If you like Aryanity then you will like FreeSpeechTwentyfirstCentury.com

Free speech 21st century is a blog with a plethora of knowledge concerning the Jewish Problem, National Socialism, and Adolf Hitler. The author of the website is a true National Socialist but not what one might expect when imagining the false Hollywood version of National Socialism. Henry Herald Graves is an African National Socialist of the Igbo tribe currently residing in the United States.

He has dedicated his free time toward educating the masses about true National Socialism and what he accurately calls the “Jewish Problem.” He has successfully broken the paradigm of the Jewish Hollywood narrative about National Socialism being a purely “white supremacist” doctrine, which it never was, yet has been demonized as such by the post war Jewish media. Henry and free speech 21st century is a perfect example that non Aryans can appreciate and apply the principals of National Socialism to their own lives and societies. Most of us in the western world are taught that Hitler and the German National Socialist were mindless haters of all other races, but this is not the case. In fact, Hitler’s army was the most “diverse” military of the time, and while the non white units remained separate from the Aryan units to a large degree, there were indeed many non Aryan units fighting for the Third Reich:

This is precisely why Hitler and the Germans had an alliance with the Japanese and other non white nations. Hitler and the National Socialist recognized and appreciated the special qualities of all races and cultures. He wished only to preserve his own people and for other races and cultures to have the same right. He and many peoples around the world recognize that the Jewish spearheaded cultural Marxist forces pushing multiculturalism and globalism are the enemy of all peoples who wish to remain free and independent. Multiculturalism Is actually the enemy of diversity and if allowed to progress will obliterate the special qualities of all races and cultures, and it has all but set the precedent with White/Aryan culture. As Aryan National Socialist we must make a special point to unite with our non white comrades to help break the false paradigm set by the Jewish owned media, and thereby reveal to the masses that they have been heinously lied to by their own government, a government that duped their grandfathers and great grandfathers into utterly destroying and demoralizing a nation the size of Texas simply for wanting to be free from Jewish economic tyranny and for not going along with the plan of world domination being perpetrated then and to this very day by the organized Jewish community. Aryanity stands with any person of Aryan descent or non Aryan descent who has found their way through the labyrinth of lies concerning Hitler and National Socialism. and furthermore, we here at Aryanity wish only for the black community in America to break the mental chains forced on them by the Jewish media which has purposefully and by design created for them a popular culture of degeneracy, which glorifies crime and violence, drug addiction, etc. and has pitted them along with other non whites against Americans of European descent. We must make it clear to them, with the help of enlightened people of color like Mr. Graves an many others that their actual oppressors are the organized Jews who many mistake for whites, and who have for decades fomented racial conflict in this country as a way of bringing about a new type of communist revolution where the non white proletariat is pitted against the white bourgeoisie.

Show your support for Mr. Grave’s efforts by sharing his articles with your friends. And show your support for the many non Aryan National Socialist In America and abroad fighting the good fight to keep the dream which is National Socialism alive!

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