Should Blacks on Welfare be Sterilized?

By: Aryan White

A common theme in this day and age is reading articles in western news outlets of Black welfare families and Black fathers and mothers having a ridiculous amount of children regardless of the fact that they cannot provide for them. One such article I had the displeasure of reading recently, was the LA times article written about a Black man named Desmond Hatchett, which described how he had sired 30 children with 11 different women!,0,4036567.story

The article describes that Mr. Hatchett could not make child support payments on his minimum wage salary, thus leaving tax payers to fit the bill on the upbringing of his 30 children. The article also describes how this is not the first time that he has been to court regarding his excessive breeding practices. In a 2009 TV interview, Hatchett vowed that he wouldn’t father anymore children…nine of his children were born in the last three years. Why is it that this was allowed to happen?! If we lived in a rational utilitarian country, the man would have been sterilized when the courts recognized his reckless disregard for the welfare of not only his children but that of the American tax payer, (the majority of whom are White). It was apparent that this man (a term used lightly in his regard) was not responsible enough to be allowed to breed. What is more morally wrong, to continue to let this man breed more welfare bastards, destined to have a childhood as a ward of the state, and stick Whitey with the bill, or to have this man humanely sterilized so he can bang all the welfare moms he wants with no consequences except that he might get an STD, something that would only effect him and the women ignorant enough to sleep with him.

Here are a little statistics on Race and welfare.

White 38.8%
Black 37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian 2.8
Other 3.4

Keep in mind that this is the total population on welfare, not percentage per race, compare these figures with US Census population figures and we see the big picture. Blacks = 12.9% of the population, Whites = 77.1%. This means that proportionally, a much larger percentage of Blacks are on welfare than Whites. Surprisingly, teenage mothers of all races only accounted for 7.6% of people on welfare. In these statistics Whites accounts for a total population of 194,552,774, whereas Blacks account for a total population of 33,947,837. Out of this, more than 33% of blacks are in poverty while less than 10% of whites are in poverty.

In contrast to the common breeding practices of Black welfare moms, and absent Black fathers that continually breed despite there inability to raise their children properly, White families are beginning to recognize the disparity that Whites are facing in this country due in part to the power in numbers that the minorities are achieving via their abhorrent breeding practices. One such family featured on the TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” shows that Whites are highly capable of having extremely large families, that are close-nit and self-sustaining. Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar set an excellent example of a healthy White family, with wholesome family values, based on the traditional two parent family model, that has become strong simply in the support that they can provide for each other. This is how dynasties are started, an entire family dedicated to uplifting their clan, where the working age children are raised to be obligated in the event that others of their clan need help that they can provide.

With the disturbing trends showing White population in rapid decline, coupled with the rising  accounts of anti-white hate crime, and continuing loss of power on the political sphere amongst Whites in America and abroad, it stands to reason that Whites need to begin having larger families if we expect our children, and our children’s children, to have any sense of power over their destinies in the future.  Paradoxically, it is actually White higher reasoning that has got us into this predicament, as many Whites make the  responsible decision to not have large families, for they feel their income does not afford them the ability to support their standard of living. Hence is the reason for the decline in White population, Whites being the rational people that we are, are dedicated to providing the best standard of living for our children, and in this way we commonly limit ourselves to having 1 or 2 children. Many Whites simply do not see the big picture, because it is censored from most of us, that this decline in our population in comparison to other racial groups will result in racial disparity and already has. Thing will get much worse in the future if  White population does not rise to match or exceed that of other racial groups.

There are many ways that a family can tighten its belt, cutting out non-essentials, so as to support larger families. Foregoing the luxury to pay everyone else to do jobs that with little research you can do yourself is one example. Education of our children and family social structure is key, raising your children to be hard workers, and to pursue high paying and practical careers as well as by opening family businesses where other member of the family work together to provide income for the whole family. This was a common way of life at the turn of the century, when the majority of the White population worked on family farms and were self-sufficient. We can get back to this way of life if we simply realize what is truly valuable, striving to have the nicest car on the block and the 45″ TV is not! Wake up White America, you are being replaced! the Nations that our forefathers built for you are being taken over!

2 Responses to “Should Blacks on Welfare be Sterilized?”

  1. The 19 kids in counting or whatever it’s called: They are not pure Aryan blood, clearly, and they lived off handouts prior to the production of the reality show. They are at the core of what Hitler wanted to cleanse. They would have been taken to camp! They are not blond hair blue eyed, Bill Bob ( or whatever his name is,) is not 6ft or taller, they fail to meet any “Aryan” criteria. You are compiling a new aged profile of white people. The Aryan’s did not and will not include all white people. Russians, polish, English and American whites would all be purified due to the tainted blood American whites would have been purified 10x’s over due to the mixing of white raises that washes out the Aryan ancestry.

    • So are you saying Hitler would have been “purified?” Because he met none of that criteria either. You just don’t know what Nazism really is. You only know what it has been demonized to be. Did you know there were Japanese Nazis who were considered by Hitler to be “Honorary Aryans?” Betcha didn’t know that. And the blond hair blue eye thing is very misunderstood, but I’m wasting my time already righting this response. God day!

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