To the Zionist Media!

Don’t you think that you have egged on the sensationalism of the Trayvon Martin case enough. I am ashamed to be an American too (–creator-david-simon-on-trayvon-martin-case—ashamed–to-be-an-american-011408813.html) because most Americans are sheep falling victim to the indoctination of the Zionist media. Trayvon was a little gang banging thug that got dealt with by a half Jew, half Mexican (he’s not even White!!!.) Smells pretty fishy that the Zionist media is attempting to spin it as a White on Black racial issue, and they are creating allot of disenfranchised Whites in the process. Do you Zionist pigs really think all White people are this stupid, to subscribe to this race guilt propaganda. Think again!

And what about that whole mess with (Chick-Fil-A a few years ago. Seems pretty fishy that the Jewish CEO of Starbucks Howard Schulz was quoted several months later at the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting as saying, to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage “we don’t want your business.” (  He later went on to tell a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company. So Zionist media…do you think that this sensationalism and anti-white/anti-traditional values propaganda is working to divide whites further? Think again!

Because we keep hearing stories like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

And the big picture is becoming clear to us…Negros, Mestizos, Jews, etc…(even some very confused whites) all hate whitey. And they are doing everything that their sick minds can conceive of to destroy us and our culture. Some whites are confused enough to think that this racial hatred toward whites is justified due to some supposed crimes committed against their ancestors by our ancestors. But many other whites are finally realizing that they were born innocent, and that they never did anything to anyone, surely nothing to deserve the racial hatred that we as whites have to deal with on a daily basis in the media, in our schools, and even in our own neighborhoods!

All of your attempts (Zionist Media) to divide us, to make us feel guilty, and to destroy our culture is only serving to enrage most of us. So Zionist Media, when do you think that the whites will finally unite together and say collectively, “Enough is enough! No longer will we allow ourselves to be victims in our own nation, no longer will we stand idle as our country is taken from us by foreign invaders, no longer will we feel guilt for the glorious accomplishments of our ancestors, WE ARE WHITE, AND WE ARE PROUD!”

When will it happen?




2 Responses to “To the Zionist Media!”

  1. We should encourage public rallies and in due time our cries of long suffrage will be heard by blind descents of the master race and we can finally reestablish our dominance in our ancestral lands and currently occupied territories if every white citizen spoke out openly on our oppression and retaliated against this injustice our enemies would flee in terror for our ancestors we’re known for there fearless nature and not many dared to match our persistence and tenacity our ancestors women and children fell for the lies of Catholicism and that made us weaklings and doormats and we’ve forgotten our true warrior drive and what we really stand for I say rise up our women and children depend on it the cost of liberation is and always has been blood not saying we should wage war right away but rally our people and breed and join our incomes and resources and our shealdwall will mow our invaders down like grass but we must speak openly about it they can’t silence all of us if we stand United the niggers got their way with the million man March and they even celebrate Martin king as a martyr and our white children are falsely taught that he’s a hero lets flip the script our own March and pull our frightened complacent brothers and sisters out of hiding they will no longer have to walk on pins and needles around niggers and other subhuman species cuz there will be white brethren around the corner to back them up how many niggers had to die before they got there rights the same may apply to us but all this underground secrecy is only diminishing our numbers further speak up speak out only the dead are silent if you have breath if you have a tongue then let your voice echoe loud for all to hear

    • I hear you brother, loud and clear. Speaking up is the first step, and informing others. but it seems that we are stuck in this phase. Now is the time for action. I am open to any ideas that you have to accomplish this. if a march is organized it must not be under any particular political pretense other than revers discrimination against whites. Go to and find me under Aaron Chapman (aka Chappy). you will find people there who share your ideals.

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