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The Philosophy of Eugenics in National Socialism

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Aryan White

When one speaks on the subject of Eugenics one must first state a few word on the subject of Utilitarianism. Within the philosophy of Utilitarianism we find that those things which have utility, i.e. things of practical use, which fulfilling a survival need are given greater importance than things which are purely aesthetics, i.e. things of an emotional, artistic, or abstract nature. Utilitarianism is most commonly understood in the maxim; “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” Simply put, two people in a group of three wish to do one thing when the other wishes to do something else, by default the wishes of the two is of greater importance than the wishes of the one, unless other variables are added to the equation, such as the actions of the two having a negative impact on a group outside of the three. Hence what must be determined is who the “many” are and who the “few” are. If this phrase is applied to humankind in general then the grand scope of utilitarianism is realized, and taken to its logical conclusion the “many” are found to not be those who currently live, but rather all future generations of humankind who may come to exist, and who may come to either benefit or suffer from the decisions or actions of their predecessors. Hence the philosophy of Eugenics is what is considered to be a Utilitarian philosophy.

Eugenics is the Utilitarian philosophy and science concerned with making humankind better. The word Eugenics is the combination of two root Greek words “eu” meaning good, and “gen” meaning creation, hence Eugenics means “good creation” or “good genetics.” Though many believe the philosophy of Eugenics to be relatively new in human history, it is actually one of the oldest philosophies known to humankind, predating even agriculture. The ancients recognized the self evident truth that offspring are commonly born displaying the traits of their parents. Ancient civilizations utilized this knowledge in the form of animal husbandry, and also in the circles of aristocratic breeding via arranged marriages. Put simply the philosophy and science of Eugenics is the selective breeding of certain traits shown to be beneficial to a species, or the production a desired offspring, which displays the traits bred in them by the continual selection of specific traits over generations of controlled breeding practices.

In essence the science and philosophy of Eugenics takes evolutionary selection out of the realm of nature and makes it a consciously directed act. The theory of evolution is perfect in its simplicity and describes how all animals on earth are bound by the principals of mutation and natural selection, i.e. that animal species (including humans) respond to environmental stimulus over lengthy periods of time by adapting to changes in that species environment. This adaptation occurs via selection, which is the process of those who are born with a genetic mutation that proves to give them a survival advantage over others of their species, being more likely to pass their mutation to future generations, due to their greater likelihood of surviving to breeding age. In wild animals this process of natural selection is easily witnessed when the slowest gazelle is overcome by the lion allowing the faster gazelle to pass on its genes to future offspring. Likewise the faster more cunning lion makes the kill, fending off hunger allowing it to pass on its superior hunting genes on to future generations. This principal is best expressed in the maxim “survival of the fittest”, coined by Herbert Spencer in 1864, and later used as a metaphor for the principal of natural selection by Charles Darwin in the fifth edition of “The Origin of Species.”

Though what becomes of a species that has reached the pinnacle of the evolutionary clime, becoming the very top of the food chain? What becomes of a species, with such advanced technological understanding and social structures that this species is able to keep the least fit of their species alive to breeding age, when otherwise the least fit would have perished under natural circumstances? The theory of “devolution” is equally as perfect as the theory of evolution in its simplicity, and states that a species becomes stagnate and will actually regress if it allows those who are the least fit to pass on their genes to future generations. Common sense dictates that the traits which allow humankind to flourish are the traits of high intellect and physical health, high intellect being of prime importance above physical attributes such as strength and speed, though these are also of importance to an individual’s survival. Likewise the lack of these attributes and hence the abilities that they bestow take away the survival advantage of the individual.

The philosophy of eugenics was born out of an environment of social collapse and the decadence of the once noble societies of Europe. It was seized upon by the movement of Pan-Aryanism and Nazism, who sought to reestablish the dominance of what was considered to be the noble qualities of the White Aryan race (White Skinned Caucasians). Decades of historical, anthropological, and archeological research had led the intellectual elites of Germany to believe that they were the descendants of a race, which had regressed or devolved from its original status as the “Master Race” which was far more intelligent, taller, and stronger than the average human.  This desire to reclaim the mantle of Master Race led to the creation of various esoteric and exoteric societies in Germany, culminating in the creation of the NSDAP. In the early years of the Third Reich, Hitler instituted a policy of Eugenics, dictating those healthy of intellect, and of physique to breed en mass, while instituting programs of sterilization for those mentally or physically infirmed due to genetic mutations, and euthanasia of those born so hopelessly crippled or mentally handicapped that they could not possibly live any life other than a torturous one. In modern times mercy killings are considered unethical due to a false sense of compassion that would rather see a person suffer than see that suffering alleviated in death.

Within the National Socialist program of Eugenics was a policy of “racial cleansing”, which dictated that one of the causes for the devolution of the ancient Master Race was via miscegeny with other human races considered inferior in intellectual ability, power of will, moral fortitude, and creative zeal. This policy of racial cleansing manifested in further policies, which served to persuade the ethnic descendants of migratory invaders to leave Germany. First laws were enacted limiting the economic power of ethnic non-Aryans such as Jews, and Gypsies who were considered hostile to the sovereignty of the pure Aryan descendants, then later non-Aryans were persuaded to leave under threat of imprisonment in concentration camps. When Hitler came to power in 1933 there were close to 560,000 Jews in Germany, which was by far the largest stronghold of Jews in Europe. By the time of the war most of them had fled leaving less than 200,000. A far cry less than what would make the popular myth of the five million death Holocaust possible, not to mention the troves of other evidence (or lack thereof) debunking the myth of the Holocaust. Although the fictional “Final Solution” of Hitler never took place the Germans were adamant about foreign races leaving their sovereign lands.

Further examples of the German policy of eugenics was manifest in the creation of the Schutzstaffel, (German pronunciation: [ˈʃʊtsʃtafəl]), translated to defense corps, and abbreviated SS, or  with stylized “Armanen” sig runes.) The requirements of membership within this most elite Nazi society both within Germany and abroad was first that one had to prove their Aryan ancestry back to the fourth generation, and second that one must pass the mental and physical health standards of the military as well as being a minimum of 5 foot 7 inches tall. Despite popular myth, not having blonde hair and blue eyes did not disqualify one from becoming a member of the SS, the recessive trait of blonde hair and blue eyes was simply considered a reemergence of traits which were once more common before historical miscegeny occurred with inferior races. Hitler knew that the generations of miscegeny and bad breeding practices within Europe would disqualify the majority of the population from being considered pure members of the Master Race, yet he considered White Europeans to be the closest descendants of the ancient Master Race.

Thus Hitler created the SS to serve as the new aristocracy, and a society of breeding to recreate the ancient Master Race. Though other Germans, as well as other Europeans who could not prove their lineage to the fourth generation, or who did not display the ideal genetic traits of their pure-blooded Aryan ancestors were still able to become affiliated with the National Socialist cause as long as they were visibly a white Caucasian and did not display the obvious Semitic or Negroid traits of flat or hooked noses (not to be confused with the aquiline nose,) black tightly curled hair, or dark skin. Hitler, (who had brown hair) knew that it was common within European Caucasian families for siblings of the same parents to have either blonde, red, auburn or brown hair as well as varying shades of blue, to green, to brown eyes. The right of affiliation with the National Socialist cause was also extended to members of non-White races (such as the Tibetans, the Japanese, those of Incan lineage, etc.) who historically interbred with ancient Aryan invaders, and were deemed to display cultural and genetic nobility bestowed upon them by their Aryan ancestors. Though the Japanese might not physically appear to display traits considered common of a pure-blood Aryan, this simply barred from becoming members of the elite SS.

In modern times despite the defeat of the German National Socialists by the Zionists Occupied Governments, National Socialism has spread to every corner of the globe under the moniker of “Neo-Nazism” and is present within the nations of every populated continent. Made up of people who recognize their Aryan ancestry, and who understand the fight to maintain their racial hygiene, who endeavor to preserve their great lineage and to restore the greatness of their ancient race. Eugenics is still a facet of paramount importance within the Neo-Nazi movement, yet rather than being organized and regimented, it is left upon every member of the movement to choose his or her mate wisely, and to above all select the traits of high intellect and physical prowess when choosing a mate. For as long as there exists the descendants of the ancient Master Race who are aware of their special place within the scheme of human evolution, then there is hope for the future of this world.

White man, let me tell you about your family.

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Romper Stomper 1992 (Russell Crowe)!!!!

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The Aldebaran Mystery

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Great info if you can look past the occasional anti-Nazi rhetoric

A Great Man!

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What they consider to be a war is simply a battle to us, they may have won the battle during WWII, but we will win the war…even if it has to rage for the next 1000 years! For this is an evolutionary war, we will never give up…and our children’s, children will thank us.

So true…

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Screen Shot of Country Stats

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Stats on 7/9/2012, will update in about a month.


Soul Food: Not Just Chicken Anymore, Human Flesh is Now on the Menu!

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By: Aryan White

Fried Chicken, Collared Greens, and Watermelon are no longer the stereotypical food of choice amongst American Blacks…now human flesh is the preferred meal of choice. Seems American Blacks have been allowed to reverted completely back to their natural state of savagery, now that Obama is the ruler of America.

Engineering student, 21, ‘stabbed and dismembered his roommate with knife then ate his brain and heart’–stabbed-dismembered-roommate-knife-ate-brain-heart.html

Cannibalism suspect gets support from East Baltimore Church

Ronald Poppo Identified as Victim of Rudy Eugene’s Naked Cannibal Attack (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Cannibalism in Liberia (VIDEO)

White people in this country need to take lessons from Liberia. Liberia was a colony established by the US as a haven for freed Black slaves:

Without White people running their lives, Blacks left to their own devices in Liberia have accomplished creating the most disease infested, and violent cesspool on earth, kind of like Compton, but multiplied by 10. I say we should have MADE their Black asses go, simply so that they didn’t have anyone to blame for their evolutionary inability to support and uplift a complex civilization. Blacks are simply too stagnate in their evolutionary journey, and have no control over their rampant and animalistic emotional responses…Whites (the majority of us) have graduated to the next level of evolution, i.e. we are capable of higher reason, and that is what sets humans apart from the animals. These Balcks would be much safer, less a danger to themselves and others if they were confined to the primate exhibit in our local zoos.

pictures of Liberia: