling victim to the indoctination of the Zionist media. Trayvon was a little gang banging thug that got dealt with by a half Jew, half Mexican (he’s not even White!!!.) Smells pretty fishy that the Zionist media is attempting to spin it as a White on Black racial issue, and they are creating allot of disenfranchised Whites in the process. Do you Zionist pigs really think all White people are this stupid, to subscribe to this race guilt propaganda. Think again!

And what about that whole mess with (Chick-Fil-A a few years ago. Seems pretty fishy that the Jewish CEO of Starbucks Howard Schulz was quoted several months later at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting as saying, to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage “we don’t want your business.” (  He later went on to tell a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company. So Zionist media…do you think that this sensationalism and anti-white/anti-traditional values propaganda is working to divide whites further? Think again!

Because we keep hearing stories like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

And the big picture is becoming clear to us…Negros, Mestizos, Jews, etc…(even some very confused whites) all hate whitey. And they are doing everything that their sick minds can conceive of to destroy us and our culture. Some whites are confused enough to think that this racial hatred toward whites is justified due to some supposed crimes committed against their ancestors by our ancestors. But many other whites are finally realizing that they were born innocent, and that they never did anything to anyone, surely nothing to deserve the racial hatred that we as whites have to deal with on a daily basis in the media, in our schools, and even in our own neighborhoods!

All of your attempts (Zionist Media) to divide us, to make us feel guilty, and to destroy our culture is only serving to enrage most of us. So Zionist Media, when do you think that the whites will finally unite together and say collectively, “Enough is enough! No longer will we allow ourselves to be victims in our own nation, no longer will we stand idle as our country is taken from us by foreign invaders, no longer will we feel guilt for the glorious accomplishments of our ancestors, WE ARE WHITE, AND WE ARE PROUD!”

When will it happen?




Cops set up fake Neo-Nazi biker gang to catch white supremacists training for a RACE WAR

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The ZOG strikes again!

The ZOG will stop at nothing to suppress those who know the truth, this is a level of lies and deceit that exemplifies the total lack of honor that  these pigs display. The ZOG finds disenfranchised white people, convinces them to organize, trains them, and then busts them! That is why our movement must go underground and become a movement made of of lone wolf operatives and activists. Trust no one except yourself!!!!

White man, let me tell you about your family.

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ZOG, The Ultimate Conspiracy!

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By: Aryan White

To discover the true rulers of society, you must ask yourself who you cannot criticize, who is above reproach…

This article is an introduction to what is known by the many misguided Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theorists as the secret government, or shadow government. I call these people “misguided” because they have become victims of the very propaganda machine that they assume they are fighting against. These proud adherents to the many conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, ancient aliens, reptilian bloodlines, etc. do not realize that they have become victims themselves of the ultimate conspiracy, and that all of the theories popularized within the circled of so-called alternative media have actually been placed there by design, as a form of controlled dissent, so as to dissuade people from discovering or exploring the true, yet less entertaining conspiracy, that there is in fact a secret cabal of men who have taken over the majority of the world, through economic manipulation, terrorism, and propaganda…though it is not who the conspiracy theorists think and not for the reasons they think.Within the realms of fringe conspiracy theory one topic of discussion is even too fringe for the most learned underground thinker…the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG.)

The best of these fictitious conspiracy theories mix a small amount of truth in with the fictional accounts of conspiratorial government. Within this realm of conspiracy theory are many accounts that a Jewish dynasty known as the Rothschilds have been at the top of the pyramid of powerful families who control the policies of this world for over two hundred years, which is true, yet this family is often depicted as a brood of Satanic fiends, who like to rub elbows with ex-Nazis, Aliens, or both. Nothing about this fantasy could be further from the truth except the fact that they are at the top and that they are indeed evil. This family dynasty has a long track record of using media propaganda to manipulate public opinion, creating false historical models, and outright fantasies to program the public, not only against their enemies, but against looking into the truth of their own agenda.

The fact is, that these false historical models, of which people in western countries are taught from birth, and which most of us don’t even question, have been designed by the powers that be to keep the populace in western countries at large, ignorant of our glorious past, and our equally glorious potential future. For instance, most rational people in Western countries do not question the idea that there is only one species of human on this planet, yet the reality is that there is actually four.  Most of us do not question the history of who discovered North America, and how it was discovered, when in reality this great continent was conquered along with the rest of the world before the end of the last ice age, by an ancient race far superior to what we now consider “native Americans”. Most of us do not question that the scientific and technological developments witnessed in the 20th century had never been achieved before, and that we are more advanced now then ever in human history, the reality though is that we are only beginning to rediscover technology and scientific understanding that this great race had mastered over 12,000 years ago. Lastly, most of us do not question the “official history” of World War Two, that is, that the world rose up against a evil and oppressive regime, which was responsible for the massacre of millions of Jews and other non-Aryans, and that their philosophy was evil, false, and unjust…

Myths abound concerning the history of World War Two and after, from the popular myth of the holocaust and the creation of Israel, full of holes in logic and physical evidence, to the myths of the Nazis being in contact with some evil other worldly intelligence who dictated to them advanced technologies such as anti-gravity machines and nuclear weapons. As with other myths created by the Zionist regime, within the myths designed to defame the Nazis, there is a grain of truth. The Nazis were indeed in contact with an other worldly intelligence, and they were instructed how to create the most advance technologies the world had seen in modern times…yet they were not evil…and this intelligence was not originally from another world…but from earth. Which leads us into a tangled web of conspiracy regarding extraterrestrials…

The powers that be wish for the public to believe that the mass sightings of UFO’s are alien beings from another planet, and that there is a vast conspiracy to cover-up the governments involvement with extraterrestrials. And now a newer en vogue conspiracy theory makes humans out to be the ancient creation of beings from another tenth planet, and that we were created in their image, which is preposterous when you consider that the dominant form of life on this planet (vertebrates) all share a similar skeletal structure and physical makeup, i.e.two ears, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and four limbs (even fish share this similarity). What is the likelihood that an extraterrestrial, that evolved on a different planet with a completely different mixture of elements, and hence a different pattern of evolution would develop to resembles the dominant form of life on this planet (as is the common description of the extraterrestrial as an anthropomorphic being which stands up-right on two legs, with two arms, possessing two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth set in a head with a brain?)

The secret reality that this fictitious conspiracy is attempting to disguise is that what we know as extraterrestrials are not from another planet at all, they are from earth, and are simply a highly advance branch of homonid which broke off the line of Cro-Magnon some 15,000-12,500 years ago, and their closest relative here on earth are the modern Western European Caucasian. These advance being left the planet due to extreme conditions brought about by environmental catastrophe and nuclear war before the end of the last ice age, and have been living in underground cities, and on other planets ever since. And yet another facet of this ultimate conspiracy emerges…If there was an ancient war in prehistory, which drove this advanced race from the surface of the planet, who was their enemy?

The Zionist conspiracy is actually the modern manifestation of a legacy of thousands of years of warfare waged against the modern descendents of the ancient original rulers of this planet and our off world cousins…

If you are a modern descendent of the White/Aryan race and wish to learn the secrets of this world and the latent spiritual power that resides within every White soul, that which is deliberately hidden from the White masses, read the pages of this blog:

Should Blacks on Welfare be Sterilized?

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By: Aryan White

A common theme in this day and age is reading articles in western news outlets of Black welfare families and Black fathers and mothers having a ridiculous amount of children regardless of the fact that they cannot provide for them. One such article I had the displeasure of reading recently, was the LA times article written about a Black man named Desmond Hatchett, which described how he had sired 30 children with 11 different women!,0,4036567.story

The article describes that Mr. Hatchett could not make child support payments on his minimum wage salary, thus leaving tax payers to fit the bill on the upbringing of his 30 children. The article also describes how this is not the first time that he has been to court regarding his excessive breeding practices. In a 2009 TV interview, Hatchett vowed that he wouldn’t father anymore children…nine of his children were born in the last three years. Why is it that this was allowed to happen?! If we lived in a rational utilitarian country, the man would have been sterilized when the courts recognized his reckless disregard for the welfare of not only his children but that of the American tax payer, (the majority of whom are White). It was apparent that this man (a term used lightly in his regard) was not responsible enough to be allowed to breed. What is more morally wrong, to continue to let this man breed more welfare bastards, destined to have a childhood as a ward of the state, and stick Whitey with the bill, or to have this man humanely sterilized so he can bang all the welfare moms he wants with no consequences except that he might get an STD, something that would only effect him and the women ignorant enough to sleep with him.

Here are a little statistics on Race and welfare.

White 38.8%
Black 37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian 2.8
Other 3.4

Keep in mind that this is the total population on welfare, not percentage per race, compare these figures with US Census population figures and we see the big picture. Blacks = 12.9% of the population, Whites = 77.1%. This means that proportionally, a much larger percentage of Blacks are on welfare than Whites. Surprisingly, teenage mothers of all races only accounted for 7.6% of people on welfare. In these statistics Whites accounts for a total population of 194,552,774, whereas Blacks account for a total population of 33,947,837. Out of this, more than 33% of blacks are in poverty while less than 10% of whites are in poverty.

In contrast to the common breeding practices of Black welfare moms, and absent Black fathers that continually breed despite there inability to raise their children properly, White families are beginning to recognize the disparity that Whites are facing in this country due in part to the power in numbers that the minorities are achieving via their abhorrent breeding practices. One such family featured on the TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” shows that Whites are highly capable of having extremely large families, that are close-nit and self-sustaining. Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar set an excellent example of a healthy White family, with wholesome family values, based on the traditional two parent family model, that has become strong simply in the support that they can provide for each other. This is how dynasties are started, an entire family dedicated to uplifting their clan, where the working age children are raised to be obligated in the event that others of their clan need help that they can provide.

With the disturbing trends showing White population in rapid decline, coupled with the rising  accounts of anti-white hate crime, and continuing loss of power on the political sphere amongst Whites in America and abroad, it stands to reason that Whites need to begin having larger families if we expect our children, and our children’s children, to have any sense of power over their destinies in the future.  Paradoxically, it is actually White higher reasoning that has got us into this predicament, as many Whites make the  responsible decision to not have large families, for they feel their income does not afford them the ability to support their standard of living. Hence is the reason for the decline in White population, Whites being the rational people that we are, are dedicated to providing the best standard of living for our children, and in this way we commonly limit ourselves to having 1 or 2 children. Many Whites simply do not see the big picture, because it is censored from most of us, that this decline in our population in comparison to other racial groups will result in racial disparity and already has. Thing will get much worse in the future if  White population does not rise to match or exceed that of other racial groups.

There are many ways that a family can tighten its belt, cutting out non-essentials, so as to support larger families. Foregoing the luxury to pay everyone else to do jobs that with little research you can do yourself is one example. Education of our children and family social structure is key, raising your children to be hard workers, and to pursue high paying and practical careers as well as by opening family businesses where other member of the family work together to provide income for the whole family. This was a common way of life at the turn of the century, when the majority of the White population worked on family farms and were self-sufficient. We can get back to this way of life if we simply realize what is truly valuable, striving to have the nicest car on the block and the 45″ TV is not! Wake up White America, you are being replaced! the Nations that our forefathers built for you are being taken over!

Pro-White Groups Grow as Racial Tipping Point Changes Demographics

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This is an article from ABC news, and though I don’t agree with calling Pro-White civil rights groups “hate” groups, I do see that White people are awaking everywhere. Stop calling us hate groups ABC! Heritage is not Hate, Pride is not Prejudice!
PHOTO: Neo-Nazi rally

Members of the National Socialist Movement hold a rally against immigration in Pomona, Calif., in this Nov. 5, 2011 photo. (Thomas R. Cordova/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/AP Photo)
May 18, 2012

The number of radical hate groups and militias has exploded in recent years in reaction to the changing makeup of America, and new census figures showing the majority of babies born in 2011 were non-white could fuel those simmering tensions, experts who track hate groups warned.

“White supremacist groups have been having a meltdown since the census bureau predicted that non-Hispanic whites would lose the majority by 2050,” said Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups. “The demographic change in this country is the single most important driver in the growth of hate groups and extremist groups over the last few years.”

The data released this week revealed a tipping point in the country’s demographic shift. For the first time in the country’s history, more minority children were born than white children, setting the stage for an eventual non-white majority in America’s population.

The census found that 50.4 percent of births in 2011 were of Hispanic, black, Asian, and other minority children. White babies accounted for 49.5 percent of the country’s newborns.

In addition, more than 49 percent of all children under 5 years old are minorities, the report said.

For white supremacist and radical right-wing groups, the data is especially troubling, and made all the more apparent by the fact that a black man was elected president, Potok said.

“This very real and very significant change is represented in the person of Barack Obama. We’ve of course seen the most remarkable growth in the radical right since 2008, precisely coinciding with Obama’s first three years as president,” he said.

According to the SPLC, the number of radical “anti-government” militia groups increased from 150 to 1,274 during the years of the Obama presidency. There have been more homegrown domestic terrorism attacks by right-wing groups than by international terrorists during his presidency as well, Potok noted.

Marilyn Mayo, co-director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said white supremacist groups have increased their efforts to recruit and plot based on the changing racial makeup of America.

“I think that what we’re seeing is that hate groups, particularly white supremacist groups, are talking a lot about the fact that whites will soon be a minority in this country, that their goal at all costs is to preserve the white race in civilization, which spurs them to recruit more, and have more incendiary rhetoric,” Mayo said.

Mayo cited two recent plots by radical groups in Florida and Minnesota that involved stockpiling weapons for racially-motivated attacks against other Americans.

“These are just examples of people who feel like they are at a point where they have to take action because soon whites will lose power and authority and they have to protect the white race from extinction,” she said.

“We’re not saying that patriot militia groups are made up of klansman,” he said, referring to the Ku Klux Klan. “It’s more diffuse than that. It’s a generalized feeling that ‘this is not the country my Christian white forefathers built. We’ve got to take this country back.’ It’s not rancid straight ahead race hate, but it is very closely tied to race and the changing look of the country.”

The changes in demographic will challenge the political and social landscape of the country, he said. In California, the shift to a non-white majority in 2000 resulted in changes to the Republican Party, which had to shift left to appeal to non-white voters, he said.

Potok pointed out that more young people than ever before, hovering around 95 percent of young voters, approve of interracial relationships and marriage. Though the country is going through a “backlash” against demographic changes, newer generations will come to accept the changes, he said.

“The thing I think to understand is that the radical right is not entirely composed of people who are insane. These are people reacting to real changes in the real world around them,” Potok said.

White supremacists accused of planning for ‘race war’ in Florida

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By James Eng,

Members of a white supremacist skinhead group called American Front trained with AK-47s, shotguns and explosives at a fortified compound in central Florida to prepare for what its reputed leader believed to be an “inevitable race war,” prosecutors said Tuesday.


According to court documents, members of American Front discussed acts of violence that included causing “a disturbance” at City Hall in Orlando, shooting at a house and attacking an anti-racist skinhead group.

At least 10 members of the group, which authorities described as a militia-styled, anti-Semitic domestic terrorist organization, have been arrested in Florida since the weekend, including at least three people on Tuesday.

The felony arrest charges include paramilitary training, attempting to shoot into an occupied dwelling, and evidence of prejudices while committing an offense. The last charge falls under Florida’s hate-crimes law.

“This investigation is a result of our ongoing partnership with local law enforcement and federal agencies in a concentrated effort to stamp out hate crime in our community,” Ninth Circuit State Attorney Lawson Lamar said in a statement Tuesday.

His office said he would not comment further on the case because the investigation is ongoing.

According to a court statement from Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Kelly Boaz filed in support of an arrest warrant, the group was led by Marcus Faella, 39, of St. Cloud, Fla. He and his wife, Patricia Faella, 36, were among those arrested over the weekend.

“Marcus Faella has been planning and preparing the AF for what he believes to be an inevitable race war. Faella has stated his intent during the race war to kill Jews, immigrants, and other minorities. Faella believes the race war will take place within the next few years based on current world events.”

Much of the information of the alleged plots came from an informant who infiltrated the group in mid-2010.

According to Boaz:

Faella viewed himself and fellow members of the American Front as “protectors of the white race.” He regularly conducted firearms, explosives and military/tactical training at his rural property in Saint Cloud and in the swamps of a Florida wildlife management area.

Faella’s remote property was surrounded by barbed wire and guarded by two pit bulls. It contained fortified entrenchments built from railroad timbers, cement piling and other materials.

Faella regularly held weapons training on his compound, where he also stored water, meals ready to eat and other survivalist-type supplies. During target practice he told participants to visualize the jugs of water they were shooting at as the heads of black people, which he referred to by the N-word.

Read local coverage from WESH

In July 2011, an American Front member from Missouri who was also in the National Guard visited the compound and conducted paramilitary training, including hand-to-hand combat techniques, that he learned from the Guard.

Last November, an American Front member, Jessy Brown, committed suicide with a 12-gauge shotgun on Faella’s property, the informant reported. The weapon belonged to Faella.

In January, a recruit beat up a former American Front member at a local bar for “comments made against the AF on Facebook.” No charges were filed in that case.

In February, Faella started planning to “cause a disturbance” at Orlando City Hall “so the media would report on it and bring new members to AF.” No attack was ever carried out.

Faella also wanted members to “hunt down” members of an anti-racism skinhead group called REDS and “put their teeth to the curb” – an apparent reference to violent acts portrayed in “American History X,” a 1998 movie about the roots of race hatred in America.

Watch US News crime videos on

Law enforcement became increasingly concerned when the informant reported that Faella and his followers were plotting to attack REDS members during “May Day” protests on May 1 in Melbourne, Fla., and “shoot up” the house of a REDS official.

Fearing that his cover might be blown, the informant destroyed his cellphone after removing the memory card. He fled the area and contacted police.

The May Day confrontation apparently never took place.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a Montgomery, Ala.-based hate watchdog, describes the American Front as a California-based group of skinheads with a propensity for violence. The group was founded in the late 1980s, faded from national headlines in the 1990s and then saw a major resurgence around 2007 under new leader David Lynch.

Lynch was killed by an unknown attacker in his Sacramento, Calif., home on March 2, 2011. In California, the group has shrunk significantly. “Now, most of its activities – and, apparently, most of its members – are in Florida,” the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok wrote on the center’s Hatewatch blog.

In addition to the Faellas, others arrested in Florida include:

  • Jennifer McGowan, 25, of Kissimmee
  • Mark McGowan, 29, of Cocoa
  • Diane Stevens 28, of Kissimmee
  • Kent McLellan, 22, of St. Cloud
  • Paul Jackson, 25, of St. Cloud
  • Christopher Brooks, 27, of St. Cloud
  • Richard Stockdale, 23, of St. Cloud
  • Dustin Perry, 21, of Kissimmee

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