Soul Food: Not Just Chicken Anymore, Human Flesh is Now on the Menu!

By: Aryan White

Fried Chicken, Collared Greens, and Watermelon are no longer the stereotypical food of choice amongst American Blacks…now human flesh is the preferred meal of choice. Seems American Blacks have been allowed to reverted completely back to their natural state of savagery, now that Obama is the ruler of America.

Engineering student, 21, ‘stabbed and dismembered his roommate with knife then ate his brain and heart’–stabbed-dismembered-roommate-knife-ate-brain-heart.html

Cannibalism suspect gets support from East Baltimore Church

Ronald Poppo Identified as Victim of Rudy Eugene’s Naked Cannibal Attack (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Cannibalism in Liberia (VIDEO)

White people in this country need to take lessons from Liberia. Liberia was a colony established by the US as a haven for freed Black slaves:

Without White people running their lives, Blacks left to their own devices in Liberia have accomplished creating the most disease infested, and violent cesspool on earth, kind of like Compton, but multiplied by 10. I say we should have MADE their Black asses go, simply so that they didn’t have anyone to blame for their evolutionary inability to support and uplift a complex civilization. Blacks are simply too stagnate in their evolutionary journey, and have no control over their rampant and animalistic emotional responses…Whites (the majority of us) have graduated to the next level of evolution, i.e. we are capable of higher reason, and that is what sets humans apart from the animals. These Balcks would be much safer, less a danger to themselves and others if they were confined to the primate exhibit in our local zoos.

pictures of Liberia:

4 Responses to “Soul Food: Not Just Chicken Anymore, Human Flesh is Now on the Menu!”

  1. You racist can’t even spell black correct. You miss spelled it balcks. Really?

    • Liberals are the most racist of all Says:

      So I gather you didn’t come to any reasonable conclusions about this article, just wanted to point out a typo huh?
      That’s it? No rebuttal ?? Guess you probably aren’t able to generate one are you? I know you. you’re a unicorn chasing marxist utopian aren’t you?
      liberalisim is a mental disorder

      • Liberals are the most racist of all Says:

        BTW “You racist can’t even spell black correct” ??
        Your grammar is just as bad fucktard

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Blackkk Devils

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