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ZOG, The Ultimate Conspiracy!

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By: Aryan White

To discover the true rulers of society, you must ask yourself who you cannot criticize, who is above reproach…

This article is an introduction to what is known by the many misguided Illuminati/NWO conspiracy theorists as the secret government, or shadow government. I call these people “misguided” because they have become victims of the very propaganda machine that they assume they are fighting against. These proud adherents to the many conspiracy theories concerning the Illuminati, ancient aliens, reptilian bloodlines, etc. do not realize that they have become victims themselves of the ultimate conspiracy, and that all of the theories popularized within the circled of so-called alternative media have actually been placed there by design, as a form of controlled dissent, so as to dissuade people from discovering or exploring the true, yet less entertaining conspiracy, that there is in fact a secret cabal of men who have taken over the majority of the world, through economic manipulation, terrorism, and propaganda…though it is not who the conspiracy theorists think and not for the reasons they think.Within the realms of fringe conspiracy theory one topic of discussion is even too fringe for the most learned underground thinker…the Zionist Occupational Government (ZOG.)

The best of these fictitious conspiracy theories mix a small amount of truth in with the fictional accounts of conspiratorial government. Within this realm of conspiracy theory are many accounts that a Jewish dynasty known as the Rothschilds have been at the top of the pyramid of powerful families who control the policies of this world for over two hundred years, which is true, yet this family is often depicted as a brood of Satanic fiends, who like to rub elbows with ex-Nazis, Aliens, or both. Nothing about this fantasy could be further from the truth except the fact that they are at the top and that they are indeed evil. This family dynasty has a long track record of using media propaganda to manipulate public opinion, creating false historical models, and outright fantasies to program the public, not only against their enemies, but against looking into the truth of their own agenda.

The fact is, that these false historical models, of which people in western countries are taught from birth, and which most of us don’t even question, have been designed by the powers that be to keep the populace in western countries at large, ignorant of our glorious past, and our equally glorious potential future. For instance, most rational people in Western countries do not question the idea that there is only one species of human on this planet, yet the reality is that there is actually four.  Most of us do not question the history of who discovered North America, and how it was discovered, when in reality this great continent was conquered along with the rest of the world before the end of the last ice age, by an ancient race far superior to what we now consider “native Americans”. Most of us do not question that the scientific and technological developments witnessed in the 20th century had never been achieved before, and that we are more advanced now then ever in human history, the reality though is that we are only beginning to rediscover technology and scientific understanding that this great race had mastered over 12,000 years ago. Lastly, most of us do not question the “official history” of World War Two, that is, that the world rose up against a evil and oppressive regime, which was responsible for the massacre of millions of Jews and other non-Aryans, and that their philosophy was evil, false, and unjust…

Myths abound concerning the history of World War Two and after, from the popular myth of the holocaust and the creation of Israel, full of holes in logic and physical evidence, to the myths of the Nazis being in contact with some evil other worldly intelligence who dictated to them advanced technologies such as anti-gravity machines and nuclear weapons. As with other myths created by the Zionist regime, within the myths designed to defame the Nazis, there is a grain of truth. The Nazis were indeed in contact with an other worldly intelligence, and they were instructed how to create the most advance technologies the world had seen in modern times…yet they were not evil…and this intelligence was not originally from another world…but from earth. Which leads us into a tangled web of conspiracy regarding extraterrestrials…

The powers that be wish for the public to believe that the mass sightings of UFO’s are alien beings from another planet, and that there is a vast conspiracy to cover-up the governments involvement with extraterrestrials. And now a newer en vogue conspiracy theory makes humans out to be the ancient creation of beings from another tenth planet, and that we were created in their image, which is preposterous when you consider that the dominant form of life on this planet (vertebrates) all share a similar skeletal structure and physical makeup, i.e.two ears, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and four limbs (even fish share this similarity). What is the likelihood that an extraterrestrial, that evolved on a different planet with a completely different mixture of elements, and hence a different pattern of evolution would develop to resembles the dominant form of life on this planet (as is the common description of the extraterrestrial as an anthropomorphic being which stands up-right on two legs, with two arms, possessing two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth set in a head with a brain?)

The secret reality that this fictitious conspiracy is attempting to disguise is that what we know as extraterrestrials are not from another planet at all, they are from earth, and are simply a highly advance branch of homonid which broke off the line of Cro-Magnon some 15,000-12,500 years ago, and their closest relative here on earth are the modern Western European Caucasian. These advance being left the planet due to extreme conditions brought about by environmental catastrophe and nuclear war before the end of the last ice age, and have been living in underground cities, and on other planets ever since. And yet another facet of this ultimate conspiracy emerges…If there was an ancient war in prehistory, which drove this advanced race from the surface of the planet, who was their enemy?

The Zionist conspiracy is actually the modern manifestation of a legacy of thousands of years of warfare waged against the modern descendents of the ancient original rulers of this planet and our off world cousins…

If you are a modern descendent of the White/Aryan race and wish to learn the secrets of this world and the latent spiritual power that resides within every White soul, that which is deliberately hidden from the White masses, read the pages of this blog:

20,000 Year-Old Aluminum ‘Vimana’ Aircraft Landing Gear Discovered

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Terrence Aym

Some scholars are convinced an ancient, advanced civilization existed where the nation of India is today. They claim the prehistoric city-state had advanced technology including high-energy weapons, jet-like aircraft, and even the atomic bomb. Now a stunning artifact has been identified by some researchers as the part of an aircraft landing assembly dated as old as 20,000 years made from a metal that wasn’t discovered until the early 1800s.

For many years certain researchers in India and Asia have tried to convince Western skeptics that the so-called religious texts of the Vedas are really descriptive history. Lending credence to their claims are various artifacts found over the years and detailed descriptions of the vimana aircraft engineering and construction.

The incredible discovery during the 1990s of the remains of an ancient city in northern India that was still highly radioactive sent some archaeologists scrambling to the site.

And then, a very strange artifact, the Wedge of Aiud,first unearthed in 1973, was given another look: a machined piece of metal made of an aluminum alloy. Originally thought to be about 400 years old, new tests have determined it’s from 18,000 B.C.E., from the during the Pleistocene Era, nearly 20,000 years before aluminum’s discovery in modern times.

Odder still, some experts believe the artifact may be part of an aircraft landing gear…possibly from one of the ancient Indian vimana flying machines described in the Veda texts.

The lost super city-states

Evidence that has accumulated during the past few centuries adds credence to the idea that super city-states arose sometime towards the end of the last Ice Age. The best evidence for the location of some of the cities—that may have spanned the globe—lies in northern India and southern Pakistan, and a desolate stretch of the Mongolian Gobi desert northwest of China.

Those advanced cultures are said to have possessed a very high technology, equal in some respects to that of the 21st Century.

Ancient texts refer to towering buildings, various types of aircraft, a high level of science and engineering, and even a weapon that today’s physicists believe was first used in the closing days of World War Two: the atomic bomb.

It may be that the advanced cultures wiped themselves out by engaging in a limited nuclear war. Evidence gleaned over the past few decades does point in that direction.

Perhaps after a series of devastating attacks, the remaining network of advanced cultures collapsed succumbing to the ravages of economic depression, displacement, and disease.

If so, the vestiges of one or more of those cultures may have served to fuel the legend of the great city of Atlantis that appears in Plato’s 360 B.C.E. Dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.

After the collapse, the remainder of Mankind fell into barbarism and knowledge of the fantastic technology devolved into myth. This viewpoint is supported by the fact that some of the earliest cave paintings reveal a greater level of sophistication than those that were created hundreds of years later.

The human race regressed and the once great glories of the super-cities occulted by the swirling mists of time.

Illustration of a vimana by David H. Childress

The ancient flying machines

According to the revered Indian Vedas Sanskrit writings, vimanas were flying machines. The word vimana is still used today in the modern Indian language to refer to aircraft.

While most vimanas were used for transportation through the atmosphere, some were described as being used to travel into space while others were a form of limited submarine.

Just like modern aircraft, the vimanas had various configurations and sizes depending on what they were designed to accomplish. Some had two engines, like the agnihotra-vimana; others, like the gaja-vimana, had more. In all there may have been as many as a dozen different types of vimanas all designed for different purposes. Most of them flew.

Atomic attack…11,000 years ago

Traces of an ancient atomic war between advanced and powerful city-states still linger in northern India-Pakistan and parts of the great Mongolian Gobi Desert. Scientists have known for many years about the expanse of vitrified sand that covers a region of the Gobi. The fused sand, greenish in color, can only be created by exposure to intense heat. Geologists theorize that the sand became vitrified by exposure to volcanic action; astronomers claim a large meteor might have done it; physicists wonder if it was caused by an atomic explosion.

Those three incidents are the only things that could account for the region of vitrified sand that lies in the lonely stretches of the arid land.

But volcanic origins are out as no volcanoes exist in the region.

No evidence exists of a crater or meteoric residue that would be found if a rock from space slammed into the desert scarring the terrain and searing the sand.

The process of elimination leaves only an atomic blast to account for the strange condition of the sand—a glassified region where nothing grows.

Supporting the atomic theory is the fact that some of the area has a higher level of background radiation than similar terrain outside the affected area. It’s almost as if something once stood in that deserted region and was vaporized by a blast like the explosions that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another find that supports the existence of a technologicaly advanced city-state about 20,000 years ago was the stunning discovery of the remains of an ancient city in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, India. The site was found when construction began for a new housing development.

What astonished archaeologists eventually determined was the remains of charred and partially melted buildings and radioactive skeletons were covered by a thick layer of ash—later confirmed to be radioactive. The ash covered a three-mile square area.

Other research shows that several major city states existed and at least two or more were at war with each other. While much attention has been focused on the northern Indian city, little has been spent investigating the remains of the ancient atomic blast in the Gobi.

The ancient region is thought by some Indian university professors to be a forerunner of the more modern Matsya, another ancient state of the Vedic civilization. The Matsyan culture is believed to be associated with an earlier state called Jaipur.

Another Indian text, the Mahabharata, considered by some scholars to be present more fact than myth, contain passages that describe in detail the atomic attack on the city that the construction crew accidentally uncovered:

“A single projectile charged with all the power in the Universe…An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor…It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race.

“The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out, pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white.

“After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected. To escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves into the river.”

The atomic conflagration described was every bit as horrific and deadly as the attack on the Japanese cities in August, 1945.

Although the text suggest delivery of a nuclear weapon by a missile, ancient Indian writings also describe—in amazing detail—the flying machines called vimanas. The texts outline the vimana’s flight characteristics, construction, powerplant ( a jet-rocket hybrid powered by plasma mercury engines), and engineering specifications.

The mysterious Wedge of Aiud may have come from a vimana.

Enigma of the 11,000 year-old Vimana landing gear: the aluminum ‘Wedge of Aiud’

Near the picturesque banks of the Mures River located a little more than a mile east of the small city of Aiud, Romania, a bizarre artifact was unearthed dubbed the Wedge of Aiud.

Researcher Boczor Iosif investigated the find and reported that the wedge was discovered beneath 35 feet of sand. Two mastodon bones were reportedly also dug up near the wedge.

A report by Lars Fischinger states that he and an associate, Dr. Niederkorn, analyzed the wedge at the Institute for Research and Design. They determined the artifact was a metal alloy composed of 12 different metals. Their report lists aluminum making up about 89 percent of the object, the rest they listed as: “6.2% copper / silicon 2.84% / 1.81% zinc / 0.41% lead / tin 0.33% / 0.2% zirconium / 0.11% cadmium / 0.0024% / nickel / 0 , 0023% cobalt / bismuth 0.0003% / 0.0002% silver and traces of Galium.“

The test results puzzled the two researchers as aluminum wasn’t discovered until the early 1800s. Fischinger notes that commercial production of aluminum requires smelting the ore at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Initially, the object was though to be about 400 years old. That changed dramatically when they carefully analyzed the amount of oxidation covering the wedge. They readjusted the age backwards by thousands of years.

It’s now estimated the Wedge of Aiud may date back to 18,000 B.C.E. That date coincides with the age of thevimanas.

After the test results were analyzed, the wedge was sent to the Museum of History in Transylvania, Romania where it sat on a shelf, undisturbed, for two decades.

Florian Gheorghita, holding the Wedge of Aiud

Finally, in 1995, another Romanian researcher, Florian Gheorghita, came across the artifact in the museum basement. The wedge was tested again. This time in two different laboratories: the Archeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca and an independent Swiss lab. The tests confirmed the results arrived at by Fischinger and Niederkorn.

Gheorghita wrote in the publication Ancient Skies that he asked an aircraft engineer to study the artifact. The engineer noted the configuration and the hole drilled in the wedge and stated that a pattern of abrasions and scratches on the metal led him to believe it was part of an aircraft landing gear.

A sketch was made to illustrate the configuration.

Sketch by Florian Gheorghita of the artifact in use

Sketch by Florian Gheorghita of the artifact itself

Since the ancient city-states had advanced transportationperhaps even space vehicles—it was easy to transnaviagte the world just as modern aircraft do today.

The engineering and metallurgical evidence strongly supports the theory that the mysterious Wedge of Aiudis a pice of a landing gear that fell off a vimana some 11,000 years ago and lay unretrieved for millennia until the sandy banks of the Mures River swallowed it up.

Maybe someday the earth will reveal more of its secrets, hopefully an entire vimanaintact.

Picture of the day LOL!

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Iron Sky sets of Nazi UFO debate

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Not exactly new news, but interesting movie

By Allan Hall in Berlin

1:05PM GMT 17 Nov 2010

The Finnish sci-fi comedy ‘Iron Sky’ centres on real-life SS officer Hans Kammler who was said to have made a significant breakthrough in antigravity experiments towards the end of WW2.

The film relates how, from a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late 1945 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne – Black Sun – on the dark side of the Moon.

This base was to to be used to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right, in this case 2018.

But a new report out this week in Germany in the magazine PM purports that there is “strong evidence” that a Nazi UFO programme was well advanced.

Hitler ordered Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering to develop the super weapon that would change the war.

The PM report quotes eyewitnesses who believe they saw a flying saucer marked with the Iron Cross of the German military flying low over the Thames in 1944.

At the time the New York Times wrote about a “mysterious flying disc” with photos of the device seen travelling at extremely high speeds over the high-rise buildings.

The best known of the Nazi UFO projects was the Schriever-Habermohl scheme, named for Rudolf Schriever and Otto Habermohl.

Initially a Luftwaffe project, it fell under the auspices of armaments minister Albert Speer before being taken over once again in 1944 by Hans Kammler.

Eyewitnesses captured by the Allies after WW2 claimed to have seen the saucer produced in Prague fly on several occasions in early 1945.

Joseph Andreas Epp, an engineer who served as a consultant to the Schriever-Habermohl project, stated 15 prototypes were built in all.

He described how a central cockpit surrounded by rotating adjustable wing-vanes formed a circle.

The vanes were held together by a band at the outer edge of the wheel-like device. The pitch of the vanes could be adjusted so that during take off more lift was generated by increasing their angle from a more horizontal setting.

In level flight the angle would be adjusted to a smaller angle, similar to the way helicopter rotors operate. The wing-vanes were to be set in rotation by small rockets placed around the rim like a pinwheel.

Once rotational speed was sufficient, lift-off was achieved.

After the craft had risen to some height the horizontal jets or rockets were ignited. “After this the wing-blades would be allowed to rotate freely as the saucer moved forward as in an auto-gyrocopter. In all probability, the wing-blades speed, and so their lifting value, could also be increased by directing the adjustable horizontal jets slightly upwards to engage the blades, thus spinning them faster at the digression of the pilot,” he said.

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