Learn who these people were, the prophets of the 卐New Order卐.

If you are a Nationalist and you don’t know who these people are, please educate yourself on the subject of Esoteric Nationalism. These brave pioneering souls built the foundation and later helped to created the framework for a new racialist religious ideology, which draws on and respects the Aryan cultural archetypes of the past while also starting the march forward into a new age of higher consciousness for the white Aryan race. We can look back and respect the greatness of our forefathers achievements and their way of life, while not living in the past or trying to emulate it. We must look forward into our glorious future! We must abandon our failed institutions of the past and embrace a pan-Aryan future, united under a single cultural paradigm which takes into consideration the unifying principals and archetypes shared by the extended members of the Aryan family. if we are Nordic, Celtic, Slavic, Mediterranean, etc. or revere the Pagan or Christian past, Esoteric Nationalism is the one unifying philosophical doctrine that can serve as a bridge between the many factions in the pro-white movement.

Read “Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race” for free!

or buy a copy here

Also on your reading list should be the works of Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi, Guido Von List and others.

2 Responses to “Learn who these people were, the prophets of the 卐New Order卐.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I share a birthday with Matt Koehl. I thought this blog may have been abandoned but I’m glad to see an update. What is the next step from here?

    • That’s awesome that you share a B day with Koehl. Coincidentally I have two good comrades who also share B days with great martyrs of our cause. One was born on Hitler’s B day and the other on Rockwell’s. I myself was born on Christmas. Maybe its a sign of God’s guiding hand. I am currently working on writing another book that is basically a manifesto or rather a collection of metaphysical principals, dogma, mythos, and an organizational platform for a new ministry and political activism group that some of my comrades and I are forming. After much experience working directly as a political organizer I believe that I have a unique perspective on which to build a more successful organization. We will approach things from a Esoteric Nationalism point of view. It will have two branches or “factions” that will focus of different types of activities. One will be mostly propaganda oriented (meme warriors, hacktivists, musicians, graphic artists, video producers, etc.) The other faction will be comprised of people who want to focus more on political direct action, activism, canvasing, etc.) Once I get the platform ready I will post it on this website and I am curently building a new website to represent the new org.

      If you havent read my new book yet, you can read it for free by following the link on the right side bar under “Aryanity: Forbidden History of the Aryan Race (Unabridged)” and if you support my efforts please purchase a copy for WNist library by following the link on the top right. Just click on the image of the book.

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