The White Race is Going Extinct!

By: Aryan White

Below are actual world population figures sorted by gene pool by the UN  for the years 1800, 1900, 2000 and as projected for the year 2050, They reflect a disturbing trend showing a dramatic decline in Caucasian world population, respective to other races since the year 1900. If the numbers are fallowed through to their logical conclusion then you see that the White race will be extinct sometime after the year 2100!

TOTAL POPULATION OF THE WORLD (Year, Total Human Population of the Planet):

1800, 1,000 million

1900, 1,600 million

2000, 6,100 million

2050, 9,000 million projected

WHITE GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total White Population):

1800, 22% of world population, 220 million (Europe, 21%; North America, 1%)

1900, 30% of world population, 480 million (Europe, 25%; North America, 5%)

2000, 10% of world population, 610 million (Europe, 7%; North America, 3% [less Mestizo invaders])

2050 projected, 6% of world population, 540 million (Europe, 4%; North America, 2% [less Mestizo invaders])

ASIAN GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total Asian Population):

1800, 65% of world population, 650 million

1900, 57% of world population, 920 million

2000, 61% of world population, 3,700 million

2050 projected, 60% of world population, 5,300 million

BLACK GENE POOL WORLD POPULATION (Year, % of World Population, Total Black Population):

1800, 13% of world population, 130 million

1900, 13% of world population, 210 million

2000, 29% of world population, 1,800 million

2050, 34% of world population, 3,100 million

The reasons for this decline in White population are numerous but all boils down to social engineering. Affirmative action programs and the welfare state in the west as well as open border policies in Europe have allowed a stream of immigrants from Africa to breed in an environment were they can easily support huge families. In Asia the dramatic rise in population is due to an economic boom at the expense of Western countries, due to outsourcing of industries and free trade agreements. As for the decline In the White population ratio (it is actually less if you consider that Mestizos are grouped in this category even though they are obviously NOT White), this is due to an engineered drop in White birth rates. Just a century ago it was common to see White families of five to nine people, now it is becoming uncommon to see White couples have more than one child. White people feel that they cannot provide the standard of living that they wish to provide based on their income if they have more than two children, And unlike the Black population most refuse to become welfare cases. Long gone are the days of family farms, where the majority of the population owned land and live off of there own harvest. This decline in White population ratio is the key factor responsible for the modern reverse discrimination that Whites are now experiencing, and our inability to defend our land from foreign migratory invaders, in both Europe and North America. I implore all educated and concerned Whites in North America and Europe to START HAVING BABIES!!!!! Or your children’s, children will be the victims of anti-white pogroms and genocide!

30 Responses to “The White Race is Going Extinct!”

  1. You say “total white population” and mention only Europe and North America? What about the whites in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, South America? If you guys are truly pro white, you suck at knowing where us whites live. All over the world!

    It hurts to see, from someone who’s all for whites, like myself, how ignorant whites are at times. I’ve learned over the years how we lack true backbone.

    Tbh, take it from someone who’s dealt with this for many years. Start to do some decent research, or just say…”ONLY N.AMERICAN/EUROPEAN WHITES WELCOME!”

    • I think that you are taking the article out of context, The statistics are from a UN study, why they did not include Australia, and South Africa, etc.. is beyond me. Maybe the White population is so small in these regions, in comparison to Europe and North America that they chose to not include it…who knows.

      with that stated, this article was not meant to divide us White people, but to unite us. I would hope that you would respect the effort that I have put into this site, for the sake of our people…globally.

      If it was an oversight on my part not to include other white regions, I apologize, though I am far from ignorant.

      May I ask where you are from?

  2. Thanks for replying so quick. I am from South Africa. Yes, i have been there. The thing is that so many think that white South Africans are pure racists, when it is not even so. But, giving in and up, after much pressure made me realize how my forefathers saw things. This country has no future.

    It makes me sad, cos i do not hate anyone, but they hate us and it leaves us with no other alternative. Stand by your race people. They do.

    I just wish that the American people will wake up. I’d hate seeing you guys end up where we are. But, who’s gonna listen to a white South African.

  3. Mandela is not a problem. He is old, and totally out of the political side, news and sight. We have an idiot for a president now, Zuma, even his own people says that. Zuma, the one who told people that taking a shower after having sex reduces the risk of AIDS.

    Read about Julius Malema, or the ANCYL. There is a problem for us white Saficans. The whole deal that when Mandela dies they will take “the panga” and kill whites in S.A came from his mouth. The songs that is being sung to “kill the boer/white” comes from his mouth.

    But, no stress, we are not afraid.

    I wish you get your word out to the best of your ability, to try & save your country. The hate crimes there by you are getting worse, I see. What’s even more sad is seeing white Americans standing by those whom are guilty. I have seen it happen here in the 80’s/90’s and no good will come from it.

    I see on forums when people bring up some incidents where black mobs were involved, or the Zimmerman issue, & then how upset some white people get and say things like “blacks are not to blame”

    It is a fact that blacks are responsible for the highest crime rates in your country, as in my country. Rapes, murders, robbing, violence etc: that list of crimes can go on.


    **I do wish you the best and hope your country can come up with a peaceful solution before ending up like S.Africa. If not, you will hate the black race and end up having no remorse, as majority of blacks have no remorse for whites. And even for those who do have remorse will stand by their race in the long run.

    • Your country sets a good example of where this country is headed if White people don’t wake up to the reality of race. If only people would educate themselves to places like Liberia, which was founded by freed american slaves, now the most violent, disease infested cesspool on earth, kind of like Compton multiplied by ten. That is where all white nations are headed if the reigns of control are given over to the Black man…

      My regards to you and your nation, things need to become much more radical in White nations to combat this trend of anti-White hate crimes. Whites need to unite culturally and begin to breed in unprecedented amounts so as to repopulate this world with White warriors raised to defend our culture!

      Josh, Email me any time directly if you wish to know more about my work, and keep the faith that our struggle will one day be vindicated! networking with like minded White people abroad is my primary goal, If you have any ideas on how we can raise awareness to the plight of the White race, please let me know…

  4. You know, i was very angry at America and other countries over the last few years. I remember the sanctions they brought in against South Africa and so the rest of the world followed them. And even though sanctions are tough that is when South Africa became strong. We had a strong military, our nuclear program was going really well. We had no need for any help from the outside. We were getting stronger & stronger.

    I am angry no longer. I do not wish to see any white person go through as some have in S.A.

    But, money speaks in the long run and whites with no backbone (incl myself at that time) sold our rights.

    People say we came and took the land from these blacks, hahaha! We were here before they got here from mid Africa and further up. The only true natives of Southern Africa was the Khoi and Zulu. All these other ones came from other African countries after the Dutch landed here.

    This is my country as much as it is anyone who was born here.

    When it was a white government we had no work issues, neither white nor black. We all had jobs. Now it is corruption & hideous crimes that rules here.

    I will send you links to show you what crimes we have to deal with, it will shock you and it is going to anger you. You need to see, cos it will make you fight for your people to the bone. You will understand why we say in Africa the worst animal is the black.

    In addition, our worst criminals are not even South African blacks, but they are Zimbabwean or Nigerian. The local blacks have had many issues with them, still do. But they hate each other alike, and they all of them hates white people.

    White tourists think “they won’t hurt us, cos we are not South African” No matter your nationality, if you are white, they don’t like you. I hear how they speak in Cape Town when the tourists are around. I see in their eyes what their thoughts are. And the ignorant white tourists laughs with them.

    I cannot count the times i had to go up to a tourist and warn them. BUT i can only do that much.

    Another person was found “necklaced” now few days ago (necklace is when they put a tire around ones neck and set it alight)

    Whites need to understand that the blacks are the true racists, we are soft suckers and we need to wake the hell up. We raise our children not to hate, but to be alert, aware, and stay with your own.

    • It has been very interesting talking to you, and I look forward to viewing the links that you are sending. As for the sanctions imposes by “America”, most of us have nothing to do with what policies our governments makes, It was taken over and occupied by the Zionist Rothschilds nearly 100 years ago now, and we are all living under this occupation. Voting doesn’t count for piss anymore, and is just a big show to make the White majority think that they still have power…but Obama is lifting that veil very quickly off of the eyes of the White public. The current state of America is such: A foreign usurper/UN Warlord as a dictator, foreigners from the south invading the Southwest of the US en mass, constant liberal brainwashing by school and media of our children, race mobs of 100 Blacks or more roaming the streets to lynch random Whites.

      I can’t even go into my local grocery store and read a single English word (the national White language) everything is in Spanish (the Mestizo language). I am from Colorado and have seem my home go from a calm, nice, White area, where you could let your kids play outside…to a cesspool of filth and wickedness: Mexican hookers on the streets, roving squads of gang-bangers, Mexican markets, pot shops, and sex shops on every corner. Murders occure regularly in my neighborhood…just the other day their was a little 7 year old white kid bound with barbed wire and buried alive by some gang-bangers in the park down the street from me, then on the very next day a cop was shot right in his face by another gang member. I think that America and South Africa have allot in common considering the challenges that white people are facing…but when it reaches critical mass here the world will sit up and take notice.

  5. In the 80’s i lived in an area in Johannesburg, it was my little heaven on earth. I moved to Cape Town in the late 90’s for work related reasons. In 2008 i went back to Johannesburg to find the area EXACTLY as you have explained yours up there, they are just not Mexican but Nigerian, Zimbabwean, Mozambiquen and other illegals from over Africa.

    We have to deal with the whole of Africa and more than 90% of the millions are illegal. Johannesburh metropolitan belongs to them now. No white enters the city after the sun sets.

    I stayed in Johannesburg for 2 months and moved back to Cape Town. I had to, for the sake of my children. Of course i do check in on JHB few times a year and it is a true crime capital. And of course we know who is responsible for the crimes.

    Put whites to live on one side of the world and blacks the other side. We do a 10 year “test run” and have a look.

    • I think that would be a great idea, start everyone out from scratch, fence them off in separate camps, and see who comes out on top ten years later.

      As for my home town in Colorado, I am planning on returning to Kentucky by the end of the year where there is still a White conservative majority. I also have a family, and refuse to bring them up in an environment, where they will most surely be the victims of an anti-white hate crime or worse.

      • Anonymous Says:

        God bless our kids. long lived the white usa. sa. uk.

      • It’s bad here in Ky. Blacks hate Whites. Many racist attacks at our schools and out in public. Liberal Whites sit back and defend blacks while they commit violent crimes against whites laughing as they do. Most Whites to cowardly to make a stand. I am afraid KY is lost to the horde

      • Yeah KY has its share of violent animals, but there is a very white conservative presence here. When the SHTF and the race war comes, the semi-smart Negros will be running their asses off to get away from all the registered white hunters in this state, because its going to be open season on them.

  6. I’d like to remind you of another cause for the decline of white birth that everyone seem to forget: white feminism. They are the one choosing careers over being the good wife and mother that they were meant to be.

    • Yes I just wrote an article about this on another site. gender role confusion, and so called woman liberation were concept created by Zionists propagandists in the early 20th century and the media has perpetuated that idealism.

  7. David Lane talkled about starting our own Sperm Banks and secret breeding clinics, similar to what Hitler did. He also advocated kidnapping prime Aryan Women for breeding. This is crazy–but I hope it dont come to this..but it could for survival reasons. We can learn alot from the original Mormons. Not the crud crap Mormons of Salt Lake…

  8. What Pastor Martin Lindstedt says could be true about Tribulation, Civil War 2, Implosion of Zog Babylon and what Whiggers are. Most Whiggers will die in Tribulation. Talmudic Jews need Aryan Blood to survive or Ty Sacs will wipe them out. The US is haeading for a future just like South Africa…

  9. Orienstarfire: Thanks. Aryanity is a great site like Great White and EndZog…David Tate in his LONG LIVE THE CAUSE says it all. Its the Time of White Resistance Insurgency… Hail Victory!!!

    • There are so many brave white men and women out there who are standing up for our people and being the voice of our movement. Getting information to the white masses is becoming easier, but organization still proves difficult because of the flood of ZOG propaganda confusing even the most sincere white truth seeker. People of influence and money need to be rallied to our cause if it is to be successful. If only a Bill Gates (ZOG puppet) or a Warren Buffett could be turned toward conviction to the truth of white genocide, then we would have our ace in the hole. But alas it is people like us who have the burden to fight against an unspeakably powerful enemy. Long live the fighters!

    • I just checked out end zog, WOW! Whoever wrote the first post is truly in possession of higher faculties and understands the true nature of the divine. Very Gnostic in thought!

  10. EndZog is a great site. Another great is a woman…Julie Mitchell. Check her out on Twitter and STORIES CONTRIBUTED BY JULIE MITCHELL ..She gets censored alot and blocked. Right now Great White Desert is under attack. Many say its from PRISM and NSA. Ouy Struggle is a hard one. David Tates–Long Live The Cause says it to a T. Terrible Tommy Metzger is right about iNSUIRGENCY AND gHOST wOLF…hAIL vICTORY!!!

  11. Gnostics: Check out Julie Mitchells WHITE PEOPLE, CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT Before its News.. Julie writes alot of Gnocsic articles and comments… Hail Victory!!!

  12. The declining population of white skin is an undeniable fact. Miscegenation is subtly encouraged by the “politically correct” and the culture that encourages blacks to uplift the race itself. But when we, white, try to express ourselves publicly about the attributes of our race, we are barely seen …

    • Which is funny because every freedom and privilege that most unappreciative Whites and ethnics enjoy is on the blood, sweat and tears of the White man’s efforts and his way of life

  13. I wouldn’t have any problem putting a white baby in a white women if they wouldn’t have jumped on that damn feminist band wagon last decade.

  14. I am a “TRUE” feminist. Or, not a modern one in otherwords. I honestly just want equality. Modern feminists are just nut cases with severe mental disorders. i am very scared for our future in america. I hate living here. It’s like there is some inside conspiracy to rid the world of most whites, so the corrupt whites in power can manipulate without interference and gain even more power and money. Coming from africa and mexico, ofc you would think this country is amazing. But it’s far from it. They spy on us, promote abortions, promote not even marrying or having any kids at all. And the few who do these days seem to do so with a different race. If you really love someone, okay i guess. But it’s like a brainwashed fad. “If you won’t breed with them, you are racist. If you won’t marry them, you are racist.” That seems to be what’s bashed into the white person’s heads over here in america. I feel like we are slowly being invaded, under the guise of wanting a better life, and then when we are outnumbered, we are done for. Just look at what’s happening to the white minority is SA.

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