Friedrich Nietzsche quotes of the day.

Nietzsche was Hitlers favorite philosopher, he is one of mine as well, I’ve read all his books. His idea of the Ubermensch (superman) paved the way for the master race ideology and he was a major influence on the early proponents of Ariosophy. I recommend that all White Nationalists read the books of this most prolific contemporary German philosopher. Especially his book “The Will to Power”.

Here are the Nietzsche quotes of the day:

The possibility has been established for the production of…a Master Race, the future “masters of the earth”…made to endure for millennia – a higher kind of men who… employ democratic Europe as their most pliant and supple instrument for getting hold of the destinies of the earth.
The Will to Power (1888). Sec. 960

The homogenizing of European man… requires a justification: it lies in serving a higher sovereign species that stands upon the former which can raise itself to its task only by doing this. Not merely a Master Race whose sole task is to rule, but a Race with its own sphere of life, with an excess of strength… strong enough to have no need of the tyranny of the virtue-imperative.
The Will to Power (1888). Sec. 898

But thus do I counsel you, my friends: distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful! They are people of bad race and lineage; out of their countenances peer the hangman and the sleuth-hound. Distrust all those who talk much of their justice! Verily, in their souls not only honey is lacking. And when they call themselves ‘the good and just,’ forget not, that for them to be Pharisees, nothing is lacking but – power!
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885). Ch.29, The Tarantulas

As an artistic triumph in psychological corruption… the Gospels, in fact, stand alone … Here we are among Jews: this is the first thing to be borne in mind if we are not to lose the thread of the matter. This positive genius for conjuring up a delusion of personal “holiness” unmatched anywhere else, either in books or by men; this elevation of fraud in word and attitude to the level of an art – all this is not an accident due to the chance talents of an individual, or to any violation of nature. The thing responsible is race.
The Antichrist (1888). Sec. 44

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