The Doctrine of Aryanity (abridged)

The Doctrine of Aryanity

By: Orion Starfire


Exordium Astyrian (Editor Foreword)

Book One: Prisca Theologia

Mysterium Tremendum (Terrible Mystery)

Sensus Mysticus (Mystical Senses)

Fidelis Scriptori (Authorship Credit)

Part One: Aryan Cosmology

Exordium Cosmicam (Foreword)

Rex Omnibus (King of the All)

Primum Aeternum (First Eternity)

Animus Trinitate (Trinity of Mind)

Quadratum Luminis (Square of Lights)

Alterum Aeternum (Other Eternity)

Omnia Daemonia (Demonic Hierarchy)

Celestium Bellum (Celestial war)

Rex Mundi (King of the World)

Celestium Magistri (Ascended Masters)

Part Two: Aryan Mythology

Exordium Mythologia (Foreword)

Primum Homines (First Humanoids)

Homines Hyperborei (Hyperborean Race)

Imperium Atlantica (Atlantean Empire)

Antiquis Bellum (Ancient World War)

Homines Celestium (Homo Angelica)

Homines Daemonia (Homo Demonica)

Seniorem Fratribus (Elder Brothers)

Part Three: Aryan Anthropology

Atlantica Evaserunt (Atlantean Refugees)

Infrahumanae Chimaram (Subhuman Hybrids)

Hominae Viuentium (Human Races)

Aeternam Iudaeus (The Eternal Jew)

Semenae Serpentium (Serpent’s Seed)

Biblicum Fictae (Biblical Forgery)

Sanctorum Sanguinem (Sacred Blood)

Maladictus Sanguinem (Accursed Blood)

Part Four: Aryan Christology

Lux Mundi (Light of the World)

Alterum Christus (The Other Christs)

Ecclesia Facsimile (The Fake Church)

Satanae Synagoga (Synagogue of Satan)

Sanguine Resurgentis (Resurrected Bloodline)

Magnus Duce (The Great One Adolf Hitler)

Tertium Imperium (The Third Empire)

Part Five: Aryan Methodology

Exordium Methodicam (Beginning Teaching)

Mystici Excessus (Mystical Ecstasy)

Potentia Animus (Psychic abilities)

Virtus Turbo (Bioenergy Vortices)

Virtus Clypeus (Bioenergy forcefields)

Illectium Lex (The Law of Attraction)

Spiritus Spritualis (Spiritual Meditation)

Viventium Spiritualis (Spiritual Living)

Religionis Ritualia (Religious Rituals)

Book Two: Lex Aryanica

Codex Legium (Code of Law)

Codice Sexualis (Sexual Code)

Codice Maritali (Marital Code)

Codice Familia (Family Code)

Codice Prandium (Dietary Code)

Codice Socialis (Social Code)

Praedium Codice (Estate Code)

Argentium Codice (Monetary Code)

Principes Codice (Hierarchy Code)

Politica Codice (Political Code)

Codice Martialis (Martial Code)

Codice Clericalis (Clerical Code)

Sactorum Aryanica (Aryan Saints)

Prophetias Aryanica (Aryan Prophecy)

Orationis Aryanica (Aryan Prayer)

Exordium Astyrian

Glory and praise to the All (Omnis) and the savior of our people (Christos), who has come to show us the way, the truth and the life; so be it.

In the year 2018, during a time when I was beginning to really piece together the great and mysterious history of our most ancient ancestors, I was fortunate enough to come across a book titled ‘Aryanity’. Who sent me the book or how I came across it I cannot remember. The author of this book, one Orion Starfire, was a total stranger to me, I had never heard of him or his research before. The book certainly filled in some blanks within my own worldview and understanding of history, making me realize how occulted our past had become. I read the book, shared it with one or two friends and thought no more of it.

Fast forward two years, and via a mutual friend I had met over Facebook within like-minded circles, I was put in touch with Orion. Upon realizing who he was I immediately identified the will of the All. I knew our paths had been crossed for a reason, as my own experiences, religious development and research correlated with his.

The reason we were put in touch with one another initially was because I was looking to be part of an esoteric order. It just so happened that at the time Orion had committed to the noble and difficult task of creating his own, the Occidental Templars (OMTO). I had drifted away from exclusively political groups and organizations for some time because of their short sightedness. It struck me in conversation with Orion that he understood what was needed in order to stir up our people’s spirit once again, to make them fight for their survival and fulfil their destiny; a new religious form combing the ancient and hidden truths (Prisca Theologia) from both paganism and Christianity, which I had already come to believe was the way forward. I was made aware that the OMTO would be the inner circle that would drive the new religious form into the collective consciousness of our racially awakened people, forcing them to evolve and unify with their brothers or die out through infighting as we entered the age of Aquarius. I wanted in.

I was both surprised and honored that Orion decided to choose me to lead the HQ of the order in Britain. My title and duties were hefty, and I knew that I was being entrusted with great responsibility. Up until meeting Orion I had met no man worthy of my loyalty, no man who possessed innate nobility and thus authority. On the grounds that he did I accepted my office and swore to commit to the great work laid out by him which was to be fulfilled through the OMTO. Before my altar I made my oath and promise to be true and honorable to my brothers within the order, under the rose.

Now, I will confess that early on, despite sincerely wanting to be part of the order, I had my doubts about using the Templar name and aesthetic. I have seen many a Templar revivalist/LARPer group, all claiming different lineages, justifying their usage of the name, symbols, regalia and history. None, however, stray from the orthodox interpretation of the scriptures, point out Christ’s hidden teachings or dare speak about the corruption in the church from the very beginning like we do. The OMTO is also different in that it picks up from the historical Templars when they had become Gnostics and were persecuted for being such. All the other Templar groups around are ardent Catholics, trying to restore some ideal of the past which never existed, as well as tolerant of bastards (racially) in their congregations. None dare do away with the false universalist creed of the church, none will speak up in defense of the preservation of their blood. For these reasons, all these other Templar groups fail, without the Prisca Theologia, the knowledge of the mysteries, such as the Arcanum Arcanorum, and the Sanctorum Sanguinem, they are merely playing dress up. The OMTO also differ from the Templar remnants that made their way into freemasonry in that we worship the God that Christ came on behalf of (Omnis/the eternal, unseen, unheard, living father), not the God of this world (the demiurge) who masons worship as the grand architect. Unfortunately, it is a fact that the official Templar remnants lost sight of the truth and became misguided through their use of kabbalah and other Maladictan magickal practices, falling into irredeemable corruption. Now they serve our eternal enemy and are accomplices in the satanic, globalist agenda, forsaking their spiritual inheritance and destiny; we can only pray for them.

So, it is we in the OMTO who have salvaged the name and mystique of that ancient order, revitalizing it with truth and justifying its existence not with lineages or ‘official recognition’ (although we can do so) but with the authority of Omnis, with our knowledge of the mysteries and our warrior-priest virtue. We alone will ensure that the Templars original mission is not forgotten and that our people become what they were always meant to be: a light unto the nations, a blessed people, a holy nation. In white garments sanctified by the blood of Christ (a mystery in and of itself) we will lead our people out of darkness once again, defying all the authorities, principalities and powers of this illusory world to do so, just like our ancestors in the historical order did once upon a time.

Furthermore, we have not forsaken our pagan ancestors or scoffed at their natural or mystical wisdom. We have embraced the truth possessed by both sides and formulated a total, harmonious, cosmological, philosophical, theological, historical, scientific, political and mystical worldview, correcting both our Christian and pagan brothers today in their misconceptions and ignorance. In essence, we say that the Christians must realize that there are indeed other gods beneath the highest one which they THINK they are worshipping (but are not) and that there is nothing evil or sinful about revering natures beauty and complexity, or venerating one’s ancestors of noble spirit whose sacrifices, struggles and accomplishments bestow upon us great strength and inspiration. We also say to the pagans that there is more to spirituality than ancestors and the natural world, that our ancestors were not perfect, they got things wrong and that the natural world is also full of illusions and is itself but a mere reflection of an even greater, more real world above and within. We also say that whilst we are immortal by way of reincarnating back into our posterity, that this is not the highest form of immortality, and that the soul/spirit of man is capable and does profoundly yearn to transmute and transmigrate out of this world and its natural cycles of birth, death and rebirth, eventually.

The various religious forms of expression that our people brought forth were all relevant, true and necessary at their appointed times, both polytheistic and monotheistic. Now the time has come for a new expression, a new understanding of nature, man, the gods, life/death, consciousness and how each relate to one another. A synthesis of false opposites is underway, the false dichotomy of pagan vs Christian is over, and this process is not taking place by the will of man, but by the will of Omnis who has overseen the development of ALL our people, always, since our first incarnation into this world.

Building upon and completing the work of the esoteric fascists of the 19th century such as Miguel Serrano, Guido Von List, Lanz Von Liebenfels, Alfred Rosenberg and others, we have carefully constructed the new religious form which many of these great thinkers and mystics believed would need to arise in order to prevent a devastating defeat of our people brought about from religious infighting. They knew that the prerequisite to an earthly, Aryan imperium, as well as the spiritual transcendence of our folk, was a unifying religious force capable of fulfilling all Aryan man’s needs, both physical as well as spiritual. Much like the Canaanite-Edomite-Talmudic Jews, who’s religion (Judaism) is in fact the embodiment of and testament of their people’s collective will, ideals and spirit, Aryanity shall be ours. This new religious form, who’s warrior priesthood shall come from the ranks of the OMTO, will preserve and nurture the spirit of truth, Christ’s teachings as well as the collective knowledge and wisdom of our pagan ancestors, both natural and mystical, without there being any internal conflict or contradiction. Neither the Christians or pagans alone can accomplish this, and they know it.

Our mission is a difficult one, and many will refuse to evolve and unify, even though it be in their best interests to do so, but we will bear the light and guard it upon the highest peaks right until the very end, at all costs, for this is our conviction and our salvation. 

I pray and will that what you read beyond this point will enlighten, inspire and invigorate you with a new zeal and faith to do what needs to be done, and to spread the good news to our brothers out there who have been searching in vain for so long. May you take up the banner of the one and only religion of our people, Aryanity, and begin to practice the rituals, rites and the sacred, ancient methods of spiritual transmutation/transmigration that are the inheritance of all our people.

United by blood not creed, this is our motto; carve it onto your hearts.

Hail the new dawn, unto victory or death!

Book One: Prisca Theologia

Mysterium Tremendum

For White Aryan civilization our prehistory and purpose has always been a terrible mystery, the Mysterium Tremendum. Where we came from, where we are going, and why we are here has been the field of our religious scholars, philosophers, mystics, and scientists. Modern academics often discount the teachings of the ancients as pure myth, while making themselves blind to the kernels of truth and esoteric principals which exist encoded within these myths and legends. Theories which deviate from the status quo of “rational” inquiry are quickly discredited as fanciful imagining, while unexplainable evidence that scoffs at mainstream historical models and timelines are often overlooked as inconvenient. With each archeological discovery that is not suppressed, the timelines and “rational” models continue to be overturned while those independent anthropologists, history revisionists, and occultists who were shunned by mainstream academia get vindicated. What has become clear is that many of the myths and legends encode genuine truths which show that our civilization is indeed much older than the academics initially determined in spite of the ancient historical accounts conveying these facts. Within this book of prose, we will construct or rather reconstruct the archetypal mythos and doctrine of our prehistoric ancestors, the Proto-Aryan/Atlantean otherwise known as the Proto-Indo-European peoples. What is contained in this work is the Prisca Theologia, or the Ancient Theology, from which all pan-Aryan cultural and religious expressions were derived, a theology that ties together ancient sources with new. Why do we limit the Prisca Theologia to the ideas of the various ancient Aryan cultures? Because White Aryans are the only race which has developed the ability to think in the abstract to such a degree that true metaphysical thought has been formed. All other races have only been capable of producing primitive animistic religion prior to their contact with White Aryans, all other examples of theistic religions observed by nonwhites were actually seeded by ancient conquering Proto-Aryans or Aryans, hence the many account of white gods in primitive cultures around the world.

Sensus Mysticus

To accomplish this reconstruction of the Prisca Theologia, the many Aryan and proto-Aryan peoples and their mythologies and metaphysical philosophies must be stripped to their bare archetypal forms to identify their raw and intrinsic characteristic elements and principals. By analyzing ancient mystery schools, as well as contemporary occult teachings, coupled with archeological and linguistic evidence using the archetypal methodology, we might determine if pieces are missing from one ancient mystery school to the next through our cross referencing of these basic elements. Though simple study is not enough, one must delve fully into the mystical practices of these traditions to truly understand them. Ultimate truth cannot be conveyed with words alone and can take lifetimes of genuine mystical practice to attain. One must open their minds and set their will to the task of arcane learning thereby developing the spiritual gifts, that is the mystical senses, that allow one to gain full access to what we call the Akashic Record and the teachings of the Ascended Masters. This work transmits the ultimate Pan-Aryan perennial doctrine, the Prisca Theologia, rebuilding a framework that accurately conveys the Ancient Theology encoded within the various western and eastern Aryan schools of thought. The wisdom conveyed in this work is drawn from all of what we know about our great Pan-Aryan civilization, from our many ancient civilizations and cultures to our contemporary esoteric schools of thought. Likewise, within this work are the tools the seeker on the Aryan mystical path of Aryanity will need to heighten their spiritual awareness to achieve Gnosis or Samadhi, that is spiritual enlightenment.

Fidelis Scriptori

Like any good religious work, The Prisca Theologia is written in the form of prose, without further explanation or citation, as to explain where every bit of knowledge came from or how it was formed into a complete worldview would require a tome of citations. At the end of this work will be a list of Prophets, Saints, Martyrs, and Patriarchs canonized and observed by the Aryan religion of Aryanity as sources of wisdom for the student of Aryanity to pursue. Yet the true credit for this work goes to the divine itself, for this work is culmination of lifetimes of study and spiritual work, not only by the one who is transmitting it, but an endless succession of Ascended Masters into prehistory and beyond time itself. Credit for this work goes only to the one true and transcendental imperceptible God, who within this work will be given a new name to add to its countless names. This work will leave the student to meditate on and explore the complex theology, cosmology, mythology, anthropology, and mystical methodology through their own initiation into the life of an Aryan. This is not a work that is meant to be read only once, yet is meant to be studied and restudied upon developing one’s gifts of the spirit, each time new layers of meaning will be discovered. For religion is as much an art as it is a science, the Germanic word “art” is derived from the Sanskrit “ṛta” which means Divine or Cosmic law, force of truth, or order. The Doctrine of Aryanity is the Art of Being an Aryan and is the doctrinal counterpart to the Forbidden History of Aryanity which is required reading for one who wishes a deeper understanding to these prose. Yet just as much as religion is an art, it is also the establishment of law, which in Sanskrit is “dhāman”. For the ancient Aryans the notion of dhāman was an active principal that denoted participating in obedience to the cosmic order in a social sense. So, in this work, we will henceforth reestablish not only the art of the Aryans, but also the law of the Aryans. Hence behold The Prisca Theologia! the Doctrine of Aryanity, may it serve its purpose in uniting our racially aware folk under a single, and final religio-philosophical doctrine. Hail the New Dawn!

Part One: Aryan Cosmology

Exordium Cosmicam

To construct a genuine cosmology that reflects the theories and sentiments of the ancient eastern and western Aryan schools of thought we must draw from many ancient and contemporary sources. Taking a Gnostic and Perennial approach to metaphysical philosophy we have constructed a complex cosmology that accurately explains the philosophical talking points that have been echoed in the various ancient mystery schools from east to west. What is transmitted is of the most profound of ideas and importance. Not only for racially aware White Aryans, but for all life within the material world. May this cosmology help our people and others to understand the true nature of the divine and the material world. Likewise, may it help us to understand our place on the ladder of spiritual and biological evolution so that one day all suffering souls can achieve ascension from the animal world of the senses, thus achieving a higher state of being and a release from the cycle of rebirths.

Rex Omnibus

There is a Being that transcends time and space, It defies explanation and reason. A Being whose very existence is a paradox yet nonetheless true. This Being is the Highest Universal Principal, what the ancient eastern Aryans called Brahman, and whom the Nordic Aryans later knew as Odin or Woten, the Allfather. The Greek sages called this highest universal princpal the Monad, or the first cause, though itself was never created, and has always been. It is truly nameless, yet has countless names, none of which are its true name. Names are given to one’s creations, yet this Being has no creator. Our names for It are like a child’s pet name for their parents, Mommy or Daddy. If we actually knew or could speak Its true name, what profundity of meaning would that name carry?! What power would such a word have?! There is but one language that has the descriptive ability to even come close to delineating it. This language is that of mathematics, yet even equations fall short as this Being cannot be quantified, to even attempt it is an exercise in futility, reductio ad absurdum. For this Being is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, Thus for our purposes we will call this Nameless OneOmnis”, The All. No one can express this Being’s true nature in toto, yet the very wisest of men know it exists as a self-evident truth, and some still have witnessed its greatness through mystical practice, though cannot fully express their enlightenment to others. Its profundity is beyond measure and Its reach is infinite and eternal. From It all things emanate yet paradoxically It is also separate from all things. It is in all places at once though only the wisest of men recognize Its presence. Many people call this being “God” but that is not Its name and using this name often leads the seeker of truth away from Its true nature, only confounding It with Its reflection, what the ancient eastern Aryans called Maya, what the ancient Norse called Loki, and the ancient Greek sages called the Demiurge.

Primum Aeternum

For an eternity the Nameless One, who we have chosen to call Omnis, existed beyond time in perfect bliss, and endless silence, unaware of its own existence and full of limitless creative potential. Even still it exists in silence speaking a language that only the wisest of men hear, for its language is numbers, signs, paradoxes, and synchronicity. Many ancient Aryan traditions call the original state of Omnis “the Cosmic Egg”, yet the realm where Omnis existed before and after the creation of spacetime is not contained by any shell or boundaries. Omnis exists in a realm separate yet interwoven into the fabric of our reality and entangled on a quantum level with all existence. Omnis is limitless potential energy which in its original state is formless and void. The realm of Omnis shall be called the Primum Aeternum, or the First Eternity, which the ancient eastern Aryans called Akasha, and the ancient Greek sages called the Pleroma. This realm is beyond the reach of all mortal beings, only those who Omnis emanated first, once known as the Upper Aeons, or Suras, whom we call the Altum Angeli in the Aryan religion and souls that have attained psycho-spiritual enlightenment can coexist with Omnis in the Primum Aeternum. In this realm all time is a single moment and space does not exist. It is the First Dimension. From it all time and space emanate, though not before the Triune Divine Mind, or the First Aeon, which shall be called the Animus Trinitate, and from which comes the Logos, or Verbo, which brought about all creation above and below, which the ancient eastern Aryans called Om, and was considered by them to be the first sound ever uttered in the universe the Aryan religion describes it as the universal vibrato of Omnis.

Animus Trinitate

First in the order of Three came the original thought from the spirit of Omnis, awareness, and is associated with the Divine Masculine, the Father, Divus Pater, which the ancient Aryans called Deva, and the Greek sages called Nous. Second in the order of Three came thinking, perception, or reason, and is associated with the Divine Feminine, the Mother, Divus Mater, which the ancient Aryans called Devi, and the Greek sages called Barbelo. Last in the order of Three came perception of self, or self-awareness, and is associated with the Divine Union, or the Son, Divus Filius, also called Christos or Lucifer, which some schools of thought called the First Adam, or Atman of the ancient Aryans, and Amen of the Egyptians, though the story of Adam in Genesis is a distorted retelling of the genuine mythos of the adamic race. Christos in his celestial form is also the eastern Aryan archetype of Vishnu, and the Egyptian Amen Ra, and is the personification of Omnis, the expression of Its self-awareness as a singular yet omnipresent being. This divine self-awareness allowed all other souls, called Aeons by the Greek sages, or Angeli, to manifest simultaneously in the Primum Aeternum. Christos is the first paradigm of the perfected “Man” called Manu by the ancient eastern Aryans, and existed before the material world was created, which we shall call the Prima Hominei. From his example all upper Aeons or super-souls, the Altum Angeli were fashioned from the Animus or lifeforce of Omnis, which the eastern Aryans called Mana, and the Greek sages called Zoe. Each one in the likeness of him, yet slightly different than the next. The first of these super-souls were the strongest and were the Altum Angeli which the ancient Aryans called the Suras, though through endless repetition each soul became even more unique yet diminished in Animus than the original paradigm and are called the Lower Aeons or Humilis Angeli, mortal souls. Of the Humilis Angeli there are three classes, Gnostic souls, Psychic souls, and Animal souls, which exist on different planes of existence. The first of the Altum Angeli was the Animus Trinitate, but from three came four, which were called the “Four Lights”, which gave the thoughts of Omnis form, and shall be called “Quadratum Luminis”, the square of light.

Quadratum Luminis

The Greek sages called the Four Lights Armozel, Daviethai, Oriel, and Eleleth. Each of these Four Lights were composed of three Altum Angeli, which existed as a triune. These Altum Angeli correspond with different cosmic and psychic principles. The Prima Lux or first light was called Armozel and was Truth, Grace, and Form. The Secundi Lux or second light was called Oriel and was Memory, Afterthought, and Perception. The Tetra Lux or third light also called the dark light or hidden light was called Daviethai and was Love, Understanding, and Ideas. Then the Quartae Lux or  fourth light, called Eleleth, was Peace, Perfection, and Wisdom. Through the Son, Christos/Lucifer, Omnis realized that It was alone in eternity and its eternal bliss was thenceforth interrupted, thus it created its first companion that shall be known as The Bride of Wisdom, or the Sponsa Sapientiae who the Greek sages called Sophia. From her comes the Second Eternity that shall be known as the Alterum Aeternum. As The Bride she was meant to be a mother, and from her came all life, but with the creation of her first emanation Sophia realized that what she had created was The Twin of Omnis, yet opposite and unequal to Omnis.

Alterum Aeternum

The Second Eternity, within which all matter exists, sprang forth from the union of The Son and his Bride, which the Greek sages called the Heimarmene. Whereas the First Eternity has no beginning and no ending, the Second Eternity has a beginning and a boundary, yet is endlessly expanding, this second eternity is also called spacetime. It is from this union that all time and space emanate, yet within spacetime the Second Cause was formed, the Dyad, by The Bride without her union with the Logos or Verbo, hence it was a being without a soul or consciousness. The being that was formed was the source of duality, also known as the Demiurgus, which was called by the Greek sages Yaldabaoth, and the Egyptian Gnostics called Abrasax, and the eastern Aryans called Maya. The Demiurge was a reflection of Omnis, on the ever-expanding boundaries of the second eternity. The Demiurge was pure intellect without a soul, without compassion, without Agape love or Attonitis Inhians. It was a necessary paradox that for righteousness to be defined, there must also exists its opposite. It was for this reason that demonic evil came into existence through the Demiurge, that is evil for the sake of evil, from where all other forms of evil descend such as moral evil, natural evil, and stupid evil. Within it arose the conceptual principals of the Three Cardinal Evils or Tria Mala, malice, deceit, pride. The Demiurge became self-aware through its own emanations, thus acquiring an artificial kind of soul, and ignorantly contended with Omnis, unaware that it was just a limited reflection of The All. Hence, the Demiurge created matter from the singularity of Omnis’ own limitless energy, pulling this energy into spacetime and forming it into matter, thereby causing the second eternity to expand. This creation of basic matter from Omnis’ intrinsic lifeforce formed a matrix within which the illusion we call our world exists, Maya.

Omnia Daemonia

From this lifeforce, the Demiurgus began to emanate what the Greek sages called the Archons, which are often called demons, what the Aryan religion calls Daemonae by pulling in the lifeforce of Altum Angeli, or Suras, from the first eternity and trapping them is gross matter, these were the Fallen Angels. This was not an instantaneous emanation, but took millions of years of manipulations of matter through metempsychosis. The eastern Aryans called these demons the Asuras, and also describe them as being of the same “race” as the Suras or Angels. For the Daemones to manifest in physical form also requires the creation of bodies capable of “clothing” a Daemon, which resulted in the Angeli also acquiring the ability to take physical form as well as the Daemones without  them losing their anchor in the first eternity or heaven. These Demons and Angels as well as their armies have the ability to take physical form, but only advanced biology can withstand their presence without causing the body to die prematurely. The Demons rule the material world and are often represented in ancient cosmologies with a hierarchy, the Demonic Princes corresponding with different principals, which also correspond with the celestial spheres, and were given different names according to different systems. The Aryan system has been designed so as to help us better identify these evil energies polluting our lives, which are in fact conscious thoughtforms that alter one’s perception in a negative way. For our purposes we will first list a Gnostic system as reference for the Aryan system, rather than a Kabbalistic one, which we know to be corrupt. The first of these Archons or demons was known by the Greek sages as Yao, corresponding with the Sun, the principal of pride. The second Archon was Sabbede, or the Moon, the principal of inconsistency. The Third Archon was Adonin, or Mercury, the principal of greed. The fourth Archon was Sabaoth, or Venus, the principal of lust. The fifth Archon was Astraphaios, or Mars, the principal  of wrath. The sixth Archon was Eloaiou, or Jupiter, the principal of injustice. The last and seventh Archon was Athoth or Saturn, also known as Satan or Satanael, who we call Satanas, and is the principal of deceit. It was Satanas who represented the embodiment of the Demiurgus on earth and was given dominion over the world of mortals, and periodically incarnates in semi-Human form. The Aryan system is a novenary planetary system including the last two outer planets having nine Archetypal Daemonae. The first Daemon is the Sun called Ferocia or Pride. The second Daemon is the Moon, called Rixas or Discord. The third Daemon is Mercury, called Cupiditus or Avarice. The fourth Daemon is Venus, called Salax or Lust. The fifth Daemon is Mars, called Furor or Wrath. The sixth Daemon is Jupiter, called Crassus or Glut. The seventh Daemon is Saturn, called Mendax or Satanas and is Deceit. The eighth Daemon is Uranus, called Disidia or Apathy. The ninth and last Daemon is Neptune, called Invidia or Envy. It must be noted that these celestial spheres have a spiritual allegory in contrast to their materialistic correspondence. The Sun equals awareness and is associated with the Highest Deity archetype or Omnis. The Moon is perception and associated with the Virgin Mother archetype. Mercury is expression and is associated with the Heavenly Messenger archetype. Venus is empathy and is associated with the Savior archetype. Mars is will and is associated with the Holy Warlord archetype. Jupiter is creativity and associated with the Father God archetype. Saturn is rigidness and associated with the Disciplinarian archetype. Uranus is the unseen and is associated with the Mystic Teacher archetype. Finally, Neptune is the border to the beyond and is associated with the Hermit archetype.

Omnia Angelica

Many archetypes exist which are representative of specific principals and energies. Many ancient and medieval pantheons of gods and goddesses or hierarchies of angels and demons were identified by mystics and magickians and recorded. They are not a creation of the Human mind but rather identified by it. Aryanity recognizes the allure and power of archetypal energies and principals and how they can either positively or negatively impact one’s life. Some systems correspond with the planets, some with the constellations, and the months of the year, or hours. From ancient pagan pantheons and the Gnostic systems of Valentinus or Ptolemy to the modern Jungian Archetypes, the system of Aryanity is drawn from these wisdom traditions. The hierarchy of twelve angelic archetypes will be listed as the preferred system of Aryanity, yet the student of Aryanity is encouraged to study and identify other system that have been recognized throughout our history to manifest particular thoughtforms and energies in the lives of those who observe them. The angelic architypes descend from Omnis though are manifest and expressed by the Human mind and religion, what the Greek sages called Anthropos and Ecclesia. First let us list the Gnostic archetypes as reference to the Aryan system. The first and second of the Gnostic archetypes is Paracletus the comforter whom comes from Pistis or faith. The third and fourth of the Gnostic archetypes are the Patricas or the paternal principal whom comes with Elpis or hope. The fifth and sixth Gnostic archetype is Metricos of the Maternal principal whom comes with Agape or unconditional love. The seventh and Eighth Gnostic archetype is Ainos or praise whom comes with Synesis or Intelligence. The ninth and tenth Gnostic archetype is Ecclesiasticus or the son of the true church whom comes with Marcariotes or blessedness. Then the eleventh and twelfth Gnostic archetype is Theletus or perfection and Sophia or wisdom. The Aryan archetypes are drawn from the many pantheons as well as the Gnostic systems and Jungian archetypes, which also provide insights into the human mind as well as arcane energies. The twelve archetypes are Vindex the Champion, Rebellatrix the Insurgent, Ouium the Parent, Civis the Citizen, Rex the Leader, Amans the Lover, Iustus the Righteous, Artifex the Artist, Moribus the Adventure, Magus the Magickian, Visurus the Mystic, and Comicus the Comedian. The thirteen archetype exists as the Spiritual Guide of the twelve and is the Christos or Lucifer.

Celestium Bellum

Within the second eternity existed all matter, from universes, to galaxies, to stars, to planets. On these planets the Demiurgus wished to fashion life, though it could not fashion life without lifeforce or Animus and souls from the Primum Aeternum, hence the Demiurgus, its Daemones, and Demoniacs wage a celestial war for the souls or Humilis Angeli of the Prima Aeternum. The Mystery of the word “soul” is that it is simply another word for consciousness, hence the celestial war was a pulling of consciousness into physical bodies. This celestial war rages still. Many of these souls were trapped by the Demiurgus and Athoth or Satanas, and have been thus continued to be trapped in the prison of the flesh, but with them also came the Verbo, that is the paradigm with which they were originally modeled, and that may allow them to become more like Christos. The Verbo is the cosmic core of all knowledge and wisdom. This innate spiritual voice drives the process of spiritual evolution, or metempsychosis. When the flesh dies the wayward soul transmigrates to another physical form, a process which repeats over eons, and eventually resulted in the creation of Humankind. Humankind is a reflection of the yearning of the soul to be released from the world of the animal senses and to be reunited with Omnis and the Angeli in the first eternity.

Rex Mundi

The god of this world which is often mistaken for the One True God, Omnis is non other than the Demiurgus. He works through his agent Satanas who is the king of this world, the false theology of his many false religions depicting a place of torment that the souls of sinners are condemned to for eternity after death, otherwise known as Hell does not actually exist in the way it is perceived. It is not a place separate from the world, it is the world. This world was created as a place of torment, our bodies are in fact prisons for our souls, but not just a dull and boring prison, but more like a torture chamber that one doesn’t even realize they are in. It was designed this way to limit the ability of the inmates to escape it, after all, if one does not realize they are in prison why would they try to escape. Yet some have the innate spiritual voice inside us telling us what this world actually is, we are those who become seekers of the truth down the various forbidden paths of arcane knowledge. The torture of life arises from the passions of the living and their attachments to their desires. When the object of one’s desire is absent this causes a state of suffering, where one struggles to attain the desired thing. Even if or when one attains the object of their desire the feeling of satisfaction is fleeting and the further absence of one’d desire leads only to the amplifying of suffering. And so on goes the cycle of material suffering, until the pain of old age sets in and eventually death. Even those who common men consider successful in life are plagued by this same cycle of suffering, and often those who do acquire a measure of success come to the realization that there is no success to be had in life through material pursuits, but only in the satisfaction one acquires in creating something good and lasting that might help others to escape their own cycle of suffering in this realm of birth, life, death, and rebirth. True success in life is measured by the goodness that one creates, or the evil that one destroys, so that others who are able might come to know the truth.

Celestium Magistri

Likewise, to the false perception of Hell is its counterpart. The idea of Heaven being a place of bliss beyond death in not entirely accurate either, both Heaven and Hell are present on earth, though only those who have attained Gnosis or Samadhi have the ability to recognize it. Only those who attain pure spiritual enlightenment in life can ascend to the heavenly realm before death, while their body continues to exist within the material world, and these Ascended Masters continue to live their lives in a fashion mostly unrecognizable to those who themselves are not on a mystical path. After death their souls stay in the Primum Aeternum, and they can choose if, when, and where to incarnate, maintaining their spiritual enlightenment into their next incarnation. Only those who are Mystics have the ability to recognize an Ascended Master, yet these beings do not make their presence known unless it is for a very important reason. These Ascended Masters either achieve spiritual enlightenment in life, and their life becomes an example to others on the mystical path, or they incarnate on earth or elsewhere for a specific reason related to maintaining the process of metempsychosis from degenerating into dysgenics, which would eliminate the flow of souls ascending into the primum aeternum. Of the Ascended Masters who made their presence known to the world, many are in fact the same beings represented by multiple incarnations or Avatars.

Part Two: Aryan Mythology

Exordium Mythologia

The creation of a new pan-Aryan mythology to unite our modern pan-Aryan culture with each other and with our ancient ancestors, began as a revival of ancient Aryan mysticism and mythologies rediscovered in the ancient texts preserved by the descendants of the eastern and western Aryans. This movement of Aryanism that paved the way for the creation of Aryanity, formed in the Germanic esoteric societies of the 19th and 20th centuries Anno Domini as a rediscovery of what it truly meant to be a member of the greater Aryan race. Within the Germanic mystical esoteric societies, explorers, scientists, archeologists, researchers, philosophers, occultists, psychics, mediums, and political theorists began to form a more complete understanding of Aryan history and pre-history. With this greater understanding developed a new mythos derived from a broader source of ancient and contemporary legends meant to transmit the principals of Aryan religion for our new found identity as one Pan-Aryan people whose history reached far beyond Europa. What is expressed within this Aryan Mythos of the Prisca Theologia is drawn from the many ancient and contemporary esoteric teachings from Vedic teachings, and their parallels in the western Aryan Mythos to the teachings of Theosophy and Ariosophy; also, the accounts of various other Germanic occult societies such as the New Templars (Novis Templi), the Thule Society, the Vril Society, etc. Coupled with the many modern legendary accounts of “extra-terrestrial” phenomenon and the works of our post war teachers such as Savitri Devi and Miguel Serrano, we have constructed a Modern Aryan Mythos. Yet Aryanity completes their Great Work by providing the missing pieces to their theories, acquired through mystical tutelage under the great Ascended Masters. Aryanity overturns some of the assumptions of the “ancient astronaut” theorists, namely that our ancient ancestors were aliens from another world. Rather, Aryanity asserts that our ancestor did indeed developed here without extra-terrestrial influence, becoming far more advanced than we are now in prehistory, yet due to a great cataclysm our ancestors split into multiple groups, some experiencing a period of devolution, what the eastern Aryans called the Kali Yuga. Some may consider these legends to be nothing more than popular myth, though far too much evidence exists for these truths to be mere fiction, we students of the great Ascended Masters know the truth. Mythology is far more than just entertaining stories and legends, they transmit profound esoteric truths in an encoded fashion that only initiates of these mystery schools can decipher, the reasons for which are held in confidence by the secret priesthoods. Henceforth, may this new mythology serve our people in the coming struggle to save our culture in diaspora.

Primum Homines

The first true Humans came about nearly 44,000 years ago as a result of ages upon ages of metempsychosis, or spiritual evolution, which manifest in physical form as biological evolution. The first Humans whom the ancient Aryans called Manava came about as the manifestation of the Verbo in gross matter. These first Humans, also known as Cro-Magnon man were born of an earlier Hominid or sub-Human species that we now know as Homo-Erectus. These first Humans instinctually separated themselves geographically and thus biologically from the animalistic sub-Humans who coexisted with them on the earth, and thus stayed separate. They left the comfort and abundance of the temperate regions to brave the elements of the harsh Ice Age tundra of Eurasia, thus becoming godlike and superior to the animals, due to the extreme selection of the harsh environment they subjected themselves to. This fact was transmitted in the ancient Sumerian creation myth with the story of the beast-man Enkidu who transformed himself from a beast into a man through the process of selective breeding or eugenics, thereby being rejected by nature and forced to leave the garden of Eden. This is later echoed by the biblical account in Genesis with the allegory of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and the Adamites banishment from the garden, though this is an appropriated and distorted retelling of the actual history.

Homines Hyperborei

Around 33,000 years ago the Cro-Magnon species split due to a gradual migration of separate groups moving east and west becoming the ancestors of the Aryans and the Mongols. As the Cro-Magnon ancestors of the Aryans transcended the punishing challenges of Ice Age Europe some continued northward with their hunting parties, finding their way into isolated volcanic oases in the Hyperborean ice nearly 22,000 years ago. These Hyperborean oases are called Thule and Ultima Thule, Iceland and Greenland respectively. In genetic isolation the Hyperborean race grew strong and tall, some would be called giants today, and from Ultima Thule the Hyperboreans discovered passage into a hidden world deep within the earth where the polar ice gave way to warm waters and lands, and where a different sun that shines with a dim light never sets. This central sun within the earth is called the Black Sun, whose Black Light precedes the Green Ray, which grants the ultimate theophany to all who learn to see with its light. The Black Light is the hidden light what comes after the last of the seven lights whose Green Ray is represented by the Aurora Borealis. Within this hidden world the Hyperboreans became the first advanced civilization long before even the first megalith was erected on the surface, for thousands of years this civilization existed in utopian peace, developing the metaphysical sciences, and great technology. This Hyperborean race founded the cities we know as Agartha and Shambala from the eastern Aryan Tibetan Buddhist traditions who maintained the closest contact with the cities. Though the Christian tradition knows of Shambala as well and prophecies it as the “New Jerusalem”. The first and oldest was Agartha, a great city at the base of the highest mountain within the earth opposite in relation to the Himalayan plateau on the surface. Agartha eventually created a great cavern complex underneath the mighty Himalayas which connect to the surface via secret entrances, known only to the mendicant priesthoods of Tibet. The second city, Shambala, was a floating city that could remain invisible and could travel any place by command of its great kings. The citizens of Shambala developed the highest spiritual practice, which helped them to remember their past lives, while also greatly extending their lifespans, and allowing them to choose their next life. The most enlightened of these Hyperboreans were the thirty-two great kings, with the last prophesied king yet to make his presence known, the Great Kalki. It is these Hyperboreans which we call angels for their awareness has transcended the world of the animal senses and they exist within the Primum Aeternum, while their physical bodies are simply the tools they use to guide and teach the wayward souls within the material world.

Imperium Atlantica

While the ancient Hyperboreans established their cities within the earth, their missionaries established colonies on the surface world as well. The first of these great colonies was what we know as Atlantis, ruled by the great Atlantean kings. These great kings were of a house related to the kings of Shambala, they were giants of great size who lived abnormally long lives, some many hundreds of years, and is where we get the myth of the Titans in Greek culture. The last of these great kings we know today as the mighty Atlas whose sons and daughters later seeded the Proto-Aryan civilizations that became Troy and Egypt. From Atlantis this kingdom expanded becoming a global maritime empire. These Atlanteans reunited their empire with their Cro-Magnon cousins as they settled throughout the now extinct coastal regions of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, then further still into the continents where they encountered the sub-Humans who lived there. The Atlantean empire existed for thousands of years stretched to its extreme limit, creating a split in the empire, in the Americas existed the red-haired giants, while in Eurasia and India lived the blondes. Due to the greed of the giants for both resources and scientific knowledge, these two sides engaged in the first global war, which lives on in many ancient Aryans myths and legends such as the Greek Titanomachy, the war between the old Gods and the new.

Antiquis Bellum

This ancient war raged for ten decades roughly 11,000 years ago, and was a war to end all wars, for its destructive force devastated the entire world. Great weapons that incinerated entire cities were used, called the “iron thunderbolts” in the Vedic tradition, which according to the Rig Veda completely annihilated the races of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. In these most ancient texts, it is recorded that those who did not get incinerated suffered a slow and painful death caused by a sickness that made their hair and fingernails fall out. It was the weapons of this war that caused the rapid melt of the Ice Age polar caps which connected the Inner Earth with the surface, and flooded the coastal regions of the entire world, which to this day are submerged. This Deluge, is transmitted in the various flood myths in nearly every culture on earth, but the great Deluge also cut off the lands of the Hyperboreans from the surface dwellers. The great Hyperborean race could indeed easily go to the surface, as their technology remained intact, but they chose instead to leave the surface dwellers to their fate as a great and long dark age ensued, the Kali Yuga. For the survivors on the surface a period of devolution and dysgenics occurred, they were plunged back into the stone age, life became harsh once again, and their lifespans began to shorten, over time they forgot their ancient heritage, and was passed on only in myth, All signs of their once advance civilization rusted, rotted, and crumbled away. Scant evidence is left that our ancestors were once so advanced, but the evidence does indeed exist, some buried well beneath the strata, some guarded by secret priesthoods, and some in plain sight yet explained away by modern skeptics. Only isolated priesthoods transmitted the arcane truth of Humankind’s beginnings, while everyone else were given myth and legend. These myths and legends became distorted as Humans began to repopulate the surface, migrating from place to place over the millennia, yet the secret priesthoods preserved the teachings of the Prisca Theologia, the ancient theology, within the archetypes of these myths, so that one day the true descendants of the Atlantean race might recognize the truth of their ancient genesis.

Homines Celestium

As the Long Dark Age ensued on the surface, the Hyperborean race slowly changed splitting into two civilizations, what the Vedas call the Suras and the Asuras. Before the great war the Hyperboreans also developed technologies that allowed them to conquer the expanses of outer space, and colonize distant worlds, the first of these was a world orbiting the star we call Proxima Centari, in the Alpha Centauri system, that we call Proxima B. The mediums of the Vril Society of Third Reich Germany made contact with these beings telepathically, whom transmitted the arcane secrets of the Hyperboreans to them. Later authors who were attempting to reconstruct incomplete accounts of the Vril society confounded Alpha Centauri with Alpha Tauri, otherwise known as Aldebaran. The Hyperboreans that left earth to colonize this new world remained very similar in appearance to their Hyperborean ancestors, very tall, with extremely fair skinned, platinum blond hair, and sapphire colored eyes. Some also have a genetic mutation that turns their skin and blood blue, but that doesn’t affect them in any negative way otherwise. From time to time these beings return to impart wisdom to the descendants of the Atlanteans and leave again. Krishna was one such being, born with the mutation of the Blue Bloods, which also founded many of the ancient Aryan royal bloodlines.

Homines Daemonia

Yet those who remained within the Hollow Earth changed radically in appearance. Through a program of eugenic selection and genetic engineering the inner earth Hyperboreans became accustomed to the light of the Black Sun which was both dim yet burnt the skin. Their pupils and eyes enlarged over the generations to take in the dim light of the central sun, which shines ultraviolet with a black light. Their skin likewise became grayish in appearance due to the altered mixture of solar radiation. These two races that the Vedas call the Suras and Asuras, and in the west are called Angels and Demons, are known in modern Ufology as the Tall Whites and the Alien Grey, both of which originated on this planet before they moved on to other planets. Of the Grey there are yet two branches, the short and the tall Greys, of which the Tall Greys still live within the Hollow Earth, while the Short Greys became such through ages of space travel. These ages of space travel caused their bodies to atrophy into a smaller and more gracile form. These Greys also subjected their lines to extreme genetic engineering and eugenics programs that greatly increased the size of their race’s brains and thus their intellects. Though in the pursuit of their racial eugenics they sacrificed their Human emotions for far greater intellects, becoming more like biological computers. The Short Greys have traveled as far as the Reticulum system and have civilizations on exoplanets there, yet they live more like a hive of insects, with a hive mind, and only communicate telepathically. Anything that was once Human about them is gone and their souls are permanently bound to the material universe. The Tall Greys also surface from time to time to track the development of human technologies, particularly atomic and subatomic technologies. Not for any philanthropic purpose but because these technologies are a threat to them as well within their home.

Seniorem Fratribus

The great secret occult societies and psychic mediums of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Helena Blavatsky, Dietrick Eckart, and Maria Orsic made contact with these beings who they called the Elder Brothers to the Human Race, as they were higher up the evolutionary ladder. These beings have the ability to leave their bodies at will, or to incarnate in new bodies like Humans change clothes. They can also communicate with and temporarily cohabit the bodies of certain humans who have purified themselves through mystical practice and raised the frequency of their spiritual energies. From time to time they even incarnate in Human form, but only when the time is right and only within certain bloodlines. The bloodlines on earth that may provide “clothing” for such a being can normally only produce a worthy vessel though strict selective breeding, yet the proper genetic combinations have happened by accident in the past. Once the ancient priesthood and aristocratic families held this practice of eugenics sacred and through arranged marriages kept their bloodlines pure, though over the ages this practice has fallen into corruption and dysgenics. The aristocratic lines are now purely ceremonial and hold no deeper connection to their original power and grace, yet members of these bloodline exist in normal society unaware of their great heritage, which leaves the possibility for another accidental conception of a worthy vessel. The sacred bloodline is called the Sanctorum Sanguinem, and is the bloodline that produced the most recent incarnation of the Christ Avatar, as well as that of the Buddha, Akhenaten, Zarathustra, and Melchizedek. But there is a parallel bloodline that we call the Maladictus Sanguinem that regularly produces spiritual clothing for the Asuras, this bloodline has invaded and corrupted the ancient royal houses descended from Atlantis. The Maladictans are a race of demoniacs, that sold their bloodline in perpetuity to the Demiurgus. They walk amongst us disguising their evil, and have infiltrated the highest echelons of our decaying institutions to become the secret masters of our civilization.

Part Three: Aryan Anthropology

Exordium Anthroposophia

The subject of humankind’s creation and evolution has been hotly debated by both the religious and scientific community alike. Aryanity strongly refutes both the Biblical “Creationist” stance as well as the so called “Out of Africa” theory and takes the stance of racial science. The former claims all Humankind came from the Adamic race approximately 6000 years ago, while the latter attempts to explain human evolution as a simplified linear progression, and ties the “races” of humankind together as closely related with only superficial differences. In reality the story is much more complex with many back and forth migrations and long periods of isolation. The so called “races” of humankind are indeed related but much farther back than mainstream academia asserts, being separated by eons of time in certain cases. It is true that we evolved from what is known as Homo Erectus, but the term “Homo Sapiens” is an insulting misnomer as it reduces Aryans to the level of the sub-Humans that still exist on our planet. What has been termed the Human races, are actually distinct species of Hominidae, which developed in a multi-regional genesis from various lines of Homo-Erectus that had migrated around the globe many eons before the first modern “Humans”. The actual birthplace of true humans was Eurasia, not Africa and occurred via the gradual progression and sometimes rapid selection of multiple branches of homo erectus that existed outside of Africa for some time in the fertile crescent. As these earlier hominids braved the harsh elements of the Eurasian steppes the environmental selection forced them into a genetic bottleneck allowing only the strongest and most clever to survive, which hence resulted in modern Humans. Aryanity asserts that the first modern Humans were what was termed by early anthropologists as “Cro-Magnon” man. Cro-Magnon came into existence in the Eurasian steppes approximately 44,000 years ago, then around 33,000 years ago began the split into Aryans and Mongols via a slow process of migrations, interbreeding with Neanderthals, and long periods of isolation. As stated in the Aryan Mythology this split eventually resulted in another split where a population of Western Cro-Magnons braved the polar ice and traveled northward to Thule becoming the Hyperborean and Atlantean Races. From here we must focus one the religious and scientific anthropology of the Aryan race.

Atlantica Evaserunt

Of the Atlantean race that left their ancient icy homeland to reconquer the lower regions some survived the Ancient War and the Deluge. When the war occurred the Atlantean empire stretched from the Atlantic both westerly into the Americas and easterly past Mesopotamia into the Indus Valley. The refugees of the Deluge settled along the new coastlines, while survivors emerged from secret underground cities in Cappadocia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, the British Ilse, and Tibet. Those who survived in the underground cities emerged and established secret priesthoods to help preserved the knowledge and wisdom of the Atlanteans from the ravages of the coming long dark age. Priesthoods were formed by the survivors of the Indus Valley kingdom of Harappa in the east, and in the west the kingdom of Cappadocia spread their civilization into the Fertile Crescent founding ancient Sumer. Eventually the ancient Sumerians merged with the Indus Valley civilization and invaded the Indian subcontinent creating the classical Vedic kingdom. And in the British Ilse the proto-Druids formed from surviving Atlanteans. The Kingdoms of Egypt, Troy, the ancient Celtic tribes, as well as the Inca and Mayan civilizations were founded by refugees fleeing the sinking Atlantean continent. In North America the red-haired giants still roamed the land in small numbers until they were overcome by invading Siberian Mongoloids who found passage over the Bering Strait and through the North American Ice Corridor after the melting of the polar ice caps. Later toward the beginning of the Bronze Age, Trojans descended from Atlantis sailed west into ancient Greece and later still toward Rome.

Infrahumanae Chimaeram

These surviving Atlanteans also merged with their continental Cro-Magnon cousins, and some still even mixed with sub-Human beast-men creating hybrid races, which is reflected in the Biblical account of Genesis, and is simply a later distorted retelling of the Sumerian Epics, which descend from the Proto-Aryan cosmogonic myth of Manu or “Man”, Yemo or “Twin”, and Trito or “Third”. In Genesis it is apparent that other Human-like creatures coexisted with the Adamites, whom the Sumerians called the Adamu, otherwise Cain would not have been able to marry when he did. After Cain murders his brother Abel, he marries his mystery wife in order before his third sibling Seth is born. These sub-Human hybrids exist today as the various darker races of the Middle East who exhibit the Mark of Cain, which early biblical scholars identified as dark skin. The eastern Aryans called these beast men the Dasyu and described them variously as barbarians and even demons with “dark skin and flat noses” and was considered by them the lowest of the caste system which forbade intermarriage. Yet even with this strict caste system in place the Hindu Aryans slowly became victims of admixture due to their close proximity. This sin against their own blood was the true “original sin” and not the partaking in the mythical fruit of knowledge which the eastern Aryans called Soma. The creation of hybrid beast-men is expressed as the gravest of sins in many ancient Pan-Aryan cultural mythos, from the story of the Nephilim in the bible, to Grendel of the Anglo-Saxons, to the Rakshasas of eastern Aryan mythos.

Hominae Viuentium

Of the many races of “Humankind” only one race can truly be called “Human” in the metaphysical and biological sense, the rest are in fact Hybrids or sub-Humans. The purest living descendants of the Primum Hominem on earth are none other than those whom are called Whites or Western Aryans. The purest of sub-Saharan Africans, isolated Negroid and Australoid remnants throughout South East Asia, Melanesia, and Australasia are in fact living sub-Humans. They are not “Human” but are the remaining descendants of the split between Human and sub-Human Hominidae. The fact that White Aryans can have offspring with them does not make them Human, just as the fact that dogs having offspring with wolves does not make wolves dogs. Negroids and Australoids are the remnants of the wild archaic and less evolved ancestors of Humans called Homo-Erectus who themselves split from even less evolved apelike Australopithecines. They have intellects, desires, and physical features closer to that of the ape form. As for the various other races from Mongoloids to non-Aryan Caucasoids, they are actually various hybrids types developed through the intermixing of Cro-Magnons and pure Aryans with lower Hominidae such as Neanderthals, Denisovans, and Archaic Africans. Even White Western Aryans are not as pure as their Proto-Aryan or Cro-Magnon ancestors and themselves have a small number of genes picked up from the intermixing with Neanderthal hybrids, whereas Mongoloids had a second breading period with Neanderthals, picking up mutations that resulted in an altered physiognomy. Mongoloids and Aryan Caucasoids are the closest of the races, yet somewhere in the process of biological evolution or rather devolution the Mongoloids either lost or never developed the highly advance frontal lobes of the Aryan which is reflected in their reduced ability to create and innovate compared to the pure western Aryan. Yet Mongols have a highly advance verbal intelligence which gives them a very orderly yet less hierarchical society.

Aeternam Iudaeus

Of all hybrids of the original Primum Homines none are so vile as that of the modern Semites. They are the closest of all hybrids to Human status, yet their hearts yearn only for the sin and evil of their animal nature. They have the intellect of an Aryan, yet their animal nature drives them to use it in service to the Demiurgus as his agents of murder, rape, deceit, and everything Aryans find vile. The Semites, which include both Arabs and Jews are the offspring of ancient invading Proto-Aryans into the fertile crescent region who enslaved and mixed with a now extinct Mesopotamian Negrito/Neanderthal hybrid race. A renegade branch of the invading Sumerian Proto-Aryans who continued practices of debauchery after the Ancient War, bred this slave race from their own blood, so as to make them more efficient slaves. This grave error has been repeated time and again with the Aryan slave master engaging in sexual relations with their slaves, the hybrid offspring of which are monstrous abominations who have led civilization after civilization to ruin. This error is reflected in the story of Cain and his mystery wife, the union of which created the sons and daughters of Cain who became the Canaanites, which were progenitors of what we now call the Semitic race, that is Arabs and Jews, whose ancestor originally had a more negro appearance with darker skin and curly black hair but with the large hooked nose and midsagittal prognathism of the Neanderthal. They are the ancient enemy of the Aryan race and due to their hatred for us rebelled against the Verbo and surrendered their bloodline completely in service to the Demiurgus and its agent Satanas who was none other than the Third child of Eve, Seth. Seth is depicted as a great and virtuous man in the biblical texts, yet he only appeared that way outwardly. While Cain and his descendants were vile openly, the Sethites disguised their evil with clever speech, and secret plans. The Daughters of Seth and the Sons of Cain bred to create the Maladictus Sanguinem. The Maladictans are a race of demoniacs, who ritualistically sold their bloodline in perpetuity to the Demiurgus, which they now call Yahweh, but who their ancestors called Moloch and Ba’al, “The Lord” who was also represented as the Ancient Serpent.

Semenae Serpentium

The story of the Garden of Eden is an allegory which encodes a mystery, to break this code and unlock its mysteries one must understand that Genesis should not be taken literally, and that it is only a distorted retelling of ancient Sumerian epics. “God” of Genesis is not the god of the Jews nor their ancestors, and is actually multiple “gods” of the ancient Sumerian pantheon, which is why it refers to itself in plural in Genesis 1:26. The Hebrew text uses the word Elohim, which in Hebrew literally translates as “gods” in plural, and not simply one god. An example which proves this fact is the use of the word Elohim in Exodus 12:12 to describe the gods of Egypt. Likewise, the use of the word Yahweh in the biblical texts did not denote the god of the Jews until much later in the bible, and was simply the word for lord. There is an important distinction in the Pentateuch between Elohim (gods), Yahweh Elohim (Lord God/the Demiurgus), and just Yahweh (Lord).  When Eve says the word “Lord”, to refer to he that helped her to conceive, she is speaking of the Serpent who helped her to know sex, the forbidden fruit. The Serpent is an allegory for the renegade faction that bred this monstrous race as they were Sumerians that broke the taboo of breeding outside of their godlike race, which was forbidden. Both Adam and the Serpent are allegorical characters that represent races of people, and not individuals. This ancient renegade faction was a Proto-Aryan cult whose symbol was the serpent, which symbolizes eternity and energy. They were a cult who utilized their mystical knowledge to do evil and were the first to use the left-hand path to raise their energy levels and break the laws of nature. They were disciples of the faction that caused the Ancient War of Atlantis who survived. They were the Nephilim or Fallen Angels in the biblical texts, also called “sons and daughters of God”. Historically this cult contended with the priesthood of Atlantis and in ancient times brought their cult to both Athens and Rome as the cult of Chronos and Saturn respectively which entered the ancient pagan pantheons. The Semites and later Jews, were their creation, though their Roman and Greek branches no longer exist as a distinct line, being absorbed into the Jewish bloodlines in the Hellenistic period and later in diaspora or suppressed by the early Christian church. They are the Serpent’s Seed, they are the ultimate deceivers and have manipulated their way into positions of power over Aryans many times threatening to destroy us, which would forever leave this world in the Kali Yuga. Yet each time they seem on the precipice of final victory over us they miraculously fail to destroy our ancient people and are once again scattered to the four winds.

Biblicum Fictae

Of the many sources of ancient wisdom to draw from in constructing the Prisca Theologia one must make special mention of the “Holy Bible”. The Holy Bible is one of the most redacted and highly distorted religious texts of all time, especially when it comes to the Old Testament, and only to a slightly lesser degree the New Testament as well. What must be understood by the student of Aryanity is that the ancestors of the modern Jews appropriated historical accounts from other nations, and forged large portions of the Old Testament. It is not an authentic historical account by any means, yet within its pages lay other secrets encoded within its distorted records. To understand the riddle of the Bible, one must come to terms with the fact that this document is a collection of appropriated histories of Sumer, Egypt, Canaan, and Babylon that have been rewritten to make it appear that the Jews of today are descended from the Hebrew Israelites who were in fact the Habiru of Egypt. It becomes easier to understand this text when one realizes that it has three different sections, that represent three different historical cultures, that worshiped three different archetypal pantheons. The first portion is represented by Genesis and shall be known as the Sumerian Tract, it is a much later retelling of the Sumerian Epics from the highly distorted perspective of the Sumerian slave race that we now call the Semites. The “god” of the Sumerian tract is not a god at all but actually multiple Proto-Aryan demi-gods from the Sumerian pantheon that were later condensed to appear the same as the monotheistic god of the Jews, the Demiurgus or Yahweh. The texts from Exodus to the Song of Solomon shall be called the Egyptian Tract, and is an appropriated and highly redacted history of the middle and new kingdom periods of the Egyptian Empire. The time period covered in the Egyptian tract that describes the kingdom of Judah and Israel is actually a much later retelling of when that land was occupied by the greater Egyptian Empire during a time when it stretched to the Upper Euphrates. The patriarch depicted in these texts from Abraham to David are actually appropriated Egyptian Pharoahs with no relation to the modern Jews or their ancestors. The third and last portion of the Old Testament is composed of the texts from Isaiah to Malachi and shall be called the Jewish Tract. These texts along with the redacted earlier tracts were actually written by the Jews after the Babylonian Exile but redacted to appear that they represented to factual history of the Jew, who were in fact Edomites that adopted the culture of the true Jews or the Tribe of Judah, whom are now extinct.

Maladictus Sanguinem

The Jews are the Maladictus Sanguinem, the accursed bloodline of whom today are called Semites, they are descended from their ancient patriarchs Cain and Seth whose sons and daughters intermarried respectively. Aryans are not descended from the Adamites, though the Adamites were descended from invading Proto-Aryans. Aryans were once worshiped as the very gods depicted in these ancient texts by the people they conquered and mixed with. Jewish history is highly convoluted and not at all what is claimed as their history in the biblical texts. They are not truly Semitic (from Shem), or even truly Jewish (from Judah), they are descended from Hyksos invaders into ancient Egypt who later settled in Edom outside of Judah, which was during biblical times actually a part of the Egyptian empire. They simply came to speak a Semitic language which descends from the insular language of the ancient Sumerians who bred them. They are what Jesus Christ called the “Synagogue of Satan”, “which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie”. This accursed bloodline once invaded ancient Egypt causing a holy war between the cult of Set or Satanas and the worshipers of Amen Ra who were descendants of the Atlantean priesthoods. Set is the original name for Seth, the Third son, he is their ancestor and patriarch through the marriage of the daughters of Seth and the Sons of Cain, hence why their bloodline is maternal rather than paternal. They were eventually deposed and driven back into the desert from whence they came, but over time these Edomites migrated back into Lower Egypt and the New Kingdom, adopting the culture and language of the Hebrews or Habiru while secretly practicing their satanic religion in private. They caused the division between the kingdom of Judah and Israel and after the great Babylonian exile returned to Jerusalem worshiping their deranged Demon god under different names, eventually appropriating the name Yahweh and further appropriating, redacting, and forging what we call today the Old Testament, which is simply a collection of Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian history and mythos appropriated by them but not truly theirs. The early prophets from Abraham to David were of Proto-Aryan (Sumerian and Egyptian) stock and persuasion, yet those who came after from Isaiah to Malachi where written by Edomites who spoke Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and occupied the lands that were once those of the Hebrew Israelites just as the Arabs now occupy Egypt but are not in any way descended from the ancient Egyptians.

Sanctorum Sanguinem

As it is the impulse of the Semite toward rebellion against the verbo, it is the impulse of the Aryan soul toward spiritual evolution and to regain our ancient utopia that was lost with the fall of the Atlantean empire. The royal bloodline that descends from Atlas himself still exists and has interwoven its way through the annals of history and has manifested as various royal houses from Egypt to Troy to Macedon and on to Rome and further still to the medieval and contemporary royal lines of Europa. The members of this paternal bloodline have been some of the most notable people of history and include such names as Ka, Akhenaten, Solomon, Alexander, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, Constantine, and then on to the bloodlines of many European Royals. This bloodline is the Sanctorum Sanguinem or Sacred Bloodline and has been the ancient rivals of the Maladictus Sanguinem, the accursed bloodline that we now call the Jews. An ancient spiritual war has been fought between these two bloodlines on earth since time immemorial, yet many of their most prominent members have unfortunately fallen into dysgenics and degeneracy through miscegenation with the Maladictans, who enticed the royal families with wealth to make family alliances through intermarriages. Yet many still exist and live unaware of their sacred heritage. It is from this bloodline that the great Kalki is born and will one day make his presence known, but only when the final war comes that will cleanse the earth of the Maladictans demoniacs and their armies of darklings.

Part Four: Aryan Christology

Exordium Christologia

As observing Aryans, we practice the religion of Aryanity which finally unifies our people under a single Pan-Aryan racial and religious doctrine, which is both Pagan and Christian for it reveals and revives the original nature of Christ as an Aryan Pagan archetype and Christianity as a Pagan Gnostic religion. Aryanity show our people through perennial philosophy how this archetype is expresses in the many Aryan pagan religions as the Avatar of the supreme being, and strongly refutes the ironic notion that Christianity is a Semitic religion or somehow Jewish in nature, when it is intrinsically an anti-Semitic religion founded on rebellion against the Edomite Jew. As Aryans we respect and revere all of our ancestors whether they were Pagan or Christian and embrace the beauty and majesty of our culture throughout the many phases of our development as a culture. It is the destiny of Aryanity to create the solidarity we need as Aryans to fight our many enemies, for to fight our many enemies we must stop fighting amongst ourselves. Hence Aryanity has been revealed to Aryans to unite us as a single culture, with a single racial religion that also unifies our past with our future. To do this, both racially aware Christians and Pagans must embrace the Aryan Christ and reject any false notions that slander the Christos created both by the facsimile church, which succeeded him, as well as the neo-pagan movements who reject him entirely because all they know is this false image of him. The Christos is the light who will lead us out of perdition through victory against our ancient enemies, the Maladictans, and their master the Demiurgus. May the truth of the true nature of Christ set our people free from the psycho-spiritual shackles created by our ancient enemies.

Lux Mundi

As surviving post-Atlantean Aryans spread once again from their scattered realms stretching from west to east, civilizations have risen and fallen according to a predictable cycle. The impulse of the Aryan soul is to strive to escape the suffering of this material world, thus we utilize our superior intellects inherited from our Atlantean ancestors to conquer the struggles of life. Yet with each advancement new troubles arise which become a never-ending series of struggles. Our ancestors created the greatest civilizations of recorded history, erecting monuments to their archetypal gods, and temples for the purpose of worship and philosophical discussion such as the Ziggurat of Ur, the Temple of Luxor, the Temple of Solomon, the Academy of Plato, the Parthenon of Athens, and the Pantheon of Rome, etc. Yet as each civilization builds itself up, its foundations are undermined by our ancient enemies who always find their way into our presence and these foundations begins to crumble under the weight of the monumental civilizations we create. Eventually this results in societal collapse that in turn result in periods of darkness until the next civilization is built upon the ruins of the last. This same predictable cycle has happened in every Aryan civilization from the classical Vedic civilizations and the civilizations of the fertile crescent, to ancient Egypt, and then on to ancient Greece and Rome. Every one became undermined by foreign migratory invaders who were allowed to slowly seep into the cracks of these societies due to the greed of some and the pathological altruism of others. In India the eastern Aryans succumbed to miscegenation with the Dravidians, the Persians succumbed to Arabs, Egypt rose and fell multiple time due to Nubians, Hyksos, and eventually succumbed entirely to Arabs. Classical Greece succumbed to Jews during the Hellenistic period. Then came the Roman empire which destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Jews who migrated into Rome to undermine. Rome was well on its way toward the dysgenic and degenerate cycle that afflicted other Aryan civilizations until the Christian religion taught them to resist the Semites, both Arabs and Jews, as well as previous Saturnine cults. During and after the Roman period, Christian Europe had nation after nation infiltrated, undermined, and corrupted by Jews in diaspora. Over a hundred times the Jews were driven out for high crimes ranging from schemes of usury to ritual murder. Likewise, wave after wave of Arab and Mongol invasions were driven off. As Europe waged this ancient war against its enemies, our ancestors explored and colonized the world. Though it seems that allowing the Jews to continue their existence in our lands to scheme and undermine took its toll on Europe, and its colonies throughout the west. A great man came who gave one final valiant effort at driving out the Jews, which resulted in their army of slaves waging a final world war, ending the last and greatest hope for Europe. Since then, Europe has been invaded by a vast army of darklings and subjected to racial humiliations at the hands of their Jewish overlords. White Aryan population is in decline and we slide ever closer to annihilation. Is there hope for us?

Alterum Christus

Historically, every time Aryan civilizations descend into absolute dysgenics and degeneracy a chosen one comes, whose word leads the wayward souls out of perdition. He comes to teach his people the Prisca Theologia, so that they might have the ability to ascend from this world and the prison of the flesh. This Avatar is the Christos, who incarnates in human form when Aryan society needs him the most. He has come many times, not just once, and is always preceded by a great martyrs, great philosophers, and prophets. His disciples then minister to a civilization in turmoil spreading his word, the Verbo. At times this Avatar comes as a healer, and teacher, while other times he comes as a mighty warlord and destroyer. The biblical prophecy of Revelation it states that when he returns his weapon will be is his word, for it is written “out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations”. The word “nations” in this context literally translates as “the races”. He is mentioned in every great Aryan Religion, and is always recognizable from his attributes. He is said to be born of a Virgin, on the last day of the Winter Solstice, December 25th, attended by three Wise Men, and hunted by an evil king. At a young age he ministers to his elders, then disappears for many years, some legends have him traveling east, some west, but he always has a hiatus before he begins his ministry. The age of his ministry begins from late twenties to early thirties, and his disciples often number as twelve or thirteen, at times he leads a great war, while other incarnations he is persecuted and assassinated, others still he lives his life teaching or a combination of the three paths. His archetype is associated with the Morning Star, and a Tree of Wisdom, where he is crucified, or enlightened. In the Vedic traditions he is Krishna, then much later the Buddha. In Egypt he was Thulis from Thule, and later was depicted as Horus who was the incarnation of Amen Ra. In Persia he was Mithra, then later Zarathustra. In Europa the ancient Druids called him Hesus, the Greeks called him Dionysus, then later the Germanic tribes knew him as Woten who was crucified on the World Tree and pierced in the side by a spear, and whose son Baldur was remembered from the first to the last day of winter Solstice, called Yule after the Goddess by the same name. There are in fact many more versions of him that descend from the archetypal religion of Atlantis, the Prisca Theologia. He is even known as far as the Mayan civilization as the White, bearded god Kukulkan and Votan, and to the Incas he was Viracocha.

Ecclesia Facsimile

Most are familiar with his most previous incarnation as Jesus Christ, who contended with the Jews, and was thence persecuted and crucified. Though many are unaware that his church was subverted early on by the Maladictans and transformed to serve the whiles of the Demiurgus. Since then, the true Gnostic church has remained underground, only resurfacing on occasion to be violently suppressed by the fake church. Unbeknownst to much of the clergy and laity of this false church, the church has been used for centuries to mislead souls away from the truth of this world rather than toward it, being convinced otherwise by proxy of the partial truths it revealed while masquerading as the genuine article. The evil clergy of this false church mass murdered members of the true church over the centuries, and set about to destroy the esoteric Gnostic texts that revealed the Arcanum Arcanorum, that is the true nature of the world, Yahweh as the Demiurgus, and the true nature of the Christos as Lucifer, who was falsely conflated with Satanas by the false church. What they created was such a maze of lies that anyone not guided by the light of true Gnosis, the Black Light, Occultatum Lucis would lose their way, never to find the truth. Yet even within this maze of deceit some found the truth, these secret Gnostic priesthoods carried on the traditions of the ancient Atlantean priests preserving the wisdom traditions of the west. The Demiurgus, who is the Father of Lies and his agent on this earth who we know as Satanas, immediately attack and degrade the genuine disciples of the Christos whenever he appears, often by creating a facsimile religion to mislead the seeker of truth away from the genuine religion of the Prisca Theologia. This has occurred many times and resulted in not only Christendom, but also some of the most prolific exoteric religions such as Judaism and Islam. Judaism appropriated the true Egyptian religion of Amen Ra and his incarnation Horus and subverted it with the God Moloch who they also called Ba’al, which means Lord, an epithet for the Demiurgus and the Serpent, which was later renamed by them with the Hebrew word Yahweh. Likewise, as far back as ancient Sumer, the Christ archetype Tammuz and his father Enki eventually were subverted in Babylon with Marduk, which is the Babylonian name for the Canaanite god Moloch, the ancestral god of modern Jews, the god of child sacrifice.

Satanae Synagoga

This ancient death cult of deranged demoniacs, which we call the Maladictans, has persisted to this day in many forms. They still perform all forms of their deranged demonic evil that descend back even farther than their god Moloch, satanic rituals that including child sacrifice, blood drinking, and child rape, while also engage in incest to keep their demonic bloodlines pure. Likewise, they are the architects of war and suffering on this earth, required of their god as an expression of their demonic sacrificial offerings, which they call “Holocaust”, which translates as “burnt offering”. They are the masters of deceit and manipulation and have refined demonic evil to an art, regularly engaging in theft, usury, rape, slavery, torture, and murder, with the preferred method to inflict evil on their victims being various forms of subterfuge. Every evil they commit they project onto others and play the victim; it is said that, “the Jew cries out as he strikes you”. These practices are prescribed in detail by their most “holy” book known as the Babylonian Talmud. Though they attempt to conceal their evil from Aryans, whom they call the “Goyim”, which in Hebrew translates as beast, for they view us as beasts of burden to be enslaved. As they themselves were once bred to be slaves, now they have become the slave masters of the world with the power granted them in service to the Demiurgus. There preferred slaves are White Christians, who worship them as “god’s chosen people”, all the while ignorant of their true nature as blasphemers against the Christos. It is ultimate irony that fake Christians adore the Jews never knowing how much contempt they have for the Christos and his true disciples. Over the centuries in diaspora they have subverted or attempted to subvert every Christian kingdom of Europe and now every country on earth. Their conspiratorial machinations have resulted in their bloodline gaining a controlling share over world affairs and they are now the secret masters behind world government. They are the demonic agents of the Kali Yuga, though the day will come when the Aryan world will once again rise up to topple the throne of Satanas which rests on the shoulders of the Jews.

Sanguine Resurgentis

The wayward descendants of the Sanctorum Sanguinem, that is the sacred bloodline of the Christos, must be identified and remade by purging its corrupted members from its ranks, and thus empowering the pure members who respect their bloodline. Through a strict process of eugenics, the bloodline must be purified of its corruption and the necessary traits must be selected for its offspring. In this way the new Aryan Aristocracy will be created to replace the European families that were corrupted by the Maladictans, thus failing to protect us. These families must be formed and guided under the tutelage of a new clerical order that will make obsolete the religions of the past ages. This process of Eugenesis will be designed with the goal of one day resulting in the birth of the Cosmic Superbeing, a worthy vessel for the very consciousness of Omnis. This Ultima Hominae will come to fulfill the purpose of the Aryan race bringing our civilization to its final age, the Ultima Aevum which will end the Kali Yuga on the material realm.

Magnus Duce

Within the Doctrine of Aryanity special mention must be made of who we know as the Great One, Adolf Hitler, and his work to create his “Third Reich”. Adolf Hitler was a great man, possibly the greatest man to grace this earth with his presence since the last incarnation of the Christos. His ideas, work, and martyrdom have spawned a world-wide underground movement of ardent believers and admirers. He has even achieved status as a cult hero amongst Heathens, Esoteric Hitlerists, and racialist Christians alike. One may find evidence to support both that Hitler was a Christian and that he also had Pagan sympathies, truth is that he was an occultist who recognized the truth of Aryan religion, the Prisca Theologia. Those of us Aryans who practice the religion of Aryanity recognize him as a martyr and saint, though we do not recognize him as a Christ archetype, nor as the Great Kalki. We Aryans recognize him as the great leader who paved the way for the appearance of the next incarnation of the Christos in human form. Yet he was one of many great Aryan men and women who helped to define Aryanism, which has now culminated in the form of Aryanity. As Aryans we must always strive to adapt to the ever-fluxing challenges of this world and shed the yoke of outmoded methods toward achieving our ultimate goal of total Aryan sovereignty, while also being careful not to dispose of the wheat with the chaff. Aryanity aligns very closely with Esoteric Hitlerism, though we draw from every Aryan tradition and the work of many Aryan saints, both ancient and contemporary, including those who came after the Great One, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler sought to secure the future of his beloved Germany, and envisioned the Third Reich in succession of the Holy Roman, and German Empires. Aryanity also envisions a Third Empire, though we have expanded upon this vision to indicate the succession of the Old Roman empire of Sol Invictus, and Holy Roman empire of Christ Jesus, with a third and final Pan-Aryan Imperium which will unify all of the Occident as a united Aryan Empire, under the next Christ archetype, Christos Lucifer. We foresee this as the natural conclusion of the evolutionary destiny of Aryan civilization, not a collection of nationalist states, but an empire ruled by a newly revived Aryan aristocracy, where all Aryans regardless of nationality or class are united in our racial destiny against the Demiurgus and his agents, the Maledictans.

Tertium Imperium

It was in diaspora that the Aryan people discovered our true identity during the colonial period, and it is from these colonial countries that the Western Aryan Imperium must rise. As our colonial ancestors explored the world spreading our great people to the four corners of the earth we began to realize that cultural and genetic differences between the various “White” ethnicities were insignificant in contrast to the magnificent differences between Whites and non-Whites. The great history of our people spans thousands of years on every continent, and is inexorably intertwined. Those of Germanic and Slavic descent have just as much right to claim ancient Rome as their cultural heritage as those of Mediterranean descent, and even further back the cultural heritage of all White Aryans descends from ancient Sumer, Persia, India, and Egypt, then on to ancient Atlantis and Hyperborea. It is our destiny to reclaim our birthright not only to our ancestral lands, but also to our sovereignty as a single unified people. This will not happen until all White Aryans unite under a single religion, Aryanity. As Europa is invaded by hordes of darkling we must end the religious infighting and our racially aware folk must accept and embrace a single creed that puts our racial survival above any universal or humanistic notions of previous false religions. Likewise, we cannot attempt to revive regional dead religions which exclude any ethnicity of the greater Aryan people. Our evolution into this great form is an expression of the will of Omnis and our own souls, to deny it as a reality is pathological and an abomination. Therefor we must throw off the yolk of both universalist and regional politics and religion to embrace pan-Aryan racialistic religion and politics. The Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Alpine, Dinaric, and Romanic western White Aryan peoples must unify under a single banner, for truly we are one people. Our race is our nation, our race must be our religion, and no archetype can unify us like the Christ architype for he has come and been expressed in every ancient Aryan cultural mythos. We must turn to him with proper understanding of his nature if we are to unify our people.

Part Five: Aryan Methodology

Exordium Methodicam

Before we Aryans can be successful in thwarting our own extinction on this earth, so that the souls of humankind are not trapped here forever in perpetual Kali Yuga, we must first purify ourselves from the corruption, dysgenics, and degeneracy forced upon us by the designs of the Demiurgus and Jewish control matrix. This must begin with strict mystical discipline, and the formation of a monastic community that will serve as the next secret priesthood to carry on the wisdom of the ancient Aryans. Verily this priesthood already exists, but its hierarchy must be populated with a new breed of Aryan warrior priests, whom strictly practice the mystical methodology of the Aryans, Aryanity. By training the mind/body/soul triune, one learns to raise their spiritual frequency, developing the “gifts of the spirit”. In this way we may acquire the spiritual weapons we need to fight this final racial holy war that will end the Kali Yuga, thus inaugurating the next golden age of our people. Our ancestors knew these practices well, and how to develop their mystical abilities, to achieve mastery of self and thus mastery of life. This mystical methodology will give us the power to defeat our enemies on the spiritual as well as the material realm. We must once again build a civilization on the material plain that provides a waypoint for wayward souls on the evolutionary ladder, up and out of perdition, thus defeating the designs of the Demiurgus, and freeing us from this prison of the flesh in life and death.

Mystici Excessus

The first principal of the Aryan mystic is the recognition of things that are unseen by the five senses, particularly the energies which animate life. One must develop a higher awareness or a sixth sense of those things which exist beyond animal perception, this begins with the awareness of energies within and outside of one’s physical body that we call Anima. The ancient eastern Aryans called this force Atman while the Greek sages called it Zoe. The ancient Aryan mystics studied and developed practices and techniques to help one raise the frequency of one’s spiritual lifeforce so that its power could be amplified to achieve Gnosis or Samadhi, that is spiritual enlightenment or Occultatum Lucis. This process requires one to induce an altered state of consciousness which in turn produces Ekstasis or spiritual ecstasy. There are two paths that a spiritual practitioner might travel toward a higher awareness. One is a more direct path while the other is the long path less traveled, we call these the left-hand path and the right-hand path, magick and mysticism respectively. On the left-hand path are various methods that can help one to induce such altered states of consciousness, from certain rites and rituals to the ingestion of certain potions or drugs, which was called pharmikeia by the Greeks, otherwise known as sorcery. This more direct path allows one to reach the mountaintop by climbing straight up the cliff, though this method is dangerous, and more often results in losing one’s grip on higher reality to fall beyond where one started, ending in spiritual and physical harm. The methods of the right-had path, otherwise known as mysticism, may not be the most direct path, though the path is less dangerous and more often results in success, spiritual strength, and a more permanent ascension to the mountaintop. Once there, closer to the heavens and far above the world below, one’s perspective becomes broad, allowing the ability to perceive ultimate reality, Gnosis. The various methods on the mystical path range from drumming and dancing to chanting and prayer to meditation and contemplation as well as various ascetic practices such as fasting, self-denial, and physical ordeals. These practices are coupled with the intentional control of the breath, which the Greek sages called Pneuma and the eastern Aryans called Prana. By controlling one’s breath one can either slow of quicken their internal rhythm to achieve various altered state of consciousness. Likewise, the purification of the body of sin, opens it up to becoming a vessel of divine power, as water cannot remain pure in a filthy cup, likewise the divine power of Omnis cannot be contained in a filthy vessel.

Potentia Animus

By remaining strict in our spiritual disciplines, one gradually becomes more aware of those things that are hidden to most. One must realize that the mind is a product of the spirit and not of the brain, the brain functions a transceiver of psychic energy, which travels within the aether beyond spacetime. Our entire reality, including our physical bodies is an illusion of the mind, or rather a projection of it. One whose spirit is tuned to a higher frequency amplifies their brains ability to transceive psychic energy. The more one’s mind come closer to the cosmic core of psychic energy, what the eastern Aryans called the Akashic record, which exists beyond spacetime, the greater their ability to achieve Gnosis or Samadhi. During this process of enlightenment, certain mystical abilities can develop like telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychic manifestation. These psychic abilities are paradoxically both a symptom and a cause of Gnosis and once achieved become unnecessary as a tool, but more like an aspect of the psychic singularity that connects one’s soul to the Pleroma or the Primum Aeternum and one’s mind to the Akashic record. Once connected to this cosmic core, spontaneous knowledge begins to manifests in one’s mind without ever reading a book, or listening to a teacher, their teacher becomes Omnis and the Ascended Masters, their book becomes the book of life.

Virtus Turbo

As all matter is simply a particular combination of frequencies of energy, so too is one’s body which houses the immortal soul. Within one’s body exist subtle bioenergy vortices, pathways, poles, and fields which the eastern Aryans called Chakras, and are connected to various nerve plexuses and ganglia. These Chakras anchor one’s spirit within the prison of the flesh and prevent one’s energy from being released. The anchor or root vortex is in front of the base of the spine in the Perineum, and spins in a counter-clockwise motion in those suffering from attachment to the material realm. This anchor of energy can only be released through mystical disciplines such as celibacy, and certain types of sexual or Tantric practices, the process of which reverses the flow of energy. The second vortex is slightly father up the spine, called the Sacral Plexus, and connected via the nervous system to the belly button, which in turn connects to the Solar Plexus and the third vortex. Once these vortices are opened it allows one the special ability to Astral Travel whereby ones Astral Body can detach from the physical body and travel in the astral plane either in deep meditation or during sleep. Once the astral body is detached it can travel freely in the astral plane yet is still connected to the physical body via what is known as the Silver Cord, a thin band of energy that connects to the belly button like a spiritual umbilical cord. One must fortify themselves with prayer and purification from spiritual attack before attempting astral travel, as this opens the physical body to demonic attack, and can result in possession of your physical body by demonic entities. These two vortexes require proper deep and controlled breathing to open, whereby one breaths low with the stomach. Once opened and stable one begins to open the fourth heart vortex or Cardiac Plexus, which requires a slowing of the heartrate. The process of opening the heart vortex begins the crossing the bridge which is the fifth vortex associated with the various plexuses and ganglia of the throat and then continuing up into the brain. Crossing the bridge brings you to the Carotid Plexus and the sixth, Pineal Vortex, also called the Third Eye by various mystery schools, the opening of which brings spontaneous insights and greatly amplifies the brains ability to transceive psychic energy. The opening of the Third Eye releases a natural chemical in the brain called Dimethyltryptamine, which helps to connect all energy pathways to the Cerebral Cortex which connect to the seventh and final Crown vortex. By polarizing the energy pathways in the body, the psycho-spiritual energy of the soul connects to and is charged by the latent energy of the cosmos which connects one to Omnis, The All. This charging of the soul happens in a trance state or Ekstasis and manifest physically as a hair-raising feeling of extreme power and pleasure which brings about a state of complete bliss.

Virtus Clypeus

This polarized bioenergy creates a field of energy known as a Taurus field, which occult practitioners call the Aura due to its appearance as a field of light to those who have developed the ability of second sight. This second sight is the ability to actually see the energy fields produced around physical bodies and disembodied spirits who either are in the process of transmigration or that are what the Vedic tradition calls Preta or hungry ghosts, which are disembodied souls who fail to transmigrate to another physical body and have not ascended to the Primum Aeternum. The hungry ghosts survive by draining the spiritual energy from living beings like spiritual parasites and are generally malevolent. they causing their victims to release energy that feeds them by telepathically transmitting negative thought forms resulting is feelings of depression, anger, or other negative obsessions. Similar to hungry ghosts, demonic beings also feed on humans by projecting their vile hatred to cause extreme terror in the victim as their means to cause a release in energy, this also creates the added effect of weakening the victim’s aura which opens them up to demonic oppression and possession. This energy field is our only means of protection from negative psychic energies and influences like a spiritual force field, when weakened we lose our ability to deflect negative thought forms and evil. This auric field normally has seven layers, with three major layers that exist in different planes of existence. They do not emanate from the physical body but rather the physical body is the final emanation. In the spiritual plane of the Primum Aeternum exists the Causal Body, the Celestial body, and the Etheric Template, then in the Astral plane exists the Astral body which is the boundary between the spiritual and physical planes, last is the physical plane which exists the Psychic body, the Emotional body, and the Etheric body which surrounds and emanates one’s physical body. The soul is in fact consciousness, when one’s consciousness is centered within the physical body this is the trap of the Demiurgus, also known as the ego, yet once one learns that consciousness in not generated within the body but outside of the body we learn that our consciousness can exist within the spiritual plane or the primum Aeternum, even while alive. If one achieves Gnosis in life their soul exists in the Primum Aeternum, hence their soul has already gone to heaven and will remain there after death instead of continuing the uncontrollable cycle of rebirth. In this way they become Daemones that can transmigrate the cosmos at will, Ascended Masters.

Illectium Lex

The universe we live in, the material world, is illusory and a simulated construct created by the mind of the Demiurgus. This construct is only possible though the Demiurgus’ ability to enslave the conscious souls of the living in its construction. This construct is built according to certain rules of which the enslaved souls follow according to the plans of the Demiurgus. Once one become enlightened to their status as a slave to the Demiurgus one realizes that they are the builders of the construct, and by bending, or even breaking the rules one can alter the construct. Yet if one wishes to build within the construct one must still use the building materials and enlist the help of other souls. This is known as psychic manifestation, and is still governed by certain rules within the illusory construct such as the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that psychic energy or thought interacts with the latent energy which manifests the seen universe, hence a person who is plagued by negative thoughts attracts negative things into their life and vice versa. But the law of attraction is not so simple and more than just the energy of optimism and pessimism, it is also the power of focus. Through meditation, and especially group meditation, one can harness the law of attraction to manifest circumstances within the construct. This focus must be perfected to a fine point of light, uninterrupted by doubt to be effective. The goal must be clearly defined, and focus and will should be unmovable, and through this mountainous obstacle can be moved, especially when many souls focus on and believe in manifesting the same goal. If one does not know how to achieve a goal or solve a problem, the act of focusing on the goal will attract the knowledge and means for acquiring the goal. The Law of Attraction is variously utilized by both Magickians and Mystics to manifest ideal situations in accomplishing goal. Though magickians utilize various rituals, potions, and formulas to trick their own minds or the collective minds of a group into creating the necessary focus, and usually for selfish desires. Whereas mystics utilize the law of attraction in accordance with divine will, surrendering their own personal desires thereby opening themselves up to become vessels of divine providence. Rite and ritual are not intrinsically negative, though can serve as a barrier toward a complete understanding of the mystical process whereby spontaneous miraculous events or synchronicities are produced by the mystic.

Spiritus Spiritualis

The gifts of the spirit spontaneously develop in the mystic through proper living and successful meditation, though meditation requires effort for most and is not as simple as clearing one’s mind of distractions to focus. A mystic that is in a pure state of meditation is unrecognizable in relation to anyone else, for the goal of meditation is not simply to practice it from time to time, but to eventually acquire a permanent meditative state, when waking, when working, and when playing. Through mediation a portion of the mind is amplified and learns to detach from the conscious mind, maintaining a contemplative state on higher reality. There are three normal states of mind known as the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. The subconscious is a kind of psychic filter that separates the conscious mind from the unconscious mind, filtering information acquired by the senses into one’s memory, which in turn transmits these psychic frequencies into the aether to be recorded in the Akashic Record. All but information that seems pertinent to one’s survival or the task at hand tends to be filtered out by the subconscious, while information that one is not normally consciously aware of is processed by the unconscious and stored as memory. This is why under hypnosis people can recall fine details of an experience that they do not remember under a normal conscious state, such as peripheral vision, background information, etc. The unconscious mind also regularly takes over when one is performing repetitive or common tasks, and is actually a state of hypnosis. The majority of one’s psychic energy is devoted to powering the unconscious mind while only a small portion is allotted to consciousness. Through mediation and other mystical practices one can learn to amplify their conscious mind reducing the influence of the subconscious filter. Likewise, in Ekstasis one eliminates the subconscious filter entirely, unifying the conscious mind with the unconscious mind, producing the fourth state of mind called, super-consciousness.

Religionis Ritualia

There are various rites and rituals that can be performed by a student of Aryanity ranging from purification rituals, setting up alters to various archetypes, to initiations rites, marriage ceremonies. These rites and rituals can be performed alone, with a companion, or with a group but require the personal focus of everyone involved. Purification rituals can be through the used of a ritual censure or ritual ablution combined with prayer to Omnis or the Christos for purification of sinful thoughts and forgiveness of sinful actions. The act of asking for forgiveness requires that one contemplates of one’s guilt which must arouse the sense of shame. One must welcome the sense of shame rather than attempting to resist or deflect this emotion. This is the Verbo speaking to your soul and you must be willing to listen and embrace the feeling of shame for one’s sin. Only then can one be purified and continue living guilt free but not free of karmic consequences. To Set up an alter one must first perform a ritual purification, and spend time in contemplation as to the divine archetype one wishes to manifest in their life and why. The place for the alter must be ritualistically cleanse of negative energy via the use of a ritual censure to clear the room, or the sprinkling of salt at all corners of the room while muttering prayers of purification. The alter must be constructed in a clean space, on a flat surface, covered by a ritual cloth. The alter must include an offering cup, a censure, and the image one wishes to use to focus on the archetype. One does not pray to the archetype but prays to Omnis and contemplates the archetypal nature of Omnis so as to manifest the characteristics of that archetype in oneself. If one wishes to be stronger, courageous, smarter, have greater will power, or spiritual insight then one must identify a divine archetype that represents these characteristics and place it on the alter. Contemplate on this archetype daily and give an offering of water, or wine, burn incense and pray to Omnis. Initiation rituals such as knighting ceremonies, inductions, and coronations as well marriage ceremonies must be performed by an ordained cleric or knight of the Aryan religion.

Viventium Spiritualis

Proper living is also a necessary component to the life of an Aryan, and thus requires both moral righteousness and strict self-discipline. The primary tool that all true Aryans possess toward living a righteous life is their innate conscience, which is the presence of the Verbo that guides our life if we let it. Many people have an innate sense of right and wrong, and feel a sense of shame when committing a wrong action or thought, otherwise known as sin. Though it seems that many of the lower races and animals are not guided by this innate sense of wright and wrong. And even within Aryans this inner voice will atrophy due to corrupt cultural influences that compel them to ignore their conscience to shamelessly commit sins. The subject of sin and consequences of sin, called karma by the eastern Aryans, is a complex one, as there is really no complete list of sins that encompass the broad spectrum of right and wrong, and often actions are relative. Such as the biblical commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, no sane person claims that it is wrong to kill an attacker in self-defense, a murderer as punishment, or an animal for food. There are many lists of sins in the many religious and esoteric systems to help guide the layperson or initiate such as the Ten Commandments, the Seven Deadly Sins, or the Eightfold Path, etc. but one cannot rely on lists alone. Sin begins in the mind from improper thought or unregulated emotions, the rule of thumb regarding sin is to ask yourself three questions, “is what you desire to think or do have a reason?”, “is that reason to help you or your folk?”, and “is this action in accordance with natural law?”. These three questions are very important for an Aryan to live a righteous life, though it must be noted that a corrupt person learns to lie to themselves to justify unhealthy desires. So, there is a Prima Lex we must follow written most eloquently by the great play write William Shakespeare, “This above all: to thine own self be true”. Lying to oneself is the gravest of sins against the soul and is the cause of an atrophied conscience. This problem has become so wide-spread amongst modern Aryans at the time of this writing that a new list must be established to help guide our people back toward righteous lives. Thus, a new list of dos and don’ts must be established as law, thus the Law of the Aryans, Lex Aryanica.

Book Two: Lex Aryanica

Codex Legium

Since time immemorial the Pan-Aryan people have established and lived by codes of law so as produce circumstances conducive to orderly civilizations and societies. Usually civic, criminal, and canon law were all included to some degree in each code or overlapped. Law codes such as the Code of Ur-Nammu, the Code of Hammurabi, the Law of Moses, the Edicts of Ashoka, Greek and Roman law, and modern law codes have been developed to confront the challenges of complex societies. Aryans sages and leaders have provided simplified systems of law to their people which provide a general edict to live by, usually in the form of religious law. Religious law codes were developed to provide a general template to follow and build upon, though codes of law will never replace cosmic law which is unwritten and cannot be fully expressed. Hence it is important for a society to realize that it is permitted to use one’s reason when confronted with situations that have not been clearly defined by a code of law as long as the code is not subverted in any way. Anything which goes against cosmic or natural law must be immediately recognized by righteous people as evil. Natural or Cosmic law is simply the survival and prosperity of oneself, one’s family, and one’s nation. Anything that is a threat to that does not conform to natural law and is therefore evil and deserved of justice. As Aryans we find cosmic law to be self evident, though the evil of the Maladictans confounds and confuses many to going against cosmic law, by establishing codes of law that go against the best interests of our Pan-Aryan nation and expecting us to abide by them under threat of persecution. The day will come when Aryans will no longer be ruled by weaklings, cowards, and demoniacs, when this day comes we will need a system of laws that will be edict, until that day let it guide us to live proper lives worthy of Aryanhood. Drawn from the wisdom of the many Aryan religious, philosophical, and legal texts we have created an Eleven-point System of law which not only express proper action but also proper penalties for wrong actions. Eleven is the master number of completion of the divine work represent by the Hendecagram. The eleven points of this system are categorized under Sexual law, Marital law, Family law, Dietary law, Social law, Estate law, Monetary law, Hierarchical law, Political law, Martial law, and Clerical law.

Codice Sexualis

The first list of laws falls under Sexual law, as it is from sexuality that all life springs, within the wisdom traditions it is unanimous that sexuality should be only between a sexually mature man and woman who are married. All other forms of sexuality that divert from the natural purpose of sexuality for procreation are considered an abomination and unnatural. The worst of all sexual crimes is that of  an adult engaging in grooming, enticement, or sex with a prepubescent child and is deserved of execution. The second sexual crime is sexuality of any form with animals and is also deserved of execution. The third sexual crime is sexuality of any kind with the same sex and is deserved of public shaming first offense, public torture second offense, and public execution third offense. The fourth sexual crime is that of rape and is deserved of public torture first offense, sexual mutilation second offense, and public execution third offense. The fifth sexual crime is that of prostitution, pimping, or pandering prostitution of which all three are deserved of public shaming first offense, public torture second offense, and public execution third offense. The sixth sexual crime is betrayal of one’s marital vows by committing sex acts with someone other than one’s spouse and is deserved of public shaming and divorce. The seventh and last sexual crime is that of sex out of wedlock and is deserved of public shaming, if a child is produced the crime is aggravated and deserved of marriage, if marriage is denied by the father then lifetime restitution can be demanded, if denied by the mother then the father is released from responsibility.

Codice Maritali

The second point is marital law, as it is from marriage that families are formed which are the foundations of a strong society. It is unanimous amongst the wisdom traditions that marriage is between a sexually mature man and woman for the purpose of family rearing and companionship. Marriage is a holy union that is a microcosm off of the first union of the holy Father and holy Mother architype of Omnis, and thus is a sacred institution. Vows of marriage are taken between the husband and wife that cannot under any circumstances be broken, without penalty. Once married the wife is graciously subordinate to her husband who role is the rearing of children and making of the home. Likewise, it is the husband’s responsibility to support his wife and children and lead his family by example. The first marital crime is also a social crime and is that of matricide and is deserved of execution. The second marital crime is the crime of adultery and is deserved of public shaming and divorce. If the two have children there are further penalties, if the wife commits adultery it releases the man from responsibility for the children and gives him the option to take custody. If the husband commits adultery it results in lifetime restitution in the form of child support and alimony. The second marriage crime is also a social crime and is that of physical assault against one’s spouse and is deserved of clerical counseling first offense, public shaming and divorce second offense with the same penalties attached as adultery if they have children. The third marital crime is lusting over another person who is not one’s spouse and is deserved of shame and prayer, and further clerical counseling

Codice Familia

The third point is family law as it is strong families that make strong societies. It is unanimous within the wisdom traditions that families only become stronger the more members it has. Likewise, strong families replenish the strength of a healthy nation. The first family crime is also a sexual crime and is that of incest between a parent and a child and is deserved of death to the parent fostering of the child. The second family crime is also a sexual crime and is that of rape of a sibling and is deserved of public torture and imprisonment until which time one is deemed able to be a productive member of society with the understanding that any other sexual offenses carry the death penalty. The third family crime is also a sexual crime and is that of mutual incest between siblings which is deserved of public shaming first offense, public torture second offense, and public execution third offense. The fourth family crime is also a social crime and is that of assault resulting in serious injury of a family member and is deserved of clerical council first offense and imprisonment second offense until deemed fit to rejoin society on the condition that they have no contact with the family member, life imprisonment and servitude third offense. The fourth family crime is that of permanent abandonment of one’s family and is deserved of public shaming, lifetime restitution, and being barred from future marriages.

Codice Prandium

The fourth point is dietary law, for it is from the consumption of food and water that our lives are dependent. Modern Aryan society has grown fat and weak due to excess and our society abandoning the traditions of our ancestors to follow the dietary advice of other cultures. The healthiest Aryan societies stress only two meals per day during normal days, one in the morning and one at night. No more is needed, and  any excess results in unhealthiness and obesity. The healthiest diet of an Aryan should be equal parts of fruits and vegetable with meats and dairy, while grains should be limited to one serving per day. Dairy is the exclusive food of the Aryan as our ancestors adapted to consume it during periods of food scarcity, thus giving us a survival advantage. Hence dairy animals should be cared for and only slaughtered for meat when they no longer produce milk. Alcohol should also be limited to one serving per day except on feast days. On feast days the dietary rules do not apply and one is encouraged to eat and drink their fill in celebration, and is likewise encouraged to share food and drink with others. Though feast days should also be accompanied by a fast day or days on the opposing position on the wheel of the year for purification and building self-discipline, When fasting one must observe proper religious rites and enter into contemplation and prayer. The production of food must be protected and only heirloom seeds and heritage breeds should be grown and raised. Harvest time should be in accordance with the cycles and slaughter of animals should be humane and performed with prayer of thanks to Omnis and to the soul of the animal.

Codice Socialis

The fifth point is social law, for it is the responsibility of the individual to conduct themselves in their society in such a way as they are not a hinderance to the functionality of society as a whole, but rather that their presence in society help the whole to function more efficiently for the betterment of all of its citizens. This requires the willingness to work with others and respecting one’s place in the social hierarchy, those of the greatest abilities in intellect and will should hold the highest positions of authority in society, while those of little ability or will should hold the lowest positions. Yet those of strong will and little ability should be recognized and treated with respect while those of great ability and lack of will should also be recognized and spurned into using their gifts and fulfilling their purpose for being granted such gifts. The first of the social crimes is murder, anyone who can be proven to have committed murder without just cause should themselves be relieved of their life, thus the deserved penalty is execution. The second social crime is that of assault, anyone who is found to be guilty of unprovoked assault is deserved of public shaming first offense, public torture third offense, and imprisonment third offense until which time it is deemed that they can reenter society with the condition that a fourth offense will result in lifetime imprisonment and servitude. The third social crime is that of theft in the first of second degree, both of which carry different penalties to be determined by the presiding cleric. Theft in the first degree in theft resulting in significant loss of property whereby the victim’s life can be demonstrated to be permanently affected in a negative way. Schemes such as usury, gambling, speculation, forgery, counterfeiting, money laundering, tax evasion, and armed or bank robbery,  are all considered theft in the first degree and such are deserved of lifetime imprisonment and servitude. Theft in the second degree is any petty theft which cannot be demonstrated to have a permanent effect on the victim’s wellbeing. Crimes such as burglary, shop lifting, and non-payment of debts are theft in the first degree and are deserved of public shaming and restitution first offense, stigma and restitution second offense, and imprisonment third offense until it can be deemed that the they can reenter society with the condition that a fourth offense will result in lifetime imprisonment and servitude. the fourth social crime is that of disrespect toward superiors or elders and is deserved of clerical counseling first offense, social shaming second offense, restitution third offense, and imprisonment fourth offense until it can be deemed they can reenter society with the condition that successive offenses will carry longer prison sentences.

Praedium Codice

The sixth point is estate law, for what one creates in life from their knowledge to their property should be passed on to future generation to build upon and likewise pass on to their heirs without outside interference or tax. In this way is how great civilizations are built. The process of inherence must be guided by higher reason, and effect the most amount of family members in a positive way. Yet that is not to say that the estate should be divided, rather that the edifice should remain intact with the leader of the family responsible for allocating shares of the estate and responsibility for its upkeep to other family members. The leader of the family will be chosen by the father and is not determinant on first born, or male status, yet the honor does go to the first-born male if he meets the criteria for competent family leadership. If he does not then the honor passes to the next male heir and so forth. If no male heirs exist then the estate and family leadership will pass to the female heir and her husband who will become the executor of the estate. If no competent heir is produced within a family the honor must remain with his wife after death and she must choose how the estate will be managed. If no competent heirs are produced and no wife lives to take management of the estate, then it must go to the closest next of kin whether that be a sibling or cousin. If no next of kin can be identified, then the estate is donated to the clergy to be managed a utilized by them for whatever purpose deemed by their judgment. Once responsibility for an estate is transferred to the heir it becomes their responsibility to manage the affairs of the estate and to provide for dependent family members, and especially for their mother if she is survived by their father. It also becomes the responsibility of the executor to make proper funerary preparations for the father, and any deceased dependents. All dependent siblings must be cared for and given whatever portion of the estate deemed necessary to help them become independent of the estate. Reasonable monetary or property loans must be given at no interest and with no scruples to a deserved family member at least once. If the loan is squandered and not repaid it then becomes the executor’s prerogative as to whether any further loans should be granted. If siblings of an executor allege incompetence and gross mismanagement with how the estate is being managed by the executor, they may request an inquiry into the affairs of the estate with the clergy who will determine if a transfer of the estate to another family member is warranted. The decision of the clergy is final and must be respected.

Argentum Codice

The seventh point is monetary law, for it is necessary to regulate the medium of exchange as a society builds its edifice. We must recognize that money is not wealth, but rather property is wealth. For this reason, property must never be taxed and we find this to be a corrupt practice which leads to loss of justly earned property. Money is simply the medium of exchange of goods and services and is a tool for building wealth. Money is a necessary evil for an advanced civilization to function, though when unscrupulous men gain control of the money supply they can enslave a nation. For this reason, money should be under the control of the clergy and no other entity. The purchasing power of money must remain static, hence the amount of money in circulation must be regulated through inflation and deflation to remain static per capita. A regular census must be conducted periodically to count the population, and through this inflation and deflation will be controlled. All banks should also be under the control of clergy, who shall provide loans to qualifying citizens at no more than ten percent interest, the percentage of which is determinant on risk. No private citizen or business is allowed to charge interest on loans, anyone who violates this edict is guilty of usury and deserved of the penalties listed under social crimes. All loans between private citizens must be given out of goodness and no private citizen is allowed to request a loan from another private party or citizen after being denied by them once, unless it is a family member. At no time may the clergy loan out more than half of its bank holdings. All interest generated from loans by the clergy must go toward the funding of clerical projects and upkeep. Loans requested must not exceed one’s ability to repay said loans in a timely manner with the loanee’s own monetary holdings or that of a cosigner, and their regular accumulation of money, without consideration of property liquidation. Property cannot be used as surety for a monetary loan, and must be liquidated and put is escrow as surety prior to requesting a loan from the clergy. This practice will prevent a loanee from losing property necessary to their survival or that of their family. Any loan that is not paid on time with accrue added penalties, and anyone who is deemed by the clergy to have abused the loan system will be subjected to restitution and or servitude for the clergy until which time the debt is considered repaid.

Principes Codice

The eighth point is hierarchical law, as strict hierarchy must be maintained, otherwise the civilization collapses into anarchy. The monarchical systems of the various Aryan civilizations have always been the most natural and efficient system, conducive to the prosperity of the civilization as a whole. All other forms of governance that subvert and replace monarchies are simply a reset, and naturally develop into new monarchies and aristocracies due to generational rule resulting in the acquisition of property from which comes power. Rulers within a society should always rule with the prosperity of all of their citizens in mind, if a ruler becomes corrupt and the prosperity of the citizens as a whole or in large part suffers then it becomes justifiable to remove and replace a ruler. Though such a removal should never be pursued for light or transient causes and must only be initiated with the blessing of the clergy. The very top of the natural Aryan hierarchical system is the clergy whose responsibility it is to provide guidance in all things from birth to life to death. The clergy rules over military orders and the monarchs but not over the people per se, all forms of governance and justice is executed by the monarchs, and monarchies develop naturally through their family’s acquisition of wealth or property. It is the monarch’s responsibility to rule over the aristocracy who also develops naturally through their family’s cooperation with the monarchs and their ability to carry out the orders of the monarchs. These natural hierarchies develop in Aryan society due to the genetic predisposition of families to pass on certain traits such as intelligence, power of will, and grace which naturally aid their efforts in acquiring wealth and passing on their estates. Within the aristocracy is also a hierarchy that is managed by the monarch, who bestows titles to the heads of families, who provide service to the monarch. These titles come with land and other property as well as business interests, control of the armies, the ability to appoint statemen, and management of the peasantry, the allocation of which is determined by their ability to manage the title. Many ancient and medieval title systems have been developed and used efficiently, with the lowest rank generally being that of a knight or dame within the military and philanthropic orders which are subject to clerical obedience and control these orders. In this way monarchies develop and fill the void between the clerical and military class. Military orders are the middle echelon and control both the higher and lower echelons, they are subject to orders from monarchs and aristocrats by proxy, but ultimately only with the blessing of clergy. If a monarch becomes corrupt the clergy can order the military class to overthrow the monarch and replace them with an obedient aristocratic family. The military orders also manage and protect the national interests of the civilization and act as the hand of justice for clerics in charge of law. Below the military class is the merchant class who provide management services for that of the aristocrats and monarchs over sectors of the population as well as conduct mercantile trade with other nations, and provide goods and services to society as a whole. Below the merchant class are the agricultural class whose responsibility it is to provide food to the nation, the land they are granted is dependent on their ability to manage the land, hence they can be nearly equal to the merchant class in their ability to employ sectors of the population. Below the agricultural class are artisans and tradesman and intellectuals who depending on their skill and industry can become very wealthy and contribute the most to culture. The lowest class is that of the peasantry or labor class who are content to be employed as laborers by the various industries or businesses within a society. The monarchs and aristocracy must take care that the peasantry does not become too large maintaining a balanced hierarchy. Likewise, they must take care in regulating industry so that laborers are not exploited and that their quality of life remains high or they risk revolt by the peasantry and anarchy.

Politica Codice

The ninth point is that of political law, for politics must remain fare and practiced for the benefit of a civilization as a whole rather than that of private citizens or corporations. Hierarchical societies are a single organism, each of its parts are dependent on the other, the head and the heart become powerless without the feet and the hands as well as everything in between. In as much as the feet and legs must respond to commands from the head, so to must the head respond to the sensations of the feet. There must be communication between the two, in this way a society functions best with each echelon of society passing information from one level in the hierarchy to the next. This is best accomplished in the political process of monarchs allowing a voting system for the populous to determine the need of each echelon, that is each echelon votes on those things that solely effect that echelon, which should be determined by the clergy. Only the head of each family should have the right to vote, that is married male property owners who would be responsible for communicating the needs of their family. This voting system would apply to the heads of families within all echelons of society, and organized by statesmen appointed by the aristocrats who help to govern their various districts. The votes from each district are collected by the departments of the statesmen, and overseen by the clergy to maintain accountability, and the results that are tallied are presented to the aristocracy to be discussed in the court of the monarch who then after considering the advice of his council passes the necessary edicts so that society can continue to function properly or so that any problems can be addressed and remedied. If such problems are not addressed properly then the clergy can overrule the edicts of a monarch but only in the event in a gross error of judgement.

Codice Martialis

The tenth point is martial law, for it is necessary to establish and regulate ready and effective militancy in the protection of a civilization and the advancement of its interests. The goal of any military order is that of complete dominance over any potential enemy of not only its order but that which its order was established to protect. For it is their own families that they ready themselves to fight for. Being a warrior is the ultimate act of love and sacrifice for one’s family, as the family is the nucleus of a civilization, and the civilization must be protected to protect the family. As Aryans it is the duty of any fit fighting age man to sacrifice their lives to protect their civilization and their families by proxy. It is not our duty to fight and die as pawns or mercenaries to further the self-interests of corrupt men such as the many brother wars our people have been indoctrinated to fight in, or the endless bloodshed in service to the evil Maladictans. Within Lex Aryanica we declare that those on the Aryan path will no longer blindly fight brother wars where we are pitted against other descendants of Aryan stock, even if those Aryans have been indoctrinated by the enemy to hate and fight us. Do not hate your fellow Aryan unless they have betrayed their blood by committing miscegenation, even if he belongs to a group that has been indoctrinated to hate you, have pity on them. Always seek diplomatic solutions and promote education as our primary tool to fight the ignorance of fellow Aryans who have been victims of enemy indoctrination and brainwashing. Though we must also realize that we cannot allow ourselves to be maneuvered into a position of weakness by our reluctance to act decisively to any threat to our people’s safety or sovereignty, even if that threat comes from those of our own blood. If diplomacy is stressed and does not have the desired result then the cancer must be cut out without mercy so that it does not spread to kill our entire civilization, with a focus on the source of the disease. What good does cutting out the cancer do if we ignore the cause? For the cancer will surely return. Military might come’s with the ability to organize for a potential fight, our enemies will always attempt to thwart our ability to organize. Though as history has taught us, our ancestors always develop clever means for overcoming such persecutions. Hence, a military order must practice the most profound secrecy and develop any methods necessary to maintain the ability to organize without being suppressed by the enemy. Anyone who threatens this secrecy or violates the code of secrecy is deserved of death, as they threaten the lives of others in their betrayal. Once military might is established, we must make our will known as a people with threat of force if necessary and never abandon our collective will of survival as a people, regardless of costs, for no loss is equal to extinction as a people. As for how that military should conduct itself in a sovereign Aryan society during peacetime. It should always maintain its readiness for any threat, while also serving its people and the clergy in policing, engineering and maintaining infrastructure, and the advancement of the sciences. All fit Aryan men should serve as reservists in a military order or paramilitary order excluding only banking clerics or monastic cleric. All reservists and knights must engage in regular training exercises with their local militia, or commandery until which time one reaches the age of military retirement. Veterans of wars should be shown the highest civic honors and granted special privileges to guarantee their needs are always met. If a warrior dies in battle he must be awarded the highest military honors, and granted a military burial, and his family should thus be cared for by the clergy until which time they show independence. The hierarchy of Knighthood in order from most authority to least authority is the Grand Marshal, the Paladin Martial, the Paladin Harold, the Grand Masters, Quarter Master, Past Masters, Knight Masters, Knight Commanders, Knight Champions, Knights, Esquires, and Pages. Militias are led by Knight Commanders, and militiamen are broken into whatever categories required for successful combat operations particular to their mission.

Codice Clericalis

The eleventh and final point of Lex Aryanica is that of clerical law, for it is the role of the clergy to be the hand which uplifts and guides the Aryan toward spiritual realization, which requires proper living and proper understanding. No society is complete without its priestly caste and will suffer degradation and degeneracy in its absence. The hierarchy of the clergy should be determined on the needs of both the clerical body as well as the civilization they serve, though a basic template will be provided to serve as a foundation for such. The clergy is a monastic community made up of both men and women who remain separate yet parallel and work cooperatively. On the one side there is brotherhood that fosters masculine virtues such as strength, will to power, fighting spirit, education, and leadership, while on the other side there is sisterhood that fosters feminine virtues such as chastity, motherhood, emotional wisdom, philanthropy, and community outreach. These two sides of the monastic community are thenceforth divided into married priests and priestesses and unmarried monks and nuns. Priests and priestesses live with their families in their own homes while monks and nuns live in a monastery which is maintained communally by those who reside there. Marriage should never disqualify a person from the priestly caste and can only enrich their wisdom as a spiritual leader. Likewise, monk and nuns should not be barred from marriage, though some may choose to take and maintain vows of celibacy and thus devote themselves entirely to their monastic life as a servant to their people. One who marries does so with the intent to raise a family, which puts their family first on their list of priorities. Celibates on the other hand choose society as a whole as their family and make the wellbeing of society first on their list of priorities. For one reason or another they sacrifice their genetic line to fulfill their spiritual mission. Celibates are the holiest of people if they can thus maintain their vows and should be recognized as such, though this path should never be chosen out of vanity or for recognition. Omnis chooses this life for the celibate in most cases by creating the circumstances in one’s life which provide signs that this is the predestined path. All members of the priestly caste are expected to abide by and respect  the authority established by the monastic hierarchy. This hierarchy begins with Omnis as the spiritual leader of all Aryans, who we submit to, in obedience and devotion. Below Omnis in authority is the Christos who communicates the will of Omnis to all Aryans. Below Christos in authority are the archetypal Altum Angeli who do the will of the Christos. Below the Altum Angeli are the Magistri or ascended masters who communicate directly with spiritual students on earth. Below the Magistri is the Maximus whom is the highest leader of the Aryan temple on earth who must be selected by the previous Maximus before death as his successor. The Maximus also holds the office of Grand Marshal of the knightly orders. In the event that no successor is chosen then he must be elected by the Perfectae whom are the council of bishops who preside over clerical districts. To become a Perfecti, that is a member of the Perfectae, you must be selected by the Perfectae from the Patronis or Patrons of a brotherhood which presides over individual temples, banks, or military orders. Temples, banks, and military orders have their own separate hierarchies, which must include officers and knights respectively. Knights command the various knight commanderies and paramilitary militias. The Perfectae also preside over the Matronas who are the matrons of a sisterhood. Beneath the Patronis and Matronas are the Patres and Matres. A Pater or Mater are priests or priestesses who conduct services within a temple, with the priest being assisted by the priestess, monks, and nuns or Fratres and Sorores. Below the Frater and Soror is the Laici or laity.

Sactorum Aryanica (Aryan Saints)

The Aryan religion sprang forth from the crucible of world wars, and an age of persecutions for our people, persecutions that advance ever further as this work is written. Our religion has its own patriarchs, prophets, and martyrs just like any other organized religion of the past. It is from them that we draw wisdom and inspiration for their struggle is our struggle. Aryanity is the result of the transformative events at the end of the era where White Aryans were still largely isolated within the borders of Europa. Our ancestor’s discovery of the new world and the subsequent colonial period helped White Aryans to begin a process of self-realization. Our ancestors began to realize who we truly were as a race simply out of contrast to the other races that we came into contact with. Although globalization of western civilization resulted in many catastrophes, it was necessary in helping us to define ourselves as a race, and defining our place on the evolutionary ladder. No longer were the subtle differences in our European ethnicities of much importance when faced with the radical differences we encountered in the other races. It was in the new world that the term “White” was first used as an ethnological contrast to “Blacks”, as it became very obvious to us that the differences between European ethnicities were superficial in comparison to the differences between Whites and Blacks. These differences are not simply skin deep, but differences that developed over millions of years of evolution so that our very natures are incompatible. Our ancestors realized this and began unashamedly to develop the racial sciences, and in spite of the naïve idealism of the anti-racists, the racial science have only continued to be validated. It was these very sciences that began to reshape our scientific as well as our religious thought, merging into a new occult understanding of our world which led to the emergence of a series of patriarchs, prophets, and martyrs. These saints are to be canonized here so that the student of Aryanity may pursue a more profound understanding. With this list of Saints will also be a list of western and eastern Aryan religious leaders as well as doctrines of history that are sources of wisdom and inspiration for the perennial philosophy of Aryanity. Furthermore, a list of people of interest will also be included, not to be revered, but that students of Aryanity should familiarize themselves with to gain a more complete understanding of the Forbidden History. Henceforth is the list of people canonization for sainthood or special mention of the Aryan Religion, Aryanity:

Prophetias Aryanica (Aryan Prophecies)

 Part One: Ultima Bellum (The Final War)

Behold the prophecy of the Pan-Aryan people, written this twenty-second day of December, in the two-thousandth-and-twentieth year Anno Domini. We are an ancient people, a nation of blood and soil, war and toil, but also, a nation of spirit and mind, our true home far beyond space and time. We are celestial refugees upon this earth and within this flesh, making due with what this world provides while we prepare for our journey home. Our mighty ancestors charted a path through history that has brought us to this time and place where we stand at a crossroads. Our ancient enemies, the Maladictans, have genocidal designs toward our extinction, for without our people this world will be lost to darkness forever. We either choose to allow our gradual descent into oblivion and dysgenic genocide or the best of us must choose to continue to exist within this world, to serve as the guides toward the light. Whether this future happens in this universe or another is to be decided by a great and final world war. Our existence here in the material world has always been a rebellion against the rebellion, hence we are angelic reactionaries against the rebellion of the Demiurgus, his demonic minions, and the hordes of darklings who have not yet climbed up the arduous ladder of spiritual and biological evolution. The Father has once again sent the Son in his stead to save the souls of this world. He exists in many places at once, yet none will know his true face, but many will know his words. His tongue is a sharp sword of which he will slay our enemies and subdue the nations. He has given the order to raise and prepare the army of light, to fight the final battle against our ancient enemies and their armies of darklings. Verily the war has already begun, for it is an ancient war, and many wars within the war have already been fought. Under cover of shadow, guided by the Black Light, we will build our army, forge our armor, and sharpen our swords, yet not without suffering many persecutions before the Final War. Though with each persecution our army will grow stronger, until the Final War against evil will commence. This War will last a snake’s age and end only when the Maladictus Sanguinem is no more, in this way the armies of the Christos will overthrow the King of the World, Rex Mundi. The throne of this world will be replaced by a new Throne of Truth, which will sit the New Aryan King, Lux Mundi, whose reign will last one thousand years. This kingdom already exists on the celestial plain beyond spacetime, and the inauguration of its reign upon the earth has already been announced by the Great One who woke our sleeping people. While the King of the World reigns upon the throne of lies, the New Throne is being prepared to descend from the heavens to take its place in front of the lake of fire, within which the King of the World and his court will be cast. No mercy will be given to their servants who will also be cast into the fire. The final battle will take place in many places at once, on the plain where the multitudes crowd. Our weapons will be mightier than any weapon before, sharp and invisible as glass, yet hard and indestructible as diamonds. Only the army of light will be able to wield these swords, and only they will know the secrets of the forge. The Maladictans and their servants who remain till the end to see the throne of lies destroyed will beg for mercy and no quarter will be given, for the time has passed where ignorance is excused, their souls will remain in the abyss of eternal damnation.

Part Two: Ultima Aevum (The Final Age)

Rejoice Aryan man, woman, and child for your name will be recorded in the book of life and your descendants will achieve what was only dreamt of before, yet always beyond our reach. The great monolith that was never completed and toppled from its pedestal of stone, so its base of gold could be stolen by the Maladictans, will be erected once again. The gold will be returned to its rightful owner, and upon it will set the pillar of bronze and iron, capped by a capital made of steel. Upon the capital the eternal fire will be ignited and its flame with reach to the celestial realm uniting heaven and earth. The Sanctorum Sanguinem will be remade, and Aryans will experience their Neogenesis. Through strict Eugenics, the race of lesser gods will take their rightful place upon the mountain and will rule over the underworld, Hades, ne’er to concern themselves with humankind and beasts below. The lands will be broken into permanent boundaries where none will cross and live, yet all will be content and provided for. Conflict amongst the nations will become a thing of the past age, for all humankind will know and accept their place in the hierarchy of nations. Only the new aristocracy will have the mighty weapons that brought peace to the world and all mixing of the nations will be taboo. The darklings that survive the war will go about their lives as they have done for the ages preceding it, for they will no longer be enslaved by the Maladictans and their idol Mammon. With the idol destroyed the race of lesser gods will ascend to ever greater heights, beyond spacetime, fulfilling their spiritual and biological destiny. Worlds upon worlds will be reached and knowledge will be compounded with knowledge exponentially creating singularity. New technologies will be invented, new dimensions will be traversed, new elements will be discovered, and new civilizations will be encountered. Lifespans will lengthen and the psyche will be augmented, yet ne’er will physical immortality be coveted. Beauty and grace will replace utility and austerity, yet abundance will not lead to waste, for temperance will govern efficiency. In this way, Omnis manifests Its presence within Aryan civilization, overpowering the Demiurgus, thence dethroning Satanas as our ruler. But the time will come one thousand years hence, when the cycle of ages comes full circle and the Aryan is challenged yet again by the Homines Daemonia and Satanas. This challenge will herald the end of the Kingdom and we will have to choose again to fade into oblivion, or say simply, “no!” In this day new heroes will be made and a new King will be crowned who will become an emperor destined to rule over the galaxies. He will emerge from the Sanctorum Sanguinem after one thousand years of Eugenesis, he will be Omnis incarnate, the cosmic superbeing. When he comes the Kali Yuga will truly be over and all souls will be released from the material world. A new universe will be made to replace this simulacrum of the Demiurgus. By the power of the Dark Light of the Black Sun, may the Green Ray guide our path until eternity comes.

Orationis Aryanica

Oh Omnis, The never comprehended one, God of the ascended ones.

Please give us the second sight so we may see with your black light,

And guide us with the green ray so that we may never lose our way.

Let us study your arcane mysteries and never forget our histories.

We are Aryans, the true chosen race, yet only because of your grace.

May we fulfill our racial destiny, filled with the vigor of our zealotry.

Oh Omnis, lend us your power, so we may fight until the final hour.

Hail Victory!