Chick-fil-a Revolution!!!

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee declared Wednesday to be Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day! … 0469.story

Did you go to show your support for family values? I did…

So tired of people who choose to live their “alternative” lifestyle ramming it down my throat. Funny how these hippiecrits speak of acceptance and tolerance…but when it comes to Christians and family values…tolerance isn’t in their vocabulary. Liberals claim to support peoples rights to their own point of view then become shocked and offended when they find out that there is other points of view. Funny that this whole Chick-fil-A thing was started simply because the owner said that he supports the traditional family unit and thus his donations go to organizations that support this as well. So now all the liberal hippiecrits and gay people are up in arms because he was supporting something that he believes in. So I guess in backward land (USA) if you live in a two parent, man/woman, family unit that you should donate your money to gay rights organizations or your evil. Seems that this man said nothing about hating gays, but rather that the gays of this country hate conservative straight people, who believe in a traditional family structure, and are brazen enough to state it publicly. I believe in God, I am a conservative, I am a father and a husband, I live in a traditional provider/homemaker family paradigm, my children are raised with morals and discipline…AND I AM PROUD! LONG LIVE THE CHICK-FIL-A REVOLUTION!!!



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